Friday, December 31, 2010

Final 2010 Session

Lasted almost 3 hours this afternoon (without a break, grrr trying to stop that but fish kept me at tables). Was similar stuff to last night with some good 2/4$ hi lo going on and i wasnt disappointed. Didnt even get the downswing this time and made a tidy profit of over £600. Also bought a £250 bonus so final profit for Dec a nice healthy +£3,229.


Almost didnt go shopping as i woke up late and knackered but figured it was still the better option or poker so did so. Expected to stay until 7 or 8pm but came home a bit earlier.

Still wasnt really thinking about playing poker but in the end decided to hav a small bash just before 10pm. 50 minutes later after 7 tabling .5/1$ plo and running golden as well as having people throw money at me i was 4.5 buyins up but still not really in the mood to play any more !

So after almost not playing i was a happie happie. Expected that to be the end but....

An hour or so later i saw some juicy 2/4$ hi lo plo tables going so figured it was worth a shot. After going on my usual spiral downwards to begin with (maybe $400-$600) i managed to get a fish heads up on 2 tables and eventually hit my share of rivers after he had hit his early. Result was about $800 up in the end.

So again after almost stopping things went better than i could have expected.

Result on day was just over £800 up and sit on the month at a peak of £2,318 for December.

Expect to still play tommorrow though so will update with a final years profit figure once im done. Not that i like targets but +£601 tommorrow would put my spreadsheet on exactly +£30k for the year but unless i ran real good again or the games are juicy i certainly wouldnt expect to finish on that.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hard Day

A tricky day which, at one point i almost gave up on. Started bad and just got worse. Was happy with how i was playing though and didnt tilt and kept with it, even taking short breaks to cool off a bit. After going down about £800 i finished the day at +£600ish which is a big swing, given i didnt play plo above $1/2 and plo hi lo above 2/4$.

Anyway raked enough (about $500) to hit a target level on a site i needed and also cleared another sites bonus due to expire before the end of the year.

Could sit back and not play until 2011 and probably going shopping tommorrow but planing a low key nye. Im still recovering from a stomach bug i had over xmas so just not craving any booze yet.

Plan for 2011 is to ease in at first then from 5th rake $400 a day on one site for 25 days as part of a promotion. Hopefully this will test profit levels, game choice, motivation, discipline etc etc and if it suits set a trend for the year. If not i will look at a new plan of attack in Feb which would probably involve a wider range of games across more sites.

I guess i should do a review of 2010 although not sure if i will bother putting much effort into it yet. Most months have been very different to the previous or following one so maybe just a link to each monthly review would b more appropriate.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Run Good ?

Not played a whole lot since last post as been boozing the last 2 days but did manage ok profits Wed/Thurs for the few hours each day. Not sure what im up to today, my body is telling me not to drink a 3rd day in a row but i dont think im gonna listen. Anyways tables were golden just now. All .5/1 and 1/2$ plo played well and ran good too. Just over 2 hours session saw me tally +£440.

Dec tally back to over the 4 figures mark for first time since that boozy 2/4 session and sits on +£1,071 at mo. Will update below if play any more today but need some food now before i decide on my plan of action for the day.

Happy Xmas to all readers !

....edit 45mins more -------> +£1,107 = pub time :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tiring Day

Didnt play poker until after 6pm tonight. Had bad sleep night before despite feeling shattered when i went to bed. Was busy xmas shopping all day so im pleased to have still put a few 1-2hrs sessions in tonight. Did well first 2 but lost in the 3rd but overall finished +£90 on the day.

I think my figures yesterday might have been unrealistic i forgot i did play a fair bit of 2/4. I'll see how the nxt week goes I wanna try and come up with something concrete with regards to the stakes i intend to play 90%+ of my games at and the rakeback i would get next year if i fall into a routine of sorts on them (which is hopefully the plan).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally Some Volume

Reckon ive played 9-10hours today which is more than ive played in the last 10 days put together. Its about time and 4 different sessions spread throughout the day saw me finally turn a profit of £244 to put me on +£283.

Im as interested in how much rakeback i made too so i can try and get an idea of what i would make if i was just doing what i did today (.5/1, 1/2 and 2/4$) for 40hours a week and just breaking even. Just done some rough figures and if i could do 4 times a week what ive played today in volume i reckon i would get $40k in rakeback before other bonuses and promotions. Thats staying mainly loyal to one site though and hitting highest level which i know is probably unrealistic but im seriously looking at all options for the new year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Levelling Out

Played an hour or 2 both Thurs and Fri doing nicely both times to put me just back into marginal profit again for the month.

Friday night however i got more drunk than ive been for months and result was being sick all over my bedroom and strangely enough not managing any poker yesterday.

I still feel a bit dodgy now so prob wont booze tonight. Just had a session where i lost some chunky pots to complete chasing dead money players but somehow only managed to lose £25 which is excellent.

Cold has almost gone, just in chest now so dnt affect poker so fingers crossed i will finally put some decent volume in this week.

+£39 on month the only way is up from here .....maybe :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Quite As Planned

Not played since Sunday due to a cold i guess i was due after having such a good time away in the heat.

Destroyed my monthly profit drunk Sunday too attacking 2/4 plo and failing miserably. Now sit on -£350 but not too bothered, just wanna get rid of this spinny head before i start playing again which should be soon with any luck.

More frustrated about not being able to do any exercise than i am play poker. This could turn into a no exercise combined with overeating, overdrinking etc etc and i could be in a right state come Jan but we'll see.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Xmas Grind

Home again so i guess its time to start bashing up them online tables again.

Just played 2.5hours session just now and got a £220 seat in Bristol for 27 Dec for $31. Was debating whether to enter but was huge value and can justify the travel on a date that definitely suits me for a change.

Live summary for trip was -$1,180 mtts but +$2,115 cash.

Might go back on shortly although pub is more tempting, profit for Dec sits on +£767 at mo.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Likely Last Hot Update

Still 2 days and 7 hours before i leave but i can feel it creeping up :(

Didnt play the main (only 52 runner and silly flat pays 9 payout) and a good job as that evening at 9 or 10pm the day/week before caught up with me and i was exhausted.

So not much to report, no gamblin online since day 1 as internet has been infrequent.
No gambling Sunday. Hit tables yesterday for a $220 +$100 rebuy plo event. In for $420 and only 16 runners, pays 3 i was left with average stack with 11 left but wasnt gnna sit on it and lost a key pot to have gone from 12k to 16k with J,10,9,7 vs 8,6,4,3 i think on a 10,5,2 flop and just dribbling down before busting K,Q,J,6 dbl suited vs A,A,7,4 1 suit allin preflop to have got back to 11,oooish with 10 players left.

Did hit the 5/5 plo later and went from 300$ to a peak of about $750 before dribbling back to $450 so in profit on that again at least.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Golden Seat

OK since the last post i played the $100 rebuy satellite to main of $1850+$150 with my stack going up nicely to begin with before crashing back. After dinner break it followed the same pattern and i managed to lose a pot to have gone to 16k with average less than half that and playing for 11 seats. Was licking my lips after calling a raise with 9,10std and the board coming Q99A before frenchie showed QQ. Eventually crashed out around 35th or sommat but overall very happy with my game.

Yesterday was a busy day getting up at 6:30am for golf. Managed to squeeze some time in at the pool after lunch before a needed power nap. Wasnt really up for the $220 freezeout but played it anyway and started attacking the vodka at the same time. Result = early bath just before the 1st break but that worked out for the best in the end.

After more and more vodka in a couple of bars i was definitely more drunk than any other night and i dont even remember what time i returned to the casino. As i walked in they were opening a 2nd table of $5/$5 plo so i jumped in (there had only been 1 table all week so i hoped this would be a juicy one given it was saturday night). Immediately went on soft drinks and got an early double with 2nd set vs 3rd set in a raised pot. I had only sat with $300 as im still trying to find the optimum comfortable buyin for a 8 or 9 handed game. 2 or 3 hours later i finally went card dead and stopped shitting all over the deck. I had found a golden seat and the first 1-2 hours i pretty much won around 75% of any pot i entered. This included several chunky pots. All players were only in for $200-$400ish so the only really large pot i got was a 3 way allin with 2nd nuts full house on a KJ5JQ board for around $1,000. I just couldnt lose an allin and finally left at about 2am with $1,915. The strange thing was this table was actually much tighter than the crazy one the other day which again made me realise just how lucky i had been. I didnt need to run any big bluffs but did pick up lots of small pots with almost near perfect timing in multiway pots.

Got a big decision today as main event starts at 4pm. Its now just before 10am and im itchin to do some lengths of the pool before lunch and go to the beach. I know i can justify buying in if i want to but the 1st purpose of this trip was holiday and im really not sure if i want to enter and play 1-2 days of deepstacked poker for possibly no reward in what will probably only be about 50 players mtt.

Hmmmmmmm we'll see how i feel around 2 or 3pm i guess :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Luggage Time

2 days overdue our luggage finally arrived just in time to change, shave and head out for the evening yesterday.

Weds i played the $220 freezeout here which was ok but i knew i probably wouldnt play many more of the mtts unless i enter 1 or 2 of the bigger ones. Ended up 23/60odd and happy with game.

Thurs i skipped the mtt, had a few drinks and meal then hit the 5/5$ PLO. Im not rolled for this really but i guess i can attack the credit and debit card if required. Im never a massive fan of 8 and 9 handed PLO and can struggle to adjust but i think its just inexperience in not playin it enough. Variance can be brutal but fotunately after going 500 down yesterday i turned a $350 profit in the end.

Will probably play the same later although i havent ruled out the $100 rebuy supersatellite tonight. Bit of sunburn yesterday after spending around an hour in the sea my shoulders were obv exposed a bit too much. Lots of shade and tshirt today but must go beach its absolutely fantastic.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just Bad Travel Variance

Well after missing that flight we stayed in a cheap shabby hotel near the airport for a night. Checked in for flight to amsterdam but when about to board we are told its delayed so we would miss connecting flight in amsterdam. Key another desk and more travel arrangements. Now we have to collect baggage from arrivals and take a bus to Orly airport (45mins away told but was twice that) where we now travel direct but on Air Caribe instead. Only just really got to gate there 10mins before boarding cutting it fine but boarding went on ages so prob would got away with another 45mins if required.

Anyways now comes in good stuff as we are in premium economy and got 2 seats each for most of the way. All runs smooth until........

Waiting in St Maaten for luggage and told it aint got off. So get to hotel and finally get to nice room before getting pissed. Been beach today, totally brilliant. Got call to say luggage arrives 2pm at airport, 4pm now so hoping it will turn up before we head out at 6pm for poker.

