Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Disaster (So Far)

Nout goin right so many beats and stuff, strangely im not too pissed or tilted at all but i guess that will change unless i win some back in my last 2 mtts or on cash.

$209 hi lo NL on stars. bust hand i holdin AA23 and reraise a 420 raise to 1100 playin about 2900. queue the nice lookin J53 rainbow flop where it goes in and matey has AQJ5 and i cant beat the 5 turn and blank high card river :(

Bubbled $120 hi lo mtt in 4th after the short blind out guy survived about 5 or 6 allins :(

Heres the big damage. juicy 5/10 game goin on so i buyin it for only 350 and get that to about 600 b4 a hand that plays itself really vs french fish. allin on a 2,5,10,Q board holding 2,5,4,7 vs A,10,3,x and rivers a 4 to lose the $1200 pot.
Fair enough so i rebuy in for 1000 as table so bad and he stacked now. anyway a round or so later i reraise pre with AA29 and get a nice 10,4,5 flop. other aggressive fish raises me in on flop with his Q1023 he has called my reraise pre which is in awful shape vs my hand. queue the ace turn and blank river and a $2000 pot gone :((

I was chipleader in the $109 ive come 2nd in last 2 sunday running but just goin backwards in it now. WSOP league game prob below average but still in with a shot, would need 4th or 5th/206 2nite to secure some sort of package i reckon but long way to go in it yet.

10:30pm , expect an update below later but i dnt feel confident it will be good :( i aint tallying up the loss until later anyway as i know its shocking so far.
yip midnight now and oh dear oh dear cash no better and 2 mtts details below:

wsop league one i needed top 5 or so for a package and got a stack making a move mid game. anyway think i lost a chunk being committed to doubling a shortie or 2 up then in space of 15mins:
raise button A9 and sb who has no chance of winning a package and has blinded out anyway decided now to move in for like 5xbb more with J5, seriously i dnnno what goes on in their heads sometimes. to be fair he deserved to flop a jack and a flush draw :(
next is reraising a late position stack who had 11k ish and was never folding 77. AJstd aint much use when flop is K87 and turn fh b4 ace on river.
then bust hand KQstd open shove for 9-10xbb to be called by bb for half his stack with A8off and luvly blank 7high board comes out.

1st of those 3 was key but the flip hand was vital and would hav put me sommat like 7th/69 and in with a decent chance but it just summed up one of my worst all round nights ever i think.

other hi lo mtt as big a joke, i minraise button AA4x and flop is 10,9,5. pot is now about 1900 and i bet 1000 and get chkraised allin for my other 5000. in good shape when shown KKQ10 but as is tonight the 10 hits immediately and a king fits the river nicely to rub it in more. That pot would have put me back top 8 with 18paid and about 40odd left i believe.

So as said above probably my worst ever night in terms of not tilting, not getting abusive but basically losing on everything i entered or played despite doing nothing much wrong. I actually think i played damn well tonight which is just bizzzzzzzzzarre.

So -£1700 on the night :(( oh heres another example of a hi lo pot i lost since last post on 3/6.

limped 4way board Q23 2 spades i have AQJ5 with nut spades. matey leads 28into 30 i flat. turn is a blank jack and he leads sommat like 68ish and i pot it to sommat near 300 i think. river is a 5 and quite seriously if it was live i think i would have just thrown my cards in the muck before he even had a chance to bet which was the easiest fold of the night to "save" 280$ odd.

dunnno where i go from here mayb a day off and start a fresh on june 1st but see what my moods like tommorrow im surprisingly upbeat despite tonight.

PS: too much to change vegas flight so wont be going until 2 weeks time.

LOL this game never ceases to amaze me, was just about to shut last table (2/4) and took a half stack off a fish then called a river bluff off a regular and suddenly im only -£1,000 on the night and extremely happy , nuts.

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