Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Still Run Good

More luck when ive played although I think ive played better the last week as well.   That said I only played 1 hour total Sat/Sun as out then hungover and ive been a bit limited today after still having a headache from walking into a door drunk 48 hours ago (don't even remember it happening!) Not gonna analyse rakeback or ev but profit b4 rakeback sits at a nice £7,857.  A good finish could see me having my best online month for a long while but I think im off abroad so prob wont update here until im back. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014....so far

Weird start to the year.  In terms of profit it couldn't be much better but for some reason I just haven't been enjoying it the last week or so and not even playing as much as I would hope to.   Its not complacency which has been a common problem for me in the past. My heads just not in the right place to play my "a" game so I just haven't been playing much because of that.  Strange though as I tanked the first week and was playing well, running even better and rarely feeling bored of it.

Currently around the £6,000 mark including rakeback although £4,000 of that is above ev !!!

Seriously considering a trip to vegas in the next few weeks but leaving that until the last minute to book at the moment.  Definitely feel a week or 2 away to escape the cold gloomy weather here anyway. Anyway not a moan, just thought I would post some thoughts here for a change.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Year Figures - 2013

split approx.:
online £31k / live £17k
online quarters  split (9/12/1/9)
online roughly £16k below ev.

target was £50k which I guess i'll aim for again next year.

first live mtt win
back to back wsop cashes
improved a bit online since September

bubbling final table of $3k wsop event on a flip to get back to average chips (can see both high/low of this but it still hurts)
tougher games and worse vip programs (forced me to improve my game so in a way could be a positive in long run ?)
not controlling temper online well enough
best month online was £5,477 with only 1 other month above £4,000
very poor summer quarter
running £16k below ev

hoping to do 4-6weeks in vegas come June
might do 12-14days vegas start of Feb, going to decide last minute on that
likely 1 month in Caribbean Nov/Dec
possible other travelling
online, well much of the same for the time being unless games or sites force me to look elsewhere

gl all, happy new year, lets make 2014 a good un !!!

Dec Figures

Year stuff to come on another post.   Amazingly managed to have two big days in a row to finish, both around £1,100 not including rakeback.   Finished +£3,809 including rakeback.   In the end I was only about £800 below ev too.