Hoping its all good from here but wouldnt let it spoil it and so relaxed already , ready for some live poker which appears very french local fishy types. Options for cash games last night 1/2 2/5 NLH and 5/5 PLO all uncapped. Arrghh dunno if im rolled for 5/5 but will probably give it a shot tonight if i bust the $220 freezeout early.

Heard its -4 back home still and lots of airports shut etc so overall just dnt care bout the hassle ive had, it should b worth it and seems it so far.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Longest 8 Minutes of My Life

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg missed connecting flight by 8 minutes so stuck in paris airport hotel for a day. No direct flight until Wed too so forced to go via Amsterdam 2moz around 6:45am. Aint slept for over 30hrs so gnna crash shortly. Left Bristol over 30mins late despite not saying delayed so gutted so far.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fly In 12 Hours .....

Off from Bristol in almost exactly 12 hours time. Not looking forward to driving up there, its minus 4 here already but im lucky the snow seems to have escaped my travel path for the most part. Good time to get away for obvious reasons, just hope i dnt get any delays as ive only got 80mins turnaround in Paris before flying that 2nd plane to the lovely warm caribbean :))

Not much poker at all since last post, think i won a bit one session and lost most of it back to the next or sommat. Anyway profit sits on £5,122 for Nov which im well chuffed with, not sure if i will get any more poker in before end of month.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Over The Place

Looking forward to the caribbean big time and gonna try and not play too much out there. Ive been playing a lot since Monday so can justify some time off. The one thing i have noticed the last 48 hours is my silly big mouth coming back in which i could understand if i was on a bad run or losing. Still i dnt care really, i always liked to vent at much higher stakes plo and i swear it confuses fish into playing worse against me, not that thats why i do it.

Monday i pretty much lost all afternoon on plo in region of £300. early evening hi lo games were juicy and i won about £900 on them, most on just £1,£2 pl. Later in evening i switched back to plo and run nicely to reverse that earlier loss so basically finished about £900 up on the day.

Tuesday is a bit of a blur now but basically never got going but only leaked a couple of hundred £ off despite playing several hours.

Today was pretty extreme. Most of it was similar to Tues but ive just finished a nutty 2/4$ session on plo where i lost £300 before going up £700. Finally got outdrawn again (was due) just as i was about to shut (was by same guy i took most profit from) so finished up about £500 on the session.

Result is a swingy and a bit stressful but well worth it peak profit for month of £5,086.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanks to a golden session on 2/4 shortly after that last post where i won just about every allin for an hour and also a nice rakeback cheque of £500 im sitting on peak of £4,075.

Been nearly all plo and becoming a total addict again (although winning obviously helps) . Been making steady profits on .5/1 and 1/2 mainly although did have a downswing a day or so ago but it was minimal and ive just had a good finishing session tonight to wipe out that.

Probably raking a fair bit at mo so hopefully bonuses/rakeback chunks will be nice in future if i keep these sort of games up.

10 days exactly until i fly to caribbean for a holiday although there is poker on out there so i might have to have a dabble :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mixing Stuff

Still playing lots of different stuff and currently back on the plo trail.

After last post was just on hi lo for a few days and peaked at +£1,200 before going on a downswing for a few days.

Following the weekend break ive been 90% on plo from .5/1 up to a gamble session just now on 5/10 (was on a good table though so justified) but mostly 1/2.

Still not 100% comfortable with what games im targeting exactly on which sites and stuff but hopefully it will become clearer the more volume i put in.

Anyways basically gone from +£800 monday to +£1,500 then back down to +£1,200 before luckily dragging in my biggest pot for a long time on that 5/10 table along with hitting lots on 1/2 after to hit peak for month of +£2,100.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Lots of different games planned this month. I wanna see what i enjoy as well as trying to gage where my time is best spent $wise, more so for next years targets than this one.

Ive already played some NL holdem mtts which i pretty much bubbled 2/3 but didnt really enjoy them much. Im in an ongoing experiment on stars to see what sort of bonuses i can get for multitabling low limit O8 too.

Beyond these i also want to try some NL holdem cash games and see how this goes and maybe some of the 45/90/180 man games as well.

Start to this month has fluctuated a fair chunk. Rakeback was £450 total and i know i cleared a $200 bonus yesterday. I peaked at +£520 day1 but lost nearly all that day2. Today has been steadier and the games have been better than the dry first two days for action. Thanks to some awful players throwing money at me im now sitting at +£571.

Right im off to bed hoping i will get to sleep before 6:30am and wake up before 4:30pm, i failed yesterday :( If i dnt sleep within 30mins im firing the poker back up ;)

edit..... 8:15am :( sleep attempt number two , cost me $47 in last unplanned session too :((

Monday, November 01, 2010

Oct Review

Finished +£1,054 which i guess is ok considering i was restricted to live games (apart from stars and f tilt) for the whole 2nd half of the month. Shame i didnt cash or come back in profit from vegas but it was a good trip which im still trying to recover from right now.

As for Nov once im over some annoying jetlag and got my body back after an unavoidable 3 day piss up i am lookin forward to hitting some large volume of games online, probably a large variety too. Just have to see whats about and what i fancy playing to ease back in. Dont leave for the caribbean until the 29th so hoping to get a decent figure by then to even allow me to comfortably enter the $2,000 event out there if i fancy it.

Happy Hunting !

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vegas (4 and last)

Not too much on poker front to report really. I did go deep in a $235 omaha hi lo limit mtt but bubbled in 16/124 pays 9 when the blinds got crazy and most of the weak players had been bust. Game was near pure luck at that point :( So after 8 hours+ for no cash i thought that was the end of mtts but i had a bash at same buy in PLO the next day but got nowhere before getting drunk and making some of the buyin back on 1/2.

Leave here in about 16 hours but not gonna do much tonight as im hoping i will travel a bit better on the return leg after a shockingly tired but no sleep flight over. Overall its been a good trip with lots of laughs. I will probably regret not playing more poker but that wasnt the sole purpose of this trip and ive just treated it more like a holiday to review a lot of things in my head.

Assuming i dont play tonight (edit below if i do) im -$1,640 for MTTs but +$885 for Cash Games. The cash game split shows a loss for hi lo which i ran bad at and the games werent great but i was actually +1445 for NL holdem cash games.

So overall im -$755 for trip = -£472 to go into spreadsheet. I made the decision not to include or track casino side games out here before i started as i realised i would be playing them more for fun as i hadnt been out here in 16 months prior.

October profit sits at around +£1,000 and i will be very limited as to how much time i can play before Nov 1st.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vegas (3)

Seems 10 days would have been long enough this trip. Dont get me wrong im enjoying it overall but the games are so diff to wsop time and i really just cant seem to put the proper effort and time in on the live cash tables. Bombed out of a $550 mtt today when a guy slowrolled me the biggest ive been slowrolled live in my life. Still had 16 outs going to river when he finally shoved but missed them. Live cash NL holdem has actually gone well. The problem is i get bored and have to drink heavily to stay on them for any length of time which is fine 1 or 2 days but i cant do that every day ! Had some good nights out with the lads but i think i knw if i return to vegas outside of wsop time it will be for 7-10 nights max in future. Dribbling pointless money away on casino side games doesnt help either which is a big leak this time which i put down to the fact i hadnt been here in the summer so hav a bit less control and discipline. Day by pool + piss up planned for 2moz anyway.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Vegas (2)

Quick update. Currently semi-pissed in room about to leave to attack the strip. Done my tits yesterday on poker and casino stuff but was due , had escaped so far. Only couple hundred down for poker since start of trip but casino which im not tracking is more :(

Bad stuff out the way im having a great time overall. First proper holiday for a long time and enjoying it soooooo much. The poker might not be as attractive and profitable as WSOP time but vegas is still veygoooooooose and i love it. Partly helped by the fact Azimut and Punterz came out to join me at the last minute but great break all the same.

Ive hardly played online and im beginning to crave online PLO hi lo but cant be assed with IP changer stuff so wont bother unless i sample stars and f tilt ones but i knw i hate them. Right off now , pretty much 1 more week to go , safe to assume no more posts here considering how i almost didnt do this one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Made it, all be it very knackered as hardly slept on plane. Had decent kip last night though (after losing $70 on 1/2 trying to stay awake) although prob should tried to sleep in a bit more today. Dnno wat plan is for today, mayb Wynn noon tourney and an O8 7pm one at Orleans just to ease me in at lowish buyins while i still feel sluggish.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vegas Bound

Just over an hour till i drive to the airport. Overall its been a pretty steady first half of the month to set me up with +£1,340 so far.

Cant wait to get to vegas, i think this will be my 10th visit in the 6.5years since my first one. Not quite sure which games im going to play out there yet. I expect to succomb to omaha hi lo limit addiction but im sure ill mix several tournaments in there as well as some NL holdem cash as well. Not sure if ill update here daily weekly or after the trip, u'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burning Out A Bit

Strange start to the month, was all steady and despite having a cold spinning my head up since day 1. Still cant shake but all was good until last night and today when ive just been destroyed at the tables. Think lack of a complete day off and not shaking this cold of is a factor but at end of day people just sucking out a lot more than normal and its been for stacks especially last night vs the drunks. Neway i got to +£1,500 but im back to pretty much where i started with rake bonuses at about +£500. Think i need a piss up tonight as can see me playing any more and maybe play none tommorrow apart from a small freeroll.

Still really looking fwd to vegas on Friday but cant come quick enough now based on last 24hours.

Also just had flights confirmed to go to St Maarten in the Caribbean on 29th Nov for 10 nights. Small poker tourney on there but ive been determined to go back to that island after visiting it in 2008 for about 4hours off the cruise. One of, if not, the nicest place ive ever been on earth to date.

I havent been abroad since end of June 2009 which is a long time for me (longest since i started playing poker in 2004 actually) so time to change that with these two ventures before xmas :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Sept Finally Over

Another crazy day to finish. Logged on about 3pm to play an hour before exercising, making dinner and going out for a few hours. Errrrrr no slight change of plan. Fish from other day was back so i played a 7 hours straight session, no breaks, no sit outs or anything. Twas worth it and the biggest challenge came making and eating food without missing a hand which actually was quite good fun. When i needed to wash a baking tray i still had one hand spare :)

Stakes ranged from 1/2 up to 3/6$. I did my usual and dropped about £500 immediately but it quickly reversed and overall was vey happy with play, luck, patience and the final profit of £1,500 ish.

