Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After being my usual indecisive self for a few days i realised ive had enough of vegas when i started to get excited about changing my flight home ! So ive done just that and now leave on Thursday 2nd July a week early at same usual virgin flight times. Im not sick of the place but i know ive had enough and dont want to overdo it and put myself off future trips.

Since my last post ive watched my good friend Oranges chop the Venetian for $20k (along with Julian Thew who took 1st) . Ive had 2 lush meals in Bellagio but lost both credit card roulettes (thats 4 losses from 4 out here HU though) . Ive also had 2 mammoth session on O8 making the most of the fact i cant play it live when i get home. Its by far my favourite live game and was even before my final table. Anyway the 1st session i ran as bad as ive done all trip and lost $5,850 . Yesterdays started as bad dropping over $3,000 in the first hour before eventually finishing $650 up (played over 13hours for that) . Woke up incred late today but gonna head for another all nighter session shortly as long as the action is there.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Off Attempt

Crashed out quick as expected in that day 2. Played cash for several hours goin well up before finishing only $200 up. Went for nice japanese meal though and ended up in the wynn playing carribean stud poker for free white russians.

The PL omaha hi lo yesterday went pretty much the same way as the $5000 event of same game. Basically lost a pot to go to over 9000 chips level 2 (4500 starting stack) with over pair and nut flush draw against a total fish with top 2 pair. Was crippled on 1200 chips but got lucky in the couple of gamble spots after to get back to 4-5k. Then managed to bust against the same guy with AhJh10d3d on a 9h4h2d flop. Turn Kd river 4d but he was holding AdQd10h4h. Was still only 3rd level and pot again was for over 9000 chips, not to be :(

Played cash the rest of the day and managed to finish $2,500 up so that covered the $1,500 and gave me profit on the day. Also went golden for 30 minutes play at 3am before bed online winning 2 x 50/50ishs.

As mentioned im trying to have a day off today to sort out how long i wanna stay out here clearer and recharge my batteries. I had a massive lie in until 3pm which was much needed and i still am yet to load up online poker. Definitely going by the pool shortly then decide later if i will give in to the live or online poker temptations :))

No more omaha tournaments out here now to look forward to which isnt great. I could do with sorting out my poor NL holdem game anyway so may have a bash or 2 at that in next couple of days.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Need A Lucky Day 2

Made Day 2 but with a disappointing 6500 stack. Was doin really well up until the last 2 levels. Peak stack was 27,000 but i had a horrendous last couple of levels and couldnt do much about it. Back at 2pm, prob get drunk if i make my expected quick exit.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 More Events ?

Omaha hi lo $2,500 limit today and PL of it on Thursday. These could well be my last wsop events this year as im unsure of main event and may well leave b4 it starts anyway. Looking forward to both these events of course as they are my favourite game live.

The mixed event was a failure losing 2 chunky pots on the omaha section early. I proceeded to cash where i ran as bad and went $4,000 down on omaha hi lo before finally clawing some back to finish $2,500 down.

Yesterday was as much of a day off as i have out here. Couple of hours of online omaha for a $4,000 profit before going out for food drinks and drunken 1/2 poker session for fun with an old schoolmate which was just what i needed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mixed Day

Today is the 5pm $2,500 mixed event which i hope to play if i can get a little more sleep this afternoon first.

Yesterday wasnt quite my typical day. Made $5,000 online before heading to Bellagio 10mins late. Played like an idiot and bust 2nd level. Took frustration out on the slots posting my biggest loss on them this trip. Headed to Rio and was totally golden on omaha hi lo limit table again posting a $7,800 profit. Got pretty drunk in evening and ended up on blackjack in the early hours where i lost $2,300. I then was informed my $5k Rio chip could not be changed at Caesars in a rather rude fashion so headed home with just $40 in my pocket. Vowed not to play Harrahs casino side games for as long as i can as matter of principle, one phone call could hav verified my $5k chip but staff were a disgrace imo so gg them.

On the day +$9,200 overall :))

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Vegas Latest

Thursday i played online a bit then headed in late afternoon to the Rio. Sat on 5/10/25 pl omaha and decided i fancied a few drinks. Many many corona later i had lost a few k, won a few k then managed to lose a $14k pot near the end with gutshot f draw vs made straight. Ended up -$5k so wasnt the end of the world. Proceeded to carry on drinkin with few mates after in too a state.

