Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Summary

Obviously ive lost interest in blogging this month and it will probably continue at least for the near future anyway. Anyway i still intend to do at least 1 post a month for the time being and maybe more if i feel im getting anything out of it again.

July started badly in vegas where i lost several hundred £ before returning. On my return nothing went right and then 1 night i lost about 3000euros on 5/10 omaha. I didnt play bad it was just one of those nightmare session where u miss all draws and others hit.

Anyway i didnt play for about 5 days after that and reckon i was about -£4000ish at that point.

When i returned to the tables i felt focused and stayed at lowish stakes the majority of the time for the rest of the month.

Cash wise has been as steady as ever the last 2 weeks, ive actually played hardly any NL holdem and have discovered a new love of omaha hi lo. Hopefully my rakeback should be good despite hardly any play first 2 weeks.

As usual it would have been nice to have played more tournaments. Its definitely my best form of income but i can only enter so many and i have put a lot of effort into the ones i did enter this month. A win for $6000 and several final tables also helped to get me back on track profitwise.

Anyways all for now but bound to post that final figure of profit below this sometime soon.
A crazy last day with profits swinging right up then down then back up a bit. Finished at +£3,682 for the records.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vegas Review

Im done. Unsuccessful trip in terms of cash but very happy with my play. I know for future not to book more than 14 nights or book a flexible flight if im thinking of trying longer again. In the airport now, prob bout an hour delay but ive upgraded so hopefully trip will be as smooth as poss. Figures below: (some of which go into this month and some already absorbed into June profits)

Tourney Losses: $3180 (played 9 with 1 cash)

Cash Losses: $1310 (always drunk on lowest stakes as couldnt be patient and take it serious enough but had fun)

Other Gambling: + $585 (thanks to a lucky video poker hit but hardly played much anyway)

Total For Trip: -$3905 (about budget really and happy to lose that much playing so much live without any lucky chunky cashes)

It maybe my 5th trip to vegas but its the first time in 4 trips ive come back with less cash. Not bothered at the moment though, just happy to be on way out of here. Havent ruled out a return in November but just see how the next few months go.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


No more daily updates im afraid. 14 nights is long enough here and im really not feeling the vegas vibe any more.

Did play the Venetian $550 today. My 15k starting stack varied wildly as normal i guess and i would say my luck ran fairly even with bits both way. Still sitting on 55k i did lose a 50% to go to 90k at 800 blinds which would have probably been a top 10 stack at the time. left on 30k my stack peaked again at 53k before eventually going out on a 70k pot at 800/1600 with KJ on a J23 flop vs AJ. Bust about 120/340ish.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Vegas - Day 10 & 11 (Wed/Thur)

Ended up playing a wsop satellite late afternoon Wednesday. Structure wasnt great but full of awful players and i knew it was probably going to be my last shot at the big one. $550 4000 chips with a 30 minute clock (compare that to a caesars 15,000 and 50 minutes !) so not much room for errors. Anyway without going into too much detail i climbed to just over 12,000 chips with some well timed plays and never allin preflop before i moved tables and slipped away. A few hands into the new table i was in the cutoff and a weak limper for 600 saw me raising Q7std to 3100. Unfortunately button had KK and sb had AA so i was left on 8200ish but limper did gamble his 6000 stack anyway with J10std so at least my read was right ! I then didnt find any spots and in the end bust next level 88 vs AK , ace on river to have gone to 14,000.

After the bust 4 of us went on the a party at the palms in the kingpin suite. This was apparantly a $8000 a night suite with 2 bedrooms, pool table, 2 bowling alleys etc. Azimut only won the little bowling comp they had there which meant we were left free in the suite for the rest of the night with beer and vodka remaining at the bar. Anyway after a long night we taxi back to the HGVC at 9am in time for a club sandwich before i crashed out waking up at 4pm the next day ! Conclusion - its definitely more difficult to focus on poker now a few mates are out !

Played the 7pm at the Rio yesterday, again structure not great but there aint much better in the evenings over here and i prob should have played a few more of these the first week. 5000 chips with a 30min clock. I never got going despite making a couple of well timed bluffs and having a good image i couldnt make use of it and eventually the crapshoot caught me up. Moving tables and on 2800 at 100/200 with blinds going to 200/400 50ante in a few minutes i knew i had to shove quickly. 10,8off got through from the hijack, think a guy said he didnt know my play and folded 10s on the button ! I then shoved 3200 next level with A4off , bb called with 33 but i hit and suddenly thought it might be my day. A couple of AQoffs later overshoving after a limper and continue betting on flop and turn allin on a 10,10,3,4 board to a fold i had risen to 12,000.

I then folded (hated it wanted to gamble but would have lost) 22 in the bb after an 8xbb shove and a 6xbb allin at 600bb level. Next hand i get the bullets and a shove of 4625 from early position shows the mighty 96off. Board comes J,5,7,4,3 and im on 6500 instead of 18,000ish. A round or so later very basic played limps utg which is always weak and i decide to shove any 2 from the hijack with more in the pot and we are only 7 handed at this point. I actually had 79std but after dwelling for ages same stack on button comes in with AJstd and i dont get any help. Pot was 15,000 but i cant complain, u cant do much in these tourneys if the preflop allins fail. Guess i was about 86% first one and 40% 2nd after winning the 45-50% flip.

That was it for the night as 11pm apart from a quick 16oz steak before a decents nights sleep.

Still trying to decide on today action. Probably gonna do a deepstack although wish it wasnt so early at midday, would luv to hav gone by the pool more maybe. $330 at caesars or $1050 at venetian. Im short of $ unless i attack the ATM so i guess its caesars or just wait until that rio 7pm again.

Other news i see littlewoods are moving to 888 network probably before the end of the year.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vegas Day 9 - Tuesday

No poker just many lagers with Karlos and a nice steak to top it off.

Playing a $550 wsop satellite at the rio in 3 hours, last ditch effort to make the main event. If bust that early enough should be off to the palms for a party.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vegas - Day 8 (Monday) + Reviews

Nout too exciting, pool, caesars way too drunk cash. Lost over $900 before finishing $540. Wasnt too bothered though as played online for under 30 minutes earlier in day and made $1000 so was kind of freerolling so to speak.

Was supposed to do binions or venetian today but couldnt get up in time so plan reviewed. Ive heard satelites for the main event mtt in the rio are at 3pm $500 so may well give that one last shot. Wanna have a look anyway as aint made it over to the rio yet.


Not gonna waffle on as didnt play that much at home and obviously in a different mode out here anyway. Including vegas losses so far of $2600 my monthly profit finished at a £932 profit. Also got a $320 ticket to play one of the next 2 sundays.


Profit stands at just under £19,500 this year so far. Obviously been to Australia and San Remo and played the Newcastle GUKPT. More importantly i still have an EPT package on hold. Currently its most likely i may play London EPT with it but im not going to make a final decision until after Vegas as still could use for CPC or others. Hoping this Vegas trip will renew my love of the online game when i return but that remains to be seen, watch this space !