Final profit for Sept is £6,237 which is my 2nd best month of the year. Very happy with that but am not taking anything out for next months live stuff. Hope to have a good couple of weeks before i leave for vegas on the 15th and then freely enter and play whichever games i fancy out there. Quite prepared to play a little higher out there too so potential losing month but whatever as long as i target the right sort of games and dont donk off anything or much on side casino games.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back To Good Times

After last post when i did play it was same story until today just staying around the same level. Started today about +£3,300 but the first 3 sessions i ran golden and people were throwing money at me too and made bout £800 on 1/2$ max. 4th session was only sposed to be an hour or 2 before an "early night". Turned into almost 5 hours due to maniac fish turning up and playing his usual game. Lost a stack or 2 to begin with then won loads then lost all that back but then finally came good and took him for a few buyins mostly on 1/2£.

Tally for month stands at a peak of +£4,740 and i doubt ive had such a good day at these stakes for a long time. Too knackered to enjoy it though , good night !

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I could write an essay about outdraws vs the world worst players but that is all. At bottom i was at least -£800 tonight if not closer to £1000. - £532 in end, only tilted once and that was mid session which given what i endured its not an issue. Fortunately after losing a couple of hundred yesterday i finished almost £300 up so actually the bottom line hasnt changed all that much since the last post. +£3,216

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Of Same

1 good session in the middle of 2 bad ones yesterday and today. To start with i dropped £200 odd against as bad players as can get. Later on though i managed a 2nd/20odd in a hi lo $109 small mtt although again runner runner heads up postflop after all goes in on flop cost me the further $500 odd for first. Still deduct other mtts and i made £400ish to finish up on Sunday by half that. Today didnt play until evening and started well and real steady grinding away. Then once again on the slightly higher (still only £1/2) the complete donk throwing money at everyone except me and doubling off me most of the time cost me so much again. Becoming a nasty trend and -£500 on the day although a chunk of that was not being able to laydown the 2nd nuts in plo (almost did) when dabbling with a total fish on the table. +£3,479 , not happy, not relaxed and dunno what im doing wrong. Just all gone wrong since friday evening :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Arrgh was due a bad session or 2 but its certainly been horrendous today. What made it more frustrating was the play was soooooooooooo bad i should have made what i lost, if i broke even i would have as gutted. At one point i had 2 of the worst poss players on 1/2euro game but despite getting it in good i couldnt avoid the miracle cards hitting for them :( Also lost a 700euro pot AAxx vs AAxx vs xxxx allin pre to the other aces guy hitting trips which didnt help the variance. Same story on another 2 sites with just plain rediculous stuff vs me. I dont think i can face playing any more although i know i should really as the tables are that bad, sat night drunkness i guess but no chunk for me :( -£800 loss and i do feel physically sick i was hoping it was more like £500. tiny bit of 2/4 but nearly all that 1/2 or lower YUK.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Its Booze Time

How fast times going lately it only feels like yesterday i was pissed up but it was 6 days ago !
Anyways nice few hours play yesterday for couple hundred. Today ive played for 2 hours this afternoon and unless i play drunk later i only made £75. That said i just logged it to make a withdrawal and found another £160 of cleared bonus so add that too.

Peak of +£4,539
Just booked Hilton Grand Vacations Club for my 13 nights in Las Vegas in 4 weeks time :)
Eyeing up St Maaten Open at start of December, good chance i may go to that too.

Lots of reasons to be in a good mood, ahhhhh time for booooooooze :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Progress

Busy yesterday so hardly played for no real movement. Today i was busy in afternoon but intended to have a good bash this evening. For some reason though i wasnt feeling it so kept stopping for long breaks. Must have worked though as the 2 late sessions were nicely profitable and ive managed to break the 4000 barrier and currently sit on +£4,093.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Heavy Weekend Update

Couple of decent piss ups left little poker although i think i played a bit drunk Fri night but nout high. Sunday i had freeroll so had to play but after losing a bit earlier when i shouldnt have been playing i quickly shut the cash tables once i bust the freeroll. Only -£120 damage but 1st losing day for ages. Actually didnt have too bad a hangover either day but enough that head wasnt clear enough to play proper.

Anyway felt surprisingly well today given the boozy weekend and hit the tables for many hours. Spread over roughly 3 sessions of 2, 4 and 3 hours length i ran well and played well too. Result was a nice +£580 profit to take me to peak for the month of £3,684.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Vegas Booked

Just the flight but its non-refundable so i had better go this time ! Off in 5 weeks for almost 2 weeks stay. Still to decide where im staying, prob be old favourite Hilton Vacations Club (see link to side) . Didnt put much time in on the poker tables today but still made £137 including bonus to keep the good run going. Prob out 2moz and def out Sat so might not be much more volume until tail end of wkend.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Another Good Chunk

Same fish, same sort of post although most of money came vs the other players ! Didnt play a huge number of hours in total but ran so much better than i expect too and happy to post almost +£600 on the day. Month tally to +£3,076 :)

Downswing Expected Any Day Now

Just quick post, exhausted but not through poker. Only played a few hours but that fish was back and a got a good chunk this time. Also done ok on other sites and add some rakeback bonuses to it and +£742 on the day = +£2,481 on the month (1 week in !)

Already looking to spend it, spent some time tonight looking at possible vegas trip.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting Bigger

Made a small amount on a cash session after post last night. Out all day today but hit the tables in the evening and for a change there was a juicy 2/4$ hi lo game going. My usual start when i go higher saw me drop about £400 then proceed to go +£100 before losing that and another £300. Finally i recovered and went +£200 before dropping a bit back but clearing £90 of bonus so finished about +£200 taking me to +£1,699 for the month. Happy but could have been a easy large payoff vs a awful player but i guess any profit is good.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Good Night.... U Decide ?

Entered 7 mtts from a freeroll up to $120. Playing well and ran well early stages in 6 of them. Gradually bust though but the 2 most valuable were where i was getting most luck fortunately. Managed to cash in $120 for $750odd 2nd/22 but could have bubbled or won it for another $500ish.

Most interesting mtt of night was a 220 runner $20 rebuy that most people in it were freerollers so only bout 80 rebought and addon. Got early double and never in trouble after for ages. In for $60 i had 1 suckout in my favour and 1 against, both as important as each other. Other than that i got it in best usually 60/40 and held a few times.

Anways very crapshoot towards end but was sitting 5/11 with prizes of £10,000 £2,500 and 3rd-5th = £1,000 ( all wsope seats ) when a guy with 7xbb called off half his stack pre with QJ off from the bb. My shove on a 10,8,7 flop with just ace high was still called though and the queen duly hit the turn. Pot would have put me 2/10 in a huge position although still a lot of lucky required given the crapshoot blinds. Nxt hand im crippled on less than 4xbb so cant fold 9s even though i knw guy is strong and prob would have done if playin 150k. He has 10s and no help so out in 11th .......arrrgh.

About +£350 on the night (no cash games played today) , a good night ?????
(+£1,367 for the month)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Rage Off Rage On

Think its time for a night off and to hit the beers. Yesterday was great playing 3 sessions of 2hrs ish and steadily winning until right near the end resulting in +£400. No rage and no madness but then today was another complete opposite. Behind from the start and lost my cool far too easily. Only lost just over £100 in end but as i said before it aint about the money i just lose my rag far too easy.

Anyway far too long a session of 5hrs odd with no break is dumb too but im sitting on +£1,020 for the month so i have no reason to get mad.

Beer awaits.....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

No Tilt Control

Ive no idea but ive lost control every session today with the end session being the worst. Guess im just tired and not in mood to play but its difficult to get that balance of "working" and being too lazy too often. I knew i had lost it when a shortstack outdrew me for a $13 pot and it still set my blood boiling. U see its never about the money i just hate to lose when im in this sort of tired rage filled mood. Anyway 3 sessions today read level,+£200 inc bonus £45 and -£180odd. I wish i could control myself online like i can live, its worse than ever so experience prob doesnt help. Just gotta live with it.

Anyway im off to cool off, the strange thing is ive been in a good mood today away from the tables, whilst at the tables ive probably put in more expletives than i normally would over a whole month.

Good Start

Didnt even hit the tables until after 7pm and despite winning nicely the first hour i wasnt getting into it so took an hour or more break. Seems to have worked as played several more hours now up to almost 3:30am finish.

£200 rakeback was a good start ( i forgot i played a lot the first half of last month so expected hardly anything directly today) and given max stake was 1/2 and most was lower im very happy (for 0nce) with the first day of the month. +£505 on the day so +£705 after one day, heres hoping i can push on and hav a big month. Tables were/are so good today im a bit gutted to be shutting now but i can hardly keep my eyes open !

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

End Aug Stuff

Well my playing hours didnt quite go to plan in Scotland. I was unrealistic to think i would still do 20-30hours a week up there or more and ended up only playing less than less than 10 hours over almost 2 weeks. It wasnt a lazy thing, just kept busy so what the hell.

When i left i think i was about +£2,000 but i dropped to +£1,700 the first couple of days/sessions before recovering on the 3rd day to almost back where i started. Despite being back 24hours im knackered today so almost didnt play but in the end put in just over 3 hours and made £150 odd to put me at peak for the month at +£2,098.

Gonna try and put 40 hour weeks in for the whole of Sept and see where it gets me. Prob be mostly low stakes high low cash tables but i may try and get some mtts in too along and maybe even so NL holdem ones too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Early Night

8 hours from leaving for my 2nd trip scotland this year. 12-14 hour drive and early start so gotta shut down the tables early tonight despite the standard being pretty bad as per normal at the levels ive dropped to.

Overall been a frustrating few days since last post but i did have a good day yesterday thanks to my last session to balance it out. Last profit tally of 1824£ ----> 1720------->1614------>2050------>2134 and about to tally the loss for this session, hoping it wont drop below the 2k. oh **** just lost $80 on last pot b4 sitting out. cooler but had loads of outs to scoop a $450 4way pot :(

+£1,993 hmmmm about what i expected i guess given that last pot loss. May carry on updating up north or if dnt play as much i may leave it until i get back in 2 weeks.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Rare Sat Night In

Too hungover from yesterday so stayed in for a change but only managed a few hours once the headache had cleared. I guess im not surprised but the tables were sooooo bad late Saturday night. It helped that i ran well too obviously but it was the easiest £500 ive made in ages and bear in mind this is 4 tabling no higher than 1/2$ although most of it was lower than that.

After my previous posts i had a horrendous Wed where i couldnt hit a thing and everyone else was escaping. In the end though i was only a couple of hundred £ down so wasnt too unhappy. I think i made a good solid £400 ish including some rake bonus Thur. Friday i didnt play more than a couple of hours if that but made £100ish before getting far too drunk as usual.

Profit stands at a healthy +£1,824. Didnt wnna stop playing just now but gotta get my body clock earlier for an early long drive to Scotland Wed. I still expect to put 40hours ish weeks in up there though as ive been up there once already this summer so intend to make this trip a working holiday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grinding Up

Since last post i lost £300 playing a bit hungover but didnt do much wrong, was just full of coolers. Then yesterday i played a full day and was finishing around 2am £400 up when a really bad player sat. Result was i couldnt leave until he left after 6am but it was worth it as i fininshed +£800 for the day.

