Saturday, April 30, 2011

MTT Night - In Running + April Final Figures


Started 30 minutes ago and already bust one mtt losing with overcards and flush draw vs top pair. Was a loyalty one though so no physical cash lost.

Entered another 8 mtts from 7:30pm through to 9:45pm so i hope its a long night and will try to update here if anything gets interesting and im not too hectic. About $1,000 worth entered so could be a big swing one way or the other. Main concern is the thunder and lightning causing me problems, although none yet.


1st power cut of night outted me for 2-3minutes. The thunder quite literally shook my sunroom too, must have been right overhead !!!


bust the smallest loyalty one, nothing too interesting in others yet, 5 going at mo.


arrgh busts galore and just lost a pot to a 2 outer to go huge on one of the mtts left. Also lost a flip to have gone 4th/20 in the 60 entrants $215 pl hi lo ....yuk. Left in 8 game just started $215 , $75 pl hi lo just started, $162 pl hi lo and $216 pl hi lo. Cash games alongside not too bad, few hundred up today, prob start em up again now im down to 4 mtts.


3 left. not doing as well on 3 lots of cash either :(


2 left bubbled the $216 9th paid 8 :(
2/7 pays 5 in the $162 amazing how loose it is despite the bubble
yoyo on the 8game 5/11 pays 5 at mo


cashed in 2.
card dead 3/3 in the hi lo pl $162 but its turning into a crapshoot so hopefully get lucky
8game wide open basically equal 5th but also equal 2nd / 5 left

In the hole for about $1,800 today before these cashes.
$1,280 minimum cashes at mo


finished 2nd in that $162 for $1,250. Good but disappointed as was only 30k vs 100k HU but turned it right around but couldnt finish them off.

still in other, been lucky as u need to be at end of these and sitting 1/3


luckboxed that on 2-7 triple draw and limit holdem to take the 8 game down 1st/30 for $2,400.
NOTE: only played 2-7 triple draw once before i think and that was a couple of years ago. read up on rules and strategy earlier and it seemed to pay off !!!

Really nice to finally take one down, ive been knocking on the door so much but you do seem to need a lot of luck in these mixed games final tables to win them as your stack can go up and down like mad.

April final figures done, i wont review it as i basically was -£1,500 down 2 weeks ago and you can read the blog to see how it turned around if you are bored.

Final profit at £5,286. I really hope to do the same or more in May to set me up for bigger stakes cash and mtts in Vegas at the WSOP.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Was In Limbo

Not really been feeling it this week. Level or slight loss each day until today. Almost didnt play today but glad i did as ran very well relative to the stakes i was on. Was +£3,200 before today but now sitting on +£4,072 with just 2 days of April left. Im not sure if/how much i'll play tommorrow but im pretty sure im gonna stay in Saturday and play a lot of games to end the month. Prob should have tommorrow off, i know i've overdone it on the poker front the last couple of weeks and dont wnna find myself hating the game again.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Steady Sunday

Just finished a 10 hour session with a mix of multis and cash games across different disciplines. 3 mtt cashes in total, not sure how many i entered, maybe 7 or 8. 1 was tiny $80ish in a fpp stars 10,000 players one. The other 2 were a lot closer to chunkier stuff but also could have been worse so overall its been a very steady night.

4th/45 $215 horse for $900. This is the same weekly mtt i finished 3rd/41 in last week as well.
6th/100 $215 NL hi lo for $1,050.

Done ok on cash games alongside all night as well making about £500 from them.

On the night im +£1,180 and that takes me to new peak of +£3,388 for April. Bring on the 7pm FTOPS 6 max pl hi lo tommorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd FTOPS Cash In A Row

Again no big luck at business end and i just crept into the cash finishing 20/166 for a $240 return on my $216 investment in the 2am omaha hi lo limit game. Highlight was leading with 50 left but alas my luck deserted me after and people just kept spiking river gutshots (twice) for 2 big pots. Never mind its still another confidence booster even if its kept me awake until 6:40am when i would have slept 2-3hours ago otherwise.

Seem to have run good on cash alongside after losing 500$ i think im up around that amount. April sits at new peak of +£2208. Not sure if i will play tommorrow or hit the town.

Friday, April 22, 2011

FTOPS Almost Final Table

Arrrrrgh cant get the luck at the business end once again. This time ive finished 10th/235 in the 7 game mixed $322 FTOPS. It was sooooooo wide open and my most hopeful was sitting 5th/11 (a double at that point would have put me joint top) but not to be when i lost 4 pots in a row to bust :(( for a paltry $1012.50 . Was fun but did go on forever taking 7 hours exactly until my untimely departure. $20k,$13k,$9k top 3 tonight :(

Think im off to check when the mixed games are on the WSOP schedule, i think ive made a big case for me playing the horse and/or 7 game again. Before tonight i had only played 7 game once before in wsop 2009 but i seem to be more experienced (in most of the games) and patient in these nowadays.