Friday chill even though not too bad a hangova. did leave the complex at 10pm for a few hours but no poker and nout to report after from a slots loss again :(

Today been online and got nice £3k+ profit so far and trying to leave a table and go for the 2pm bellagio but currently failing cos table is so bad. Can turn up late for Bellagio though so not overly worried.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Highs, Lows , Omaha Hi/Lo And A New WSOP Personal Record

Following the "day off" i played a very abc game in the Bellagio $1,080 to no avail then proceeded to lose $800 on omaha hi lo limit. I couldnt help but notice last night that made it 9 live losing days in a row (excluding the day off obv) and i certainly was feeling a bit negative about that.

Today i entered the $5,000 plo event and set a personal record lasting a grand total of 10 minutes losing 2 50/50s ish and probably being the first person out. Feeling a tad sorry for myself i headed over to the omaha limit hi lo and spent 9.5 hours there instead. Fortunately i was golden and had my luckiest run since the $73k and managed to notch up $8,850 in profit to put me nicely into profit on the day !

Tommorrow i plan to only play the same with maybe some plo cash in there too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Live Day Off

So far anyway and its 7:30pm and getting food and booze shortly. Horse lasted until last level and bust 9 hours in. Was planning Bellagio $1000 today but realised these long tourneys aint half taking it out of me and just been chillin in condo all day. OK chillin = sleeping and playing online omaha.

Swings all ova shop as tables were loosey goosey today. Initially went $3,500 up then lost all that back and went in the hole for a small amount. Ended up getting most of it back hu and 3 handed against a maniac and was cruising at $2000 up before this hand. i check raised a K93 flop with K9xx which was called. Pot was now $1000 (as raised pre) and matey leads at me on blank but 2nd diamond turn for $1000. I go allin for $3000 total and he calls with just Q10xx and diamonds, hmmmm he called $400 more on flop with just a gutshot no pair !!! Diamond reward comes and he scoops $7,000 pot in. Got a bit back after and finally finished $750 up but sick :(

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Quickest WSOP Exit

Just over 30 minutes. Called a raise with 55 and flop was 754. Managed to get the whole 4000ish chips in on the 10 turn and was luving it until matey tabled 77. gg.

Played some omaha afterwards and lost $2300 before getting well pissed up mixing my drinks. No hangova today but wasnt up early enough for the $2,500 plo so almost definitely playing the 5pm horse $1,500 instead.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Gotta go in like 5 mins to get to Rio for $1,500. Never really got going despite the table being pretty poor in the $5k. My 15k peaked at 22k before losing 2 allins and getting quartered on another. Structure was poor too for a $5k er. Heres hoping me or 1 of my 2 stakes make the money today at least and if not i sense a big piss up instead :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Location

Left Bellagio last night and now settling into Meridian Suites Condo. Seems very nice with only 1 or 2 small niggles. Actually managed a whole day off without live poker too which has probably done me a lot of good. Really looking forward to the wsop $5,000 PLO hi lo today at 5pm and hope to go deep but dont care if i dont despite it being my biggest direct cash buyin to date ($3000 horse other day was before this). Enough for now off to the pool for a couple of hours (something i dumbly managed to avoid at the Bellagio) before heading off to the Rio.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bubble Time

Finished about 60th/450 in that horse (paid 48) so wasnt too happy after spending 19 hours (inc breaks) playing it. Think i need to play some NL or PL games after maybe overdoing it on the limit slog. Taking day off 2moz and moving to condo in evening. Then Friday is PLO hi lo $5000 so try and save my energy for that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Horse Stuff

Got a busy schedule for next week or so. Lots of wsop games i want to play and hope to go deep in. Played more cash last night for 6 hours after busting that smaller horse early. Went up $2,000 then chipped off gradually with junk so called it an "early" night at 11pm $1600 down.

Wanted to play the $3,000 horse today so it was probably good i got a good nights sleep. Horse was from 5pm until 3am and ive made day 2 with 34,700 (back at 2pm), average should be about 20k but blinds are getting a bit brutal so hope luck is still on my side. 450 entered, 198 left so long way to go yet. Seem to have taken a bit to horse although maybe im just running good. Its good fun live with the different games and not nearly as boring as holdem can often get.


Monday, June 08, 2009

The Romanian Blind Steal

Dnnno what and how much to post ere but i basically wasted an hour of my life with the floor people accusing a Romanian of stealing 10-20k yellow 1k chips off me in the horse. There is no conclusive evidence as camera was not on that table (normally casino part of venetian) but i spoke with Paul Parker who was on that table with me for that 20mins and he confirmed to me i had not lost a pot there so i know i was down 10-20k in chips when i got moved to another table near the end of the night. I had been on the white russians so i was not completely confident but i also wasnt as guarded as normal and now im completely sober i know it was a steal. It was