Im like a zombie today as a result of that unplanned session (and 10-12 hours in total that day)but i did manage £100 profit and also got some rakeback paid so sitting on peak for month of +£1,113. Hoping to keep moving up from here although staying at the same low stakes unless i see a good game slightly higher. Discipline, Effort and Non Tilts are all well at the moment so just trying to keep the same attitude going.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Night Off

Just played couple hours today and managed a nice profit. I seem to have broke the start of session curse, not losing for the last 3 sessions. Trying out a slightly new mixture of games which seems to be keeping my mind on the job. Still putting in a lot of hours but last 4 sessions or so been very steady without much at risk and ive managed to get back to a £400 profit for the month. Time for beer.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Seriously ?

WTF within 5 mins of loggin in ive lost a full stack on 1/2£ hi lo gettin it in as huge favourite to scoop or get half 3 way. At same time ive lost half a stack on 3/6$ hi lo to a runner runner rediculous fish. Then 5 minutes later i lose a stack on 2/2$ hi lo. Beginning to absolutely hate the game again, dunno if i can take much more of this bull.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Its Tough

Arrrrrrgh been putting in loads of hours maybe average of 7 a day this month so far and its really beginning to get to me as i still sit at a loss. I gone from £200 up to £1,000 down to £400 up and back to £300 down today.

Every session ive played i always lose at least a stack at the start and often more so am left fighting for the 2-4hours to get back to level or better. I still think im playing well but theres a combination of missing out on too many big pots and the tables just not being as easy as they were a year ago. I probably split 50/50 ish on hi lo and plo at the moment. Its the first time for a while ive put any volume in at plo and its disturbing how tough some tables can be. Ive been moving tables a lot to try to keep with the worse players and making sure ive got notes on regulars as well. I would hate to do it but i might have to get some software if i cant turn this around. Dunno if ive said before but i wish all tracking software was banned, it really is detroying the game in the long term. If you cant beat em, join em though :(

Anyway i cant be faulted for lack of effort at the moment and after an early finish tonight i expect to return tommorrow for more pain. One thing that does spring to mind is how "lucky" i was to have had such a good year last year before the tables changed. As ive probably said before i guess i should go back to mtts but at the moment im just refusing to give up the ghost on cash tables as it is/was? where the easiest money and the best flexibility is.

Anyways needed that mini-vent after a truly shocking day today. Draw a line under it as usual and restart tommorrow.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Great Start

Within 5mins dropped a buyin on 2/4£ hi lo to a guy butchering his hand as bad as he can.
Table broke so took a break and returned bout an hour later. Got some back vs as bad players on 1/2 but decided to deposit and play plo on another site.

Managed to win a half stack on plo 2/4$ with flopped straight vs naked f draw which missed but then the usual stuff come along.
call a reraise with J987 and get it allin on a J34flop with f draw vs KQ1010 with higher f draw which hits. 10mins later vs same guy its all on a A89rainbow flop with J1076 vs AAxx , he immed fills up. soon after i lose half a stack with standard callin down with aces only to be shown a nicely diguised 3 of kind when i had the guy dominated on the flop. a few mins later i get 2 flush draws by turn against a shortie so bet and he flats. river gives me 2nd nut flush so i chk raise it for his last 64 (40pot) only for him to show the nut top it off he types "ty" in the chatbox when for once i havent put nething derogatory in the chat box. I leave immmed after having butchered £800 on plo in space of an hour (bout 3 stacks) without feeling i had done anything wrong.

Told myself to stick to mtts this month but after dropping that buyin within 5mins i couldnt face nething and result is ive done my tits already after only a couple of hours play. Lovely *** knows what im doing from here. Think i might just stick with it at same stakes (untilted of course) and only stop if i lose a huge chunk and say get to -£5,000 or sommat.

.......later edit took and break then had 6hours at tables untilted up and down all over shop was -£1,000 at one point but finished -£327 (-£500 truly cos had rakeback payment). think im playin well though so will prob attack the tables again tommorrow for another bashing no doubt.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Longest Day

Didnt start out yesterday to play more than the day before (7hours) but a big fish keep me at the tables through the early hours. In the end i had been awake for almost 22 hours when he finally stopped reloading. I played for 15hours with a 1 hour break and some smaller ones so probably about 13 hours in total. It doesnt beat my record online which is in the region of 16 hours in Feb 2009 but it certainly drained me, im completely whacked today.

Good news is i managed a +£1,250 profit in total and reduced my loss for the month to only £300 which ive managed to wipe out with a couple of short sessions today. So i currently stand at +£23 for July but i expect to play more before the 31st so it could still end up a loss, watch this space :)

been back on this evening and basically missed everything in nearly every big key pot, result = £1,800 loss .....unreal but guess was always gonna happen when im tired and feel ill...can only blame myself. even got slowrolled by a regular so my bloods boiling but im not gonna tilt ne more off, pretty much lost all that within an hour at no higher than 2/4.
f*k off july just sat 4:15pm on 5/5 plo for 1 more shot, lasted 30mins. Allin with AKQJ on a KK4 rainbow flop is no good vs A,2,9,10 for $850 then lose $500 for $1500 pot vs 2 players calling 240$ pre with 9763 and 77610. rest goes in on a 45Q flop which obv has 0% chance of holding up GG -£2,680....F*k doin a review for the month

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Monthly Loss ?

Still a few days to go and im trying to fight off the monthly loss again. This time im not as worried though as after so much time off i seem to be able to grind to some extent again, all be it mostly at small stakes for the time being. With that in mind it seems unlikely i will destroy the -£1,500 losses i started today with, especially when i only managed 2 hours midnight-2am just now. Also im out Friday and will probably be hungova = day off Saturday (just like this previous weekend turned out actually) so ive only got 3 true days of the month left. Anyway that 2 hours 3/6 max but majority lower finished up a little so now stand at -£1,365.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Play Resumes

Managed to play a session last night which was longer than 3 times the total number of hours ive played in July so far. Not difficult i guess but i ran good for 5hours and put a good dent into the loss for the month which had sat at -£2,700 for so long. About - £1,900 now and im happy that i didnt get completely bored and it even bordered on enjoyment at times. I say i ran good but i did miss a 12outs freeroll river card on 2/4$ hi lo for a $2,600 pot so i could have run exceptionally well if that had hit for another circa £900 profit :(

May well play later this evening before, i guess, a usual boozy weekend.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Play To Resume........Soon ?

Until today i had only played less than 1 hour in July which unfortunately was a couple of buyins loss at $10/$20. Been on holiday and just havent fancied playing at all. Given the shit weather today i briefly loaded up some plo tables but 30-45mins was enough even though i was in profit i just really wasnt enjoying it.

So where from here ? Next attempt will be some mtts in an evening (could even be tonight) and just see how it goes.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Month Review

Dunno if this is worth doing but i have always done one before so might as well try.

Really just not feeling the poker vibe lately. Put a lot of effort and time in during April and May after 2 losing months in the first 3 of the year then had laziest month ever in terms of time put in.

It would seems a number of factors are/have affected my game and bottom line this years, here are some i can think of off the top of my head:

- the game is tougher and this has/is moving through to both plo and plo hi lo
- i really do believe i had a bad run at high stakes from about Dec - Feb but maybe i was due
- i didnt expect to beat last years profit and i may never beat it during my life but you cant help but feel negative when you get the low after such a big high
- spending about 80% of my roll on a house has maybe put extra pressure on me at times, especially at higher stakes. at the time i jumped in knowing this is locking away cash i could lose back if i lost my head but maybe? i spent too much. hindsight is a strange thing but one thing i do know is i still love the house i bought 4.5months later. also i now have living expenses which were virutally non existent before
- the cancelled vegas trip, i dont feel too bad about this BUT i was more interested to see how i did on return (win or lose out there) as i often return from there craving and playing my best poker when i get back online, could be time to book another trip out there for autumn time.
- the poker novelty factor has worn very thin and it totally feels like a job and all too often one i just dont enjoy or get satisfaction from any more, this is probably the most concerning reason.

Anyway my total profit this year comes in at +£15,233 (£14,000 of that in last quarter so maybe back on the right track). I know this is still a great earning figure tax free but it is my worst start to a year since 2006 and unless i carry on like the last 3 months for the other half of the year it will be my worst ever profit for the year. Would like to think thats a challenge for me but the motivation at the moment just aint there.

June Figures

+£2,995 in end which is great considering how little time i put in this month. Nout more to say really as it would just be as dull as the last post, simply hardly played at all and i will be surprised if this changes much next month, but we'll see.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pre End of Month Post

Lack of posting because i simply havent been playing this month. What with the weather, the football and my backache (seems to be better) ive put in the least number of poker hours in a month for possibly years. When i have its been small sessions on higher stakes and had come good until the last couple where ive dropped some back. Sitting in profit at mo though (just) but just had losing session so thought better stick sommat on here.

If the weather continues its likely to be much of the same but i might need a new time filler now England are out its just not the same watching the rest of the games.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vegas Cancelled

Im not going to the WSOP after all. Im a bit gutted but after a few days deliberation and my back gettin a bit worse overnight (tried coming off painkillers to see how it handled) i dont want to take any gamble on my back as ive had worse pains in it a few years ago which literally took months to "fully" recover. I think my heart was ruling over my head as i really thought i was going to rebook today but after weighing up all the options my head says dont take the risk.

Hey at least i can watch all the football now :)

Will return all stakes asap, thanks for investing to one and all.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Important Message For Shareholders

Ive had to cancel my flight out tommorrow as ive got a sharp pain in my back preventing me from getting to London today let alone trying to carry luggage and endure plane travel for 10 hours tommorrow.

There is still a small chance i may rebook with another company (virgin are too full) and go out a week later and make the event so i wont refund stakes just yet.

Will post here as soon as i know for sure, have everyones transfer details though so will send refunds through immediately if i become 100% sure i wont make it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nearly There

Not much to report really on poker front, been kind of in limbo itching to play some live stuff when i get to vegas. Probably havent played more than a couple of hours on any single day. The swings have still been there as ive been playing a little bit higher than normal (a lot higher for one manic drunk session i wont go into) but overall ive just stayed around the same sort of mark which is currently just under +£1,000.

Roll on the world cup and roll on vegas, not sure which im more excited about to be honest. Time to get packing inbetween the opening games tommorrow.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Turbulent Times

All but destroyed yesterdays profit playing same stakes mixed with a few shots at higher games. The last 3 days have been so swingy its doing my head in but i doubt i will take a break from it. The only light in the tunnel today was a couple of 15/30$ limit tables on stars. I forgot how addictive this can be and i soon was $1200 down before i went up a similar amount and ended up about $580. Maybe i should be playing this more often and just grinding for stars bonuses but i dont think it suits me really. Maybe sommat to have a look at after vegas if im still a bit lost as to what to play.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sickest 2 Hours For Months

Sick in a gooooooooooooooooooooooood way !!!