April +£1,657 .....hmmm could been so much more. Next stop could be a 2am start tommorrow for the $216 omaha hi lo limit FTOPS. Ill be tired and drunk though so its prob 50/50 at mo.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FTOPS Final Table

26 months after my only other FTOPS final table ive just bust in 9th/389 in their $216 rush plo hi lo mtt. Gutted as whole game was super soft and fun cos it was only just over 3 hours to make the final table !!! top 3 payouts were like $25k , $15k and $11k , bust hand would put me in middle of pack and wide open but i was 8/9 when i bust :((

Has dropped a chunk back yesterday after i had climbed to +£1,350 for the month. Maybe i shouldnt have attacked the 30/60 limit but it was fun. Anyway before tonight i was back to around +£600 but that $1,950 cash and $200 bounty for eliminating some pro has put me to peak for April of +£1,729. Hmmmm 2am maybe done for night, although gnna take a break and see if anything else takes my fancy.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally Sommat Good To Report

I hope the turn around is complete. For some reason i just got home at 12:15am and decided to enter a horse $215 at 12:45am although i only sat down 20 minutes late and almost didnt bother. Im pretty sure i havent played horse since WSOP in June 2009 and i definitely havent played any hands of stud hi lo since then. A few hours later and i cashed 3/41 for $1,230 , happy as never really stacked for the win. Meanwhile 20mins after entering that i thought i might as well enter a $215 limit hi lo starting at 1:30am. Well this one lasted 3.75hours and ive just lost heads up. Bit disappointing as i know i had an edge on him heads up but theres so much luck in it. I was always behind to his stack heads up though and just never got going. Started about 52k vs 80k and i never got above this although i kept dropping to 20 or 30k then gettin back to 50k so there were plenty of hands. 2/33 in end for $1,980. Whilst most of the above was goin on i also won chunks on limit cash running golden so all round for a night i almost didnt play on ive salvaged April back to a profit of +£766. (about +£2,200 in the last 4hours). :)) Time to try and sleep to the dawn chorus that just started !

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Biggest News In Poker .....

...... is that i had a day off :) Seriously wow, im in shock at the news of US players being completely banned from playing online poker and all sites blocking them. I think stars and tilt will survive but i dont intend to put my money where my mouth is. Taken $3,000 out of stars just in case, left a few hundred in there for time being. Appears to have gone through although page froze for like 30mins+ before it processed. Strangely i had decided to go back to european sites earlier today anyway before i knew of any of this and just play stars as a side option on juicy games. That said i prob wont touch it now until im 100% happy about my money. Right back to wasting time reading speculative forum posts.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Let Up

Same since earlier :( since last post ive had 3 sessions of between 50 and 140 mins. -$100 , level (chuffed bout that 50mins!) and last but not least another -$500. It just dont stop. I actually had the worst tables of the day in that last session but i just cant stop gettin outdrawn constantly. My favourite of the day is getting 3 or 4 bets in on turn as huge favourite to either scoop or 3/4 only to be rivered and lose the whole pot. I guess if i bust the $3,500 left in the account ill just have to give stars a wide berth and change tactic completely. The rate im going that will be gone before the weekend but we'll see :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Supernova Epic Fail

Reached that and done the $4,000 bonus but ive quite literally been haemorrhaging cash. Theres no other word for it and im now officially in one of my worst runs for months. I keep returning for more punishment expecting it to change but i seem to lose $200-$500 a session at the moment (which is only 1-2hours). The crazy bit is ive hardly touched anything above 5/10$ since the last post so to lose the sort of amount i have is just nuts. Theres only so much you can do wrong at this game as its only complex enough to affect a few bb per session. The rest is luck over the session and i just cant believe how badly im running. Pretty much bust my $6,000 on stars from start of month just to get back the $4,000 loooooool. I flipped for $800 on 5/10 plo hi lo other day and lost set vs f draw and low. I analysed tracker a mo ago and basically ive lost $4,000 at limits of 5/10 and below athough that doesnt include the $500 odd i just lost in the last hour as well !!! Its pretty scary how sick the variance can be at this game. The only comparsion i have to it is my 3/6 graph which lost $2,000 over 10k hands steadily before breaking even after 16k hands prior to the beginning of the month. Right going back for more , come on let me win some back pokergods :( . Or at least just break even !!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sanity Back ?

Right since last post i think i won a chunk back to -£1,000 before losing it all back and more the following day. Got a little back since mostly on lower stakes. I know ive run bad this month so far but i also know ive been playin far too many marginal hands and paying the price for doing so. Anyways i seem calmer and seem to have a clearer head now ive almost shaken off a chest infection ive had for a week. Just gonna start month again effectively because i know i wasnt playing my best last week and i still want to give this a proper go. Currently sit on -£1,628 but im less than 5k vpps from supernova status. That will give me a $200 bonus and about 3000 vpps later i will be able to cash out the $4,000 bonus and put myself into profit for the month. I would hope those steps will put me in a better mood and hopefully ill play more like ive done today. Plenty of breaks and plenty of marginal folds and not gettin involved when i dont have to in a pot. Ive only done 31k vpps but given the last week ive had thats actually not too bad. If i carry that on at that rate it would be 84.5k vpps for April so i guess it will be interesting to see where i do end up assuming i dont lose loads on higher stakes and stop playing as much.