Only played maybe 3-4hours total but swings all over shop earlier on.

Within 5mins i was up $400odd then i lost a pot with all money going in post flop on a $36 flop of AK6rainbow. i had the lock on it with AA58 vs KKJ8 but didnt count on the Q 10 runners for the $1,100 pot (only 2/4 table).

Sick but got a bit on other tables and still levelish on the day 30mins later but a bit p1ssed to not be £800 up from the 96% scoop, 2% chop roughly i think when i ran it into an odds calc.

Returned later and again it was a turbulent time a few hundred down and then getting it back and vice versa but took a couple of decent pots near end of session to be about £400 up on the day.

Again took a long break and returned at 11pm for 20mins where i proceeded to lose 3 stacks, fortunately i was only playin 40% stacks at the time though.

Took a food break for 10mins then returned as games looked very juicy, now about level for day. WHAT HAPPENED THEN IS THE SICKEST 2 HOURS FOR A LONG TIME.

Just couldnt put a foot wrong, everything was hitting, holding up, bluffs got through when i missed. Hands were either cold decks in my favour or just good strong hands against table fishes that never fail to pay. I hope this is a trend to continue in June and not a one-off, im almost pinching myself to believe that just happened. All games where 3/6 2/4 or 1/2 $ PL hi lo and i prob made 50% of my cash on 3/6 , only a small bit on 2/4 but about 5 buyins on 1/2 i think. lets see if i can remember some of them hands !!:

1/2 i raise cutoff with AA23rainbow . bb and utg call and flop is A,5,10 might have been 2 spades but not relevent. nice flop but almost too good, chks to me and i bet about 16 into 28mayb but both call. turn is another 5, niceeeeee now bb leads for 54 i think it was and other guy calls. now bb prob has a 5 and other guy is chasing a low. instead of potting allin i chose just to minraise (not a play i would advise against decent players as they will know exactly what ure up to but these were fish). anyway bb takes ages so i obv did give him a chance to fold but he cant fold A5xx and repops allin and other guy calls with 234x and river is a juicy 9.

same table i raise cutoff with AKK7dbl suited and loose guy repops , his range is wide from bb and he is tilting after hand before a bit for sure. i flat call looking to push any high flop as he onyl has a 200stack before the hand. flop comes KQQ and i just call his 24odd 50% ish flop bet. turn is a 6(also a 3rd diamond) and now he checks and i figure i wont get any more so just check behind. river is a 6 and again he checks with pot at about 110 i bet weak into it for 32 hoping he might take it as a bluff and he repops allin but then what was he going to do with AQ6x !!!

hmmmm both above cold decks and boring nuts flops, im trying to think of a more interesting hand but cant think of one.

this one was on 1/2euro (i knw i said all $ above but its same thing really) AA2 flop and i call bet from sb with 2347. turn is a 2 and again i chk call a bet. river is a 7 and i chkraise matey allin and he calls and mucks.

ah i can remember a scoop but not full details from 3/6, i had only just started the 2hrs and i was in a mildly tilted gamblin mode so wasnt goin anywhere on a Q,10,8 raised flop with nut flush draw gut shot and runner runner low draw. i was actually in bad shape against QJ109 and and shortstacks K10109 but spade hit and low and i scooped about a $1400 pot which set me on my way. ----->>>>implied odds of winning this were huge as only 2 hands later table fish covering my $1,065 stack "gave" his full stack away to me (although i did lose $500 hand inbetween to only cold deck against me of the session so i probably looked like a maniac at that point).

Anyways dont think im goin back on now unless i wake up a bit more but along with the rakeback i got today of around £300 ive got a flying start out of the blocks and am sitting on +£2,300 :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

May Final Figures

Was a bit worse last night as i entered figures into speadsheet wrong so was down another £300 or so. Anyways May final figures below after hardly playing at all today. A decent month and im happy with it overall, especially when i can say i was never in a loss at any time.

Total Profit: £6,017
Less WSOP MTT Buy Ins (In Advance): £2,093

Actual May written down profit: £3,924

June will be a very different month and im looking forward to it a lot

//////////...................................EDIT MID JUN ..../////////////
see posts, vegas cancelled so final profit above recorded as £6,017

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Disaster (So Far)

Nout goin right so many beats and stuff, strangely im not too pissed or tilted at all but i guess that will change unless i win some back in my last 2 mtts or on cash.

$209 hi lo NL on stars. bust hand i holdin AA23 and reraise a 420 raise to 1100 playin about 2900. queue the nice lookin J53 rainbow flop where it goes in and matey has AQJ5 and i cant beat the 5 turn and blank high card river :(

Bubbled $120 hi lo mtt in 4th after the short blind out guy survived about 5 or 6 allins :(

Heres the big damage. juicy 5/10 game goin on so i buyin it for only 350 and get that to about 600 b4 a hand that plays itself really vs french fish. allin on a 2,5,10,Q board holding 2,5,4,7 vs A,10,3,x and rivers a 4 to lose the $1200 pot.
Fair enough so i rebuy in for 1000 as table so bad and he stacked now. anyway a round or so later i reraise pre with AA29 and get a nice 10,4,5 flop. other aggressive fish raises me in on flop with his Q1023 he has called my reraise pre which is in awful shape vs my hand. queue the ace turn and blank river and a $2000 pot gone :((

I was chipleader in the $109 ive come 2nd in last 2 sunday running but just goin backwards in it now. WSOP league game prob below average but still in with a shot, would need 4th or 5th/206 2nite to secure some sort of package i reckon but long way to go in it yet.

10:30pm , expect an update below later but i dnt feel confident it will be good :( i aint tallying up the loss until later anyway as i know its shocking so far.
yip midnight now and oh dear oh dear cash no better and 2 mtts details below:

wsop league one i needed top 5 or so for a package and got a stack making a move mid game. anyway think i lost a chunk being committed to doubling a shortie or 2 up then in space of 15mins:
raise button A9 and sb who has no chance of winning a package and has blinded out anyway decided now to move in for like 5xbb more with J5, seriously i dnnno what goes on in their heads sometimes. to be fair he deserved to flop a jack and a flush draw :(
next is reraising a late position stack who had 11k ish and was never folding 77. AJstd aint much use when flop is K87 and turn fh b4 ace on river.
then bust hand KQstd open shove for 9-10xbb to be called by bb for half his stack with A8off and luvly blank 7high board comes out.

1st of those 3 was key but the flip hand was vital and would hav put me sommat like 7th/69 and in with a decent chance but it just summed up one of my worst all round nights ever i think.

other hi lo mtt as big a joke, i minraise button AA4x and flop is 10,9,5. pot is now about 1900 and i bet 1000 and get chkraised allin for my other 5000. in good shape when shown KKQ10 but as is tonight the 10 hits immediately and a king fits the river nicely to rub it in more. That pot would have put me back top 8 with 18paid and about 40odd left i believe.

So as said above probably my worst ever night in terms of not tilting, not getting abusive but basically losing on everything i entered or played despite doing nothing much wrong. I actually think i played damn well tonight which is just bizzzzzzzzzarre.

So -£1700 on the night :(( oh heres another example of a hi lo pot i lost since last post on 3/6.

limped 4way board Q23 2 spades i have AQJ5 with nut spades. matey leads 28into 30 i flat. turn is a blank jack and he leads sommat like 68ish and i pot it to sommat near 300 i think. river is a 5 and quite seriously if it was live i think i would have just thrown my cards in the muck before he even had a chance to bet which was the easiest fold of the night to "save" 280$ odd.

dunnno where i go from here mayb a day off and start a fresh on june 1st but see what my moods like tommorrow im surprisingly upbeat despite tonight.

PS: too much to change vegas flight so wont be going until 2 weeks time.

LOL this game never ceases to amaze me, was just about to shut last table (2/4) and took a half stack off a fish then called a river bluff off a regular and suddenly im only -£1,000 on the night and extremely happy , nuts.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts and Updates

Cant think of much else other than WSOP at the moment. Im due to fly 2 weeks tommorrow but im soooooooo tempted just to ring up and change it. The event i final tabled last year starts on Sunday so i will probably be in a bad mood tommorrow knowing im missing it too.

Pretty hungover today after an almost 12hour boozy session last night so prob not playin tonight so just a couple of days left of May to boost or destroy the months profit. Since last post i had a few days with only 1-2hours play (was too hot and nice outside for more) before a longer chase Thursday of 8hrs+. Was sommat like +£400,+£400,+£600 and -£200 and hardly played yesterday. Profits currently back up to +£5,200 +£2090 in WSOP buyins so a good month barring another bad day before Tuesday.

Right im off to get my 2nd takeaway of the day, then im goin to look at hotel rates, flight changes and see whether airport hotel and train ticket already booked are refundable just to see how feasible changing and goin out 7-10days earlier is. Even if i dont change at least it will get me more excited about getting there in 2 weeks :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back On Track

Strange night, after two boozy nights out i definitely wouldnt have played tonight but i had a few freerolls i had to play so entered a couple of other hi lo mtts alongside. Lost on cash and nothing seemed to be going right apart from the $109 one on stars. In the end i managed a 2nd/139 (same result as the other night) but this time i was a bit disappointed not to win it. Wasnt an easy hu as guy was a maniac and i did get him allin covered and called on a AQJ8 board with AA83 but he chopped when the river hit his 2349. Missed everything after that but a decent result and a step back in the right direction for sure. $2,224 for 2nd.

2am now and im still very hungover and know i wont sleep for hours. Up until last night my body clock was later and later, lucky if im dropping off before 8am. Anyway last night had 3 or 4hours on someones sofa then got home at 9am and dropped back off to sleep around midday for a few hours.

1 week left in May and 3 weeks before im in Vegas, laters.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Aint really been in the mood the last couple of days and its finally showed in my results. Despite great weather ive had a chest infection, only mild but enough to warrant not doing much other than play poker, hense why ive still played with wrong head on.

Yesterday i only lost a few hundred but today i dropped £3,000 running bad and a little tilt to add to it obviously at the higher stakes where i previously won this sort of amount :( The games were as bad as can be and i just couldnt get a break and my patience failed.

Still well up on the month and i hope by posting here i sort myself out. A day off is probably a must then regroup for the final week. I do have some games i have to play so its not a case of "take last week off"

Profit currently £2,280 with another £2093 on top of that set aside for wsop buy ins. Embarressed by my attitude today, only myself to blame so putting it on here is probably a good step to recovery.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday (In Running)

If im not in too much panic multitabling i will try and update here as often as can.