Friday, April 08, 2011

If Theres A Way To Lose A Pot I'll Find It

Honestly i knw this game is sick but the stuff im experiencing currently is just complete and utter bullshit. Just sat for another hour session on a new day thinking surely luck will change but if anything its worse than ever. People playin so bad and complete trash sucking out left right and centre. Its limit for gods sake so i know this is gonna happen all the time but when people do stuff like 4bet flop when only out is runner runner to scoop which obv comes it just demoralises you. Similarly dont wrry if someone checkraises the turn on a semi bluff they get there even if its a 4 outer . Honestly i think are randomly clicking buttons vs me at the moment cos they know they aint gonna lose. Im so pissed off with it all and generally just hate the game at mo and everyone at my tables included ( A weeks chatban means i cant vent in the chatbox which dnt help) . Would luv to just take time off but ive had a chest infection all week which has just added to the stress not being able to fill time in with exercise and work off the crap thats come my way. Anyways -£2,000 this month and looking to make that bigger next session for sure , cant bloody wait.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Arrgh nightmare yesterday, cant go into detail as 8 tablin as writing this. Basically lost bout £1,200 in one session and mad. Was thinkin of giving up completely on this month but gonna try do another 20k to get $4000 bonus and get myself out of the hole before re-evaluating what i wnna do rest of april. Seem to be calmer today at mo so thats a good start. edit...15mins later and same as yesterday. just cant handle playin at mo for a number of reasons i wont post on here.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sun/Mon/Tues Rollercoaster Ride

Sunday started ok but got destroyed for another $300 2nd session. Was busy lunch and evening so only managed 2400 points. Late Sunday and into Monday ive come down with a chest infection thing. Not too bad but bad enough not to play more than 1 more Monday for 600 points and +200$. Tues though inbetween headaches ive managed a huge volume really for about 6000 points. Swings were mad losing a few hundred before going $1,000 up. I then lost that and another few hundred before turning around again and finally finishing about $450 up. Obviously was playing pretty high stakes at times but im still very disciplined and only sit when there's 1 really bad player or a couple of bad ones there. So to summarize im about $1,050 down this month. Ive cleared $200 in bonuses which im trying not to cash in unless i lose a chunk of $. 16,200 points. I guess 3,500 a day is my target over 30 days = 105k so im behind the (17,500) mark. Given it was the weekend and how i felt yesterday though i think ive done well to get as many as i have, especially today. Will obtain supernova status in 20k points and shortly after that i should clear my first $4,000 bonus, although, unless i need to, im going to try and not cash it out until to end of the month.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Good Volume, Poor Profit :(

Was doing ok till last couple of sessions. Tables been so good im ultra frustrated but there's nout i can do about it. Just had shocking time on 15/30 on 2 tables. One of last hands when i had taken autopost off sums it up. Table donkey raising KQ95 and 4 betting it to my AA37. K45 flop looked good for my hand and it was 3 way. Not to be though, so many sick outdraws from idiots and lots of coolers have just destroyed my game today. Was level before those last 2 sessions and im now -$1,400 yuk. Would luv to blame it on volume or hangover but i cant, i know ive played well today especially this evening, just hope i run reverse good soon. did 2400 points yesterday and done 4600 today so 7000 so far. I have a bad feeling about this though. Even before i started the losing sessions i could feel the game being different. It doesnt feel like the filler in game it was last month and prev and feels more like a slog or rakerace all to often. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Friday, April 01, 2011

March Final Figures And Stats

+£5,169 did just under 50k vpps on stars. currently almost exactly 60% of way to a $4,000 bonus. expect to more than double that in april and hit supernova status on the way. eg if i earn 110k vpps next month i will clear that $4,000 bonus and complete another one as well which would give me $8,000 if i broke even. would also get $500 in stellar awards and would be 3/4 of the way to the $2,600 milestone bonus. so i guess a good target next month would be to break even over 110k vpps and make $8,500. i have played a lot this month but my 2nd site (was first site until march) got in the way a bit and i raked exactly $4,000 on there. sorry for lack of paragraphs i dnt write it like that but it keeps lumping everything together ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ heres my current hi lo limit stats for stars anyway...... be interesting to see what they are like at the end of april. figures are bb/100 with number hands nxt and in brackets are all time, rest are just March............................................... 1/2$ -4/100 1280 (1.7/100 12711) 2/4$ -0.3/100 8245 (0/100 17795) 3/6$ 0.7/100 11602 (-0.3/100 15479) 5/10 -1.8/100 13072 (-0.6/100 16178) 10/20 0/100 3729 (same) 15/30 2.2/100 1508 (same) 30/60 5.2/100 413 (same)