Got below:

Stars $215 NL Hi Lo
Ipoker $55 mini ECOOP NL Holdem
Stars $109 Hi Lo PL
888 $80 NL Holdem
Party $120 Hi Lo PL
Ipoker League Game (Prepaid)

+cash on side

bust $215 AAxx vs AAxx crippled bust shortly after

shouldnt have bothered with this struggling to keep up 2nite prob sommat to do with the 20pints and endless takeaways ive had since friday :(

just bust party $120 in 2nd but only 11 entrants so only $363
Still starting stack in $109 hi lo v v card dead.
43/320 in 475 runner $80
stacked in league game but crapshoot but very deep
613/1000 in 1700 $55
cash aint been great but dnnno too hectic


Arrgh just got to 3rd in $109 hi lo well deep then 1 of only 2 stacks at table that can damage me 3/4 me. standard sick cooler A1045 vs A245 and flop was 367 :(
did prev update and it aint saved basically running shit on cash and bust legue in 9th for ok points but not big ones :(


just 2 left $80 and $109 hi lo. 134/215 pays 73 and 7/25 pays 18 respectively


cashed but 15/16 in hi lo....did get as high as 4th aggressing bubble but lost 7723 vs AKK5 shortie and had to tighten up. hoping to get some luck every cash ive had in this has been tiny despite doing so many times lately and having a stack often too

doubled $80 AA vs 44 102/150 pays 73 ridiculously good structure


KK vs 99 double 58/116

just chipped up scooping an allin vs a guy with half my stack after chopping 1 allin before that. currently 6/14 in hi lo


4/9 in hi lo, wide open could just as easily finish 8th or 9th as 1st or 2nd
74/89 in $80 NL


bust $80 80th made a debatable call in bb with A10std vs utg shove for a large chunk of my stack and lost to AJoff. next hand only 3500 left in 600sb with too much in pot to fold ne 2 cards and j6 lose to A5 which would have put me back to where i was b4 the A10call. Im happy though as ul to lose both allin so justified my gambles.

5/8 in $109


2/6 v crapshooty but confident quite flat payout hoping i get at least 4th tbh


2/4 1 shorty hopefully he will go soon


joint 2/3 wide open again, its was sommat like 280 vs 50 vs my 60k but more like 150 vs 120 vs 120 now.


bust in 2nd. final hand allin on turn on a 10,9,3,6 board with 6724 and flush draw, matey had AQJ4 and had checked the flop in position and i read him for just a low draw on turn when he pot bet and he rivered a jack :( . had 25% chips in play so scoop would put me level or 50% still been on 100k with 400k in play.

was sick 3handed i had to survive some good luck then get bad luck for other guy to survive but finally they faced off and at the end of it all ive got a $2,192 payout , all be it a bit disappointed not to get the win (and the extra $1,000)

Summary on night
MTT $ entered - $579 total
Cashed - $2,192 +$363 = $ 2,555

so mtt profit of just under $2,000
lost about $450 on cash but overall very happy with a night i didnt really want to play but had to cos of that league game :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Update On Staking And Games

Staking is officially sold out, thanks to all of those investing. I will collect the money in approx. 2 weeks but if anyone wants to offload it before that its fine.

Have had a huge week at the tables and been a complete addict for the first couple of days of it putting in 9 or 10hours each day. Monday i made £1,500 which is up there with my best this year but Tuesday i destroyed that and had my best day this year at +£3,000. Obviously this isnt all at 2/4 max, i seem to have found some really bad games at higher stakes and managed to take advantage fully without buying in for the max (and run good also for a change!!!)

Hardly touched any mtts, did try the stars hi lo $100 tonight but after sitting stacked in top 100/1300 (2200 entrants) i crashed out about 1200th after some tough spots and luck but was happy overall with my game. Kind of wish i had satted into the 1000$ at same time but another time maybe.

Have kind of been in limbo since Tuesday breaking about even which i guess is a bit complacent after 2 big days and to be expected. Im going to do some withdrawals now anyway to protect profit made in case i log on drunk tommorrow. Probably wont play much now until Sunday unless i see anything juicy or my hangover isnt too bad and the addict in me returns. Profit stands at +£5,500 for May but i may adjust that too and take out my buy ins for the WSOP next month (less staking) so i can truly see where i stand.

Took out wsop buy ins so profit stands at +£3,450 for May

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WSOP Staking Request

WSOP Event 46
$5,000 PL Omaha High/Low
Friday 25th June 5pm

Looking to sell up to 60% at a mark up of 1.2/1

eg: - $300 for 5% , $150 for 2.5%, $75 for 1.25% etc

Payment would be around end of May via stars, full tilt or bank transfer ( exchange rate)

I wont put any waffle up here yet about my record etc unless i decide to post it on a couple of forums (see how selling goes here first) . At the moment i intend to play it if i can sell 40% of the shares but this could be subject to change and volcano ash :)

ADDON ALL SOLD PLEASE IGNORE THIS PARAGRAPH As an addon option (for added interest for stakers) i could also sell some of event 41 - $1,500 PL Omaha High/Low at the same rate. Please note this is only open to stakers of event 46 and not a separate staking request as im playing this one regardless. Will only sell maximum 20% in that one though at $45 for 2.5% .

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment, cheers. PS: 24 hour booze ban before each game will be strictly enforced :)


50% sold in $5k , all of $1.5k 20% sold

decided to stop at 50%

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday (In Running)

If i aint too busy ill try to update this as i go along.

all above hi lo ($215 NL all other PL) + first wsop league game NL holdem

+ few cash games alongside to fill in gaps and after busts.

10mins in so far and +$50 on 1/2 cash.
9pm dropped one $22 too much on with cash tbles too although got them shut at mo now.
no busts but weak in 2 (although just doubled in one with free sb trips). awful awful the way i lost chunk on other bb $109 free flop Q33 i bet 3/4 pot called by 2 (i hav Q396). turn 7 i bet 420 into 520 called by one. river 5 i pot bet and he flats with AQ55 4gohbwekmgymgkbswmwkekmnekrmblkwrmhbkwmekmsklmlkhmwehgklmh4ek.

neway 4150 from 3000 first break of $215, 9k from 5k in $120 . others small stakes wnt mention unless interesting or bust or cash obv but no busts yet so still 6 on go.
multiple busts 9:35pm only $10rebuy $22 (sick beat to be short) and $215 left. worst bust $120 for chiplead minraise pre with AAK4 with hearts. flop K108 with 2 hearts chkraise guy allin how has 8523 no hearts and he rivers 2 pair on me for chiplead pot. only 3 paid and only 10left at that point :( Just doubled $22 but obv not that int, cash more important now got 3 tables goin.
final table of $22 7 left in money
8/17 pays 10 in $10 rebuy
16/46 pays 27 in $215
cash goin steady not sure if up or down on night though
busted 4th for $164 in $20
13/44 in $215
5/13 in $10 rebuy
in money $10 rebuy
26/29 $215 (got quartered for a difficult pot a bit ago and been short ever since)

just bust 24th/170 for $340. i got quartered on bubble calling allin same stack with AKK3dbl suited vs AQ24 no suits. left crippled but not weakest and managed to limp into money. doubled up twice before sucking someone in when i raised 3xbb with AA8x flop 245 he shoves A497 and 4 hits the river :( that pot would have put me about 10th but rode my luck both ways so at least i cashed.

still in $10rebuy , shoving this second actually with AK35dbl stuied vs QJ33 and 8910j its so bad but crapshoot lol. got low and shortie bust so 5/5


12:20am lol managed to ladder to 2nd without playing a hand then with only 9%chips in play i bust hu first hand, big bonus that these nutters all faced off. 1 guy was complete maniac and just nvr folded (winner but so bad) and he managed to tilt the others into getting involved and busting. $474 for 2nd well chuffed with that. gonna do a tally now and maybe finish for the night.

basically spent almost exactly $500 on mtts. 164+340+474 = 978 so just under $500 profit. entered into spreadsheet and +£280 on night so working to a rough 1.5$ exchange rate means i lost about £40 on cash tables alongside everything.

started the day with £169 rakeback fed in too so actually +£450 for May now. will edit if i play later.
back on for a couple hours now 2:50am and think im finally done. mixture of plo plo hi lo and made another £188 so good start to the month 1 day in (well 1 working day ;) )

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Review

Basically been in profit every day ive played since hitting that low of £1,150 for the month or whatever it was 10 days or so ago. Even had another +£1,200 day. hi lo mtts aint a big money spinner yet but they seem to keep me focussed on the side cash games in an evening. i try now to play a $109 freezeout on stars any night im playing and so far im 3 cashes and 1 bubble from 4 games but havent had the luck to bring home any large bacon yet in it.

Had planned to do an in-running of my night tonight for a change but had a snooze until 8:30pm so missed all my regular mtts :(

Right i may play later as this is a break now and i may play 2moz afternoon (out in evening) and will update below if my final profit figure changes but for now its a very healthy +£4,958. Had considered taking out £550 or more for Bristol gala events next week but i think im gonna pass on them now and save it up for vegas games roll.
edit: went back on at 2:30am for an hour. registered for a $320 wsop mtt league (runs nxt month) and managed to run good again and make back nearly all of that buyin on cash games = +£4,954
edit: managed 90mins or so this afternoon (fri), lost to begin with but came good all on v small stakes , final profit (assuming no dumb drunk session later) for April is +£5,071

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Partial Recovery

Well i didnt jinx it with that post saying i had started well yesterday. Had a great day all round except one mtt i will moan about below. At end of day though cash games and a reasonable cash in a hi lo mtt resulted in whats probably my best day of the month making £1,200 and taking me to +£2,350.

MTT moan in question was none other than the $80 gala sat for Bristol, i luv donating to these. This one was a 13 players win only for $1125 package and i didnt feel like i could have played much better. Got off to a slow start but got a good double just before we went 10handed and was chipleader at that point. Won big pot with QQ vs JJ vs AK and even sucked out KQ vs AQ (not for a huge pot that one) and began to think it was my day. Then it all went backwards:

26k in play

AQ vs 99 for a 13k pot to have gone chipleader with 50% of chips in play with 5 of us left still ! Flop QQ9 uuurrg

K7 vs K5 calling a 10xbb allin shove as i knew guy was weak, couldnt believe my luck when i saw K5 and a low flop came before the turn 5 river 5. That pot would have put me 3handed 10k vs 4k vs 12k.

KQ vs KJ playing 6500ish and had just taken a flop for a change. Pot only 1500 on flop of K,10,9 and all chips go in, key the Q on the turn. Would have gone HU 13k vs 13k.

Still obviously happy on the day but would have been nice to have won this and had a live event to look forward to before vegas. I may still try some more of them though if im in right mood.

.........2hrs lata edit/.......complete reverse bull today for 2 hours played.
pot that summed it up was only 24 euros on flop (1/2 double stack) . Get it allin with A34x vs Q345 on the flop of A27 turn x river 4. fml 4outs for their scoop , pretty much ne other cards and i 3/4 them , come off it. plenty of other stuff but that one being a double stack and we both got 400euros in on that flop really does take the biscuit. so mad , have to calm down before i play lata if i bother.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bad To Worse

After that last post i had 2 single hour sessions on Sun and Mon. Was back at normal sort of stakes of late and just ran as bad as possible, prob done over 8 buyins in that period which is just nuts for hi lo at those stakes. Anyways hit a low of +£1,150 for the month but touchwood have started today ok so hoping to grind it back up again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Shit On A Good Month

Ive had a couple of minor slip ups and played some plo when i told myself i wasnt going to and gone as high as 5/10 once this month but i didnt see tonight as a slip up as there was a french fish on the hi lo tables $10/$20 and ive done well this month until tonight so i figured why not take a shot. How wrong was i yet again though as i lose the first allin 64% favourite A468 vs A6Q5 on a Q57 with my flush draw as well on flop and it basically goes from bad to worse. I only split when others join and i get most of AA26 in preflop against 4567 and i lose a chunk with 3 of a kind against a full house when the guy called my preflop raise with K336 and i miss ne low card to split and ne of the house or quads outs to scoop :( Final nail in coffin comes when i lose stack calling a reraise with A4910 and flop top pair flush draw and bad low draw on a 5710 flop which is checked to me (i knw that regular and knw he is on a low only or a bad AA as likely holdings so obviously i bet) Turn is a magical 6 and the rest goes in with him showing A234 luvly. Game breaks down shortly after with me losing £1,500 in the space of about 45 minutes. I dont regret taking a shot as how else am i going to have any chance of getting back to higher levels but at the risk of sounding like a broken record how can i always run so bad and not get anything going together or any run for months arrrrghhhh.

Anyway aside from that its been a good solid month, 99% of games have been 2/4$ max and nearly all hi lo even the small mtts. Failed to qualify for bristol nxt month and prob paid about £300 in sats now towards a £550 seat but still may play a couple more. Regardless of how rest of month goes i wont play it unless i qualify now i risk spending the buyin in sats (something ive never done for any event before or even come close to).

First week i made £3,000 including £1000 on the 1st and £1400 for a 3rd/93 in my highest mtt buyin of the month, a 109euros hi lo mtt which was good but i had pots to go hu twice for the extra £900 or £2,500 more for first and second so was a bit disapointed. This week i floated between +£2,600 and +£3,500 for a few days then finally got a couple of decent days and peaked at +£4,000 before playing and losing that £1,500 tonight. So its back to +£2,500 and i prob wont play now until monday where i will try and grind it back up again.

Happy hunting !

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Figures

Usually call it review but pretty much said key stuff in prev posts. Got some back in last week though in both low stakes mtts and a tiny bit of omaha hi lo cash. Final loss for month was -£2,380.

At least im now in profit again for 2010 (+£1,150) overall but expectation has gone down considerably. April target is a pathetically low +£2,000, at end of the day i just dont want another losing month having had 3/4 of them.

GL people its time to grind.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegas Booked

Just the flights so far as they seem to be filling fast. Flying out 13th June and back on 30th June although i guess if im doing well (or qualify for main event) i can extend that easily (last year was only £50 to change day of return flight).

Hoping to get back to consistent winning ways between now and then otherwise it will be very cheap hotel so i'll book that at a later date.

Only tourney that sticks out as a must play for me on trip is $1,500 PLO Hi/Lo. That may be my only WSOP event as theres plenty of stuff at Bellagio,Caesars and Venetian to choose from and i may just grind Rio cash games more this year. Unfortunately i wont be out there for the event i final tabled last year which is a bit sad really but the dates ive chosen suit me better. Just have to settle for the PL version instead. Lots to think about between now and flight anyway.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Omaha Ban ?

Things just aint working out on the plo and plo hi lo games again. Again it was a trip to higher stakes that done me (5/10$) but it kind of takes away the point of the low stakes grinding if im just gonna lose it at higher stakes 1 or 2 times a month. The session in question i found 2 really bad tables and felt ultra confident. I chipped away nicely but then came the inevitable allin preflop hands. Think it was 6 times allin preflop and managed to scoop once (when only playing a half stack!) and i lost all the others, no quarters, no halves and no 3 quarters. I wouldnt mind but i was ahead and miles ahead in some in 5/6 of the prefloppers so just about sums up how ive run the last 3 months at that stake and above = bye bye to 5 buyins and hello to anotherover £3000 loss for the month.

So desperate times again and a change of plan, if i can follow it through remains to be seen though. Basically trying to avoid omaha cash completely and other cash too and go back to basics and hammer 6+ low stakes mtt at a time for 4-10hours 4 or 5 times a week. Only done 1 day so far but didnt hate it so gonna see how it goes. Stakes very low so far from $10-$80 but looking to increase that asap once i get back into the mtt rhythm.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March (So Far.....)

Aint felt like blogging this month but thought i might as well chuck whats happened so far in a post.

First few days were tough. I got £500 rakeback/bonus and lose that and another £300 within the first 2 hours session without goin to higher stakes. I grinded it back and was sitting about +£250 a couple of days later when i had a decent evening and made it to +£1000.
Unfortunately thats peak and the next day i got very frustrated by several outdraws all be it on low stakes and saw a 3handed 25/50 plo hi lo game and jumped in it. Chopped 1 allin on turn which could have gone either way for $10,000 but lost the other allin for $9000 AA310cc on a Q102 flop vs QQ53. Basically exit and didnt play for about 3 or 4 days after.

Was sitting at -£3,700 sunday night when a heavily drunk session on 10/10plo luckily won me back $2000 odd, the big pot being KK44 vs AK67 allin pre with a short stack in as well for about a $3000 pot. Managed to leave in good shape and moved back down the following days and was golden until today including a +£1,300 day yesterday at 2/4$ max which i was well chuffed with. That put me -£150 for the month but ive had a bad day but good in terms of only losing £200 so currently sitting -£350 for March.

Laptop crashed last week too so was on old one briefly but fingers crossed all running well again now. Car problems and other stuff too (nout to do with house though :) ) all added to that bad week but appear to have turned the corner this week on life and poker luck. Cant say when next post will be dnt feel ive got much out of chucking this in here so just hav to see.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Feb Review

Hate finishing on a low but session i just had demoralised me. Couldnt fault my play much at all but just missed everything or cold decked etc. Fortunately i did win enough to cover it earlier on the day but 2nite reminded me how mental toughness is important, so frustrating losing when the play at tables tonight was basically horrendous overall :( Anyways finished £200 up on the day (+900 earlier and -£700 just now) so final profit for Feb 2010 is a healthy £6,497.

Would like this to have been higher but house stuff has left my poker time available so limited since 16 Feb so its a good figure overall. Have played a little 3/6 and 1 or 2 mishaps higher without ne serious profit or loss but im still keen to get back up to at least 3/6 and 5/10 plo asap really.

There are wsop rake races about but i dont think i want to commit myself to a long slog, ive just got too much other stuff on at the moment and i like the freedom of moving around the sites, more so when im at these lower levels. So March plan is basically the same but hopefully back to putting in the hours i managed the first couple of weeks of Feb and just hope to get past £5,000. If/when that happens i'll try to push on to £10,000 and prob try slightly higher stakes to try and achieve this.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Streak Over

Hopefully just a blip but i finally had a losing day. I knew its been a while but when i looked back i realised its Sat 6th when i last lost on a day overall (17days ago). Of course there were 2 or 3 days i didnt play maybe but still was good while it lasted.

Started shocking today and just got worse. After prob less than 2 hours i had lost £1,000 exactly at a variety of stakes on diff sites ranging from £1,£2 to 2/4euro and $3/6$ plo and hi lo. Was thinking about stopping there but instead took a long break to get my head right then restarted later on. Glad i did cos i managed to claw back half of it. Along with £50 profit yesterday that drops Feb total to £6,300.

No play tommorrow and big piss up prob so unsure if i will get any time in much at all Saturday, just see how rough i am ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Up And Running (Almost)

Just got my broadband stuff and seems to be working perfectly and much faster than previous connection. Apparantly though its risky to play poker in first 24hours as its likely they may retest the line from time to time to make sure it gets the best connection. So i guess its a bigger gamble to sit on cash tables here today although i do know a site where some tables have disconnect protection. Upon reading that part of the manual it says actually they still may do same test for up to 10days but guess ill gamble when i feel fit and take consequences if any occur.

Still busier than ever with house stuff but did squeeze in some play the last 2 days. +£750 and +£50 keep my excellent run going (all still smaller stakes) despite bad starts on both days. Also got £150 in rakeback so takes months profit up to £6,750. With only 5 days left including today it will probably be the same squeeze a session here and there.

Hopefully calm down a bit to put in lots of volume come March. No GUKPT Walsall for me this year anyway. Shame as i think it was my last cash on home soil live (excluding champions freeroll) but just way too busy at moment to even consider it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Move Along

Very limited poker since last post but still squeezed some steady profits out in 3 short sessions on separate days. +£250,level and + £450. Also got rakeback of £50 so takes profit for month up to +£5,800.

New house is brilliant. Dont get broadband until middle of next week though and so much stuff to sort out i'll prob only squeeze some small addict sessions in when i can, for the time being anyway.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Still +ive

Hardly played all weekend. Managed a drunk hit and run short stacking 200euros on 5/10 Fri night to make £250. Didnt play anything Sat but managed couple of short sessions today including winning a 900 euro pot on 1/2 plo hi lo when i only started the hand with a 200 stack. Nobody seemed to fold anything tonight which meant i did lose a few stacks across the sites but thanks to that big un holding i made £500 profit total. Feb +£5,050

Friday, February 12, 2010

Solid Week

Had a very good few days at the tables since last post. Ive been on plo and plo hi lo exlusively as usual but am playing more plo than previous weeks. Stakes have ranged from 1/1$ to as high as 3/6$ and while im very happy with my play overall im pretty sure ive ran better as well. Long may it last although i dunno how much i will play in the coming week as im moving into my house on Tuesday. That said im quite an addict at the moment so im sure i'll still squeeze in plenty of time, gotta try and keep this run going ;)

Tues +£1,000
Wed +£900
Thur +£950

Feb total currently at a peak of £4,300

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I guess i put a fair few hours in today in the end. a few in afternoon +£170, a few in evening +£430 then returned about 2am for more punishment. That £600 from earlier was probably all gone at one point but luckily my variance seemed to swing back in favour. Anyway 2 hours later -£150 so +£450 on the day, cant complain i guess although did lose my tempter more than i should have but heck whats new in the world ;)

Monday, February 08, 2010


Ive prob mentioned before on here that im in process of purchasing a house. Well it all came to a head this weekend when i realised i'd had enough and could think of nothing else. Its 4 months since i had an offer accepted and without going into detail lets just say i will never use the vendors solicitors in my life and i will slag them (the solicitors) off to as many people as possible. With still one issue remaining and originally offering full whack for the house (prob bluffed by estate agents on that one) i finally managed to get a couple of grand off the price and should hopefully set a competion date and exchange contracts/deposit in the next 24 hours. I dont think i realised how much this was bugging me and without doubt it has had a negative effect on my life and probably my poker in the last month or 2. Whilst i was quite prepared to walk away if this revised offer wasnt accepted im glad its finally resolved now and fingers crossed there shouldnt be anyone hiccups.

On the poker front i only played maybe an hour Fri/Sat if that and made bout £100. Yesterday i had a great 90mins in the afternoon making £300 but an absolute disaster followed in the early hours and i quickly logged off before i looked at higher stakes and did sommat silly. Assessed damage today and lost £500 that couple of hours so back to +£1,000 for Feb. I know i shouldnt play when i dont have a clear head and that was the case yesterday given these house issues but hey live and learn, dnt think i did anything wrong, just one of those sessions.

Hopefully tables will be kinder this week and obviously i will try to keep discipline whether i run good or bad.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 4 Crash

Started the day getting quartered to lose 50euros and it only got worse. Soon after i raised with K,10,4,A and bet bout 80% pot on a K,10,6 blank flop. Turn brought a harmless 4 (obviously negating my runner low draw) and i get chk called when i bet pot of about 120odd euros now. This hand was 2/4 and i couldnt find a fold on a 3 river shove maybe figuring i was committed too quick (pot bout 360 and only 160odd to call) but how the *** am i supposed to put the guy on 2,3,5,6 !!!??WEY"£YHWQ£T Was a regular too that i obviously get under the skin of for him to make these kind of plays and it was funny watching him nit up for the rest of the session. Anyways just 5 hours of carnage (no breaks dummy) including moving up to both 5/10$ and 5/10euros both unsuccessfully including losing the whole pot on a K26ss flop with 2634 vs 10,3,4,5 with spades. That was biggest pot of day and i stopped shortly afterwards. It riled me more cos it was a fold and again this was another solid regular on another site that suddenly has some brain defect and of course im not even allowed 1/2 or 1/4 of the $2200 odd pot.

More detail on that hand as might seem obv he should committ. I called raise on button from short guy (5/10plo$) and enemy (E) in bb called too. E chks and shortie (about 300 total now on flop left) bets 3/4 pot 65 or 70$ which i pot raise to about 280 (700 behind) E in bb now thinks he has fold equity with his hand and shoves covering my stack. Fairly standard but not when there is a short stack in the pot (who did fold but most of time wont fold here from experience) and i could easily have a hand like A3 with spades and actually the hand i raise with is about the bare minimum i have (vs a likely committing shortstack and with another 1000 stack in the hand) and obviously i cant fold with so much in the pot now. Turn Qs river blank, cheers its back to 1/2 and 2/4 for me....i run gooooood. How diff the pot plays if E leads out for pot i hav to fold or peak a turn then fold , once again backwards play rewarded and, once again, its at higher stakes. I guess i should be used to it by now it just gets me down as i know i should be on that stake all the time but variance has been kicking me in the teeth for nearly 2 months now every time i venture back up there :(

Damage on day -£2,300 leaves me at +£500 for Feb but sick to the core. This all happened this afternoon and i havent played all evening although may have a quick peak in a mo if i think my head is now clear enough. YUK


Played another 4 hours (with a couple of breaks) and managed to claw back £600 without playing on run bad dangerous stakes so -£1,700 on the day and +£1,100 for Feb, hmmmm sleep now and booze in 13hours.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 3 Slog

Didnt play much today until after 9pm (mayb 100mins). Then played about 6 hours more with a couple of breaks. Was tempted to play some more in a mo but think im gonna try and crash instead as my eyes have gone from 6-9 tabling for so long. Standard seemed more shocking than ever overall but that didnt stop be going on a bad downswing to some bad setups and miracle escape cards for others when i had the set up. Got very frustrated at times which is annoying in itself as im clearly making a nice steady profit overall. It is the 3rd day in a row putting in a lot of hours so maybe that was a factor. Im still keen on putting in another 5-8 hours tommorrow too before easing off a bit Fri-Sun and trying the main slog again next week. It does feel more like a job this way and at the moment i want it to as it keeps me from tilting (none today). I definitely dont get as irritated too although i still want to bring this down a few levels too.

Anyways overall on the day it was another successful day and i managed +£500 to go to +£2,800 for Feb so far. 3 days ago i was thinking along the lines of £,1000 a week is expected and £2000 weeks are very good so its a good firm start but i dont want to get carried away just yet. Im determined not to have a 3rd losing month in a row in the first instance and rebuild further once that is clear.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Month New Outlook

Another solid day and again, while tempted by higher games going, i stuck to the grinder stakes. Cleared a bonus of £350 ish and made £750 on them hi lo tables again. Prob played just under 6 hours spread out although one sesssion was longer than comfortable when i should have took a break sooner. Had a couple of mini downswings within the day where i got frustrated but didnt do anything daft and the variance seemed to level out or maybe be + for the day i guess :) Important i keep this discipline and momentum going as im hoping i can justify playing 1-3 events at Walsall GUKPT in 3 weeks time and i dont see me playing any (or many) satellites.

Feb +£2,300

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bonus Start

Seems i blogged a lot last month and while im putting in the hours i may keep doing almost daily summaries again this month. Good solid day earnt me +£350 although it felt like more especially the last session when i actually lost a bit !!! Managed 6-7 hours play and hope to put in this sort of effort mon-thurs while im still grinding away at lower stakes. All hi lo today too.

Anyways combine that with rake bonuses of £850 and im +£1,200 for Feb so far. Also pretty sure ive got another £500 or so coming in rake bonuses shortly as well.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan Review

Glad its over, been posting enough on here to not bother with any sort of summary.


Early night now, fresh start tommorrow (still on lower stakes i guess).

Januarys Final Stand

Decided to go with the mtt option, not sure how many yet but have drawn up a list of several to choose from. Start in 20mins anyway, may update in running but may have too many tables goin to b bothered. Whatever happens i can look forward to saying goodbye to a horrendous Jan both personally and professionally.

5:35pm hmmmmm feel like deregistering all at mo but will stick with it i think. Bust 150euros mtt in 30mins flopping 2 pair vs a set which i would have had to been on top form to get away from.

6:55pm 2 more busts , just 1 game left at mo although am well stacked in it. 2 more starting in 5mins. 1 bust was one them nout went right. other was bad beat kk vs jj although only had 60% starting stack at that time.

7:55pm 1 cancelled , 1 more bust (99 vs 10s but had sucked out b4 although did lose AQ vs AK to have prob gone top 10 in it) and weak in only 1 left. Dunno why i entered anything now, thought i was in a more patient mood but once i bust that first one its been a fast downhill slope.

Am running ok on cash so hopefully wont be too big a dent at end of night.

9:15pm bust all mtts about half an hour ago. Lost a huge pot to complete fool before running my 10xbb shove into QQ. Huge pot went like this at 100/200. Limper mid i nxt and raise 725 with KK just us flop he chk calls 1200 leaving 2400 behind on a Q94 flop. Turn ace he chk calls allin (almost timing out) and rivers a 10. Pot would put me top 50ish with 600ish left form 880odd.

Just done damage assessment although may play later and only -£300 assuming i get refund for game that didnt start (sent a mad email off to vent). Not bad considering i paid errr 160euros+$215+$109+$215+$320 in mtts = well over £600.

Jan Last Chance Saloon

Might have one more attempt to break into profit later and even attack a few mtts for a while. Havent played at all Saturday (hangover) and only played for like 20mins yesterday. I did manage a few hrs Thursday though and repaired some of the damage again. Currently -£2,700 for Jan and 2010 and obviously keen to draw a line under that and start a fresh month.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back To Car Crash Poker

Started solid yesterday and went £500 up. I knew once i got under £2000 loss i would likely move up stakes a bit and made a decision to that effect last night (3/6 and 5/10 plo$). Obviously wish i hadnt bothered as it was back to the norm with every piece of luck going against me. Lost over £2,000 and ended up £1,600 down on the day. Jan tally back to -£3,600 and im left in limbo. I probably should just take a few days off and start a fresh for Feb but i feel at this time of year i should be putting in as much volume as i can while im not busy. I dunno i will see what i feel like later and review the situation then. Maybe i should just play 2 or 3 hours low stakes a day and go back to playing 4-6 multis from 8pm -1 or 2am for 5 nights a week. Urrgh i dnno prob just stick to cash once my head clears.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back On Track ?

Just 2 90mins ish sessions, first on nearly all plo then 2nd nearly all hi lo. I ran good for a change and made £700 back. Also got about £400 in bonuses. Still dreaming of finishing January in profit.

Month Tally -£2,000

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just When Its Getting Better......

Its back to the old ridiculous bull**** crap again. I cant believe how many pots ive lost today against the most dumbest plays ever that manage to find the miracle cards every bloody time. This is biggest loss by a mile at these stakes (mostly 1/2 1 2/4 game) since i started and i dont think i even tilted any of it off. Would luv to post histories and stuff but all long winded crap and so mad i just wnna smash my new laptop at this minute in time. Favourite one that set the trend for the day was probably being reraised by 2479 no suits on hi lo 1/2 and he calls pot reraise so we hav put in like 90$ preflop . Flop k74 is still good for my AA85 hand but turn 7 river jack. Nice one later on called raise on 1/2 euro and 3 to flop. Flop is QQ2 2 hearts, raiser checks and 2nd guy bets pot. I pot raise and want the pot there and then if he has a queen but obv i do have a massive hand if fish comes on hook with runner runner low as well AQ105. Fish calls with KQ107 no hearts , turn 7 river brick and i lose another 200. That one riled my beyond belief as there is just no other hand i raise flop with other then AQ minimum and mayb with no runner runner low i only flat it. So many others i could list just rewarded the worst play ive seen and just had enough of it. So sick as i felt fresh and relaxed after the live break and thought i might attack the game and destroy it to wipe the months profit out this week. If this carries on i might have to go back to online mtts which i know i just would hate so much.

On Day -£1.100
Yesterday short session +£250

Month Loss -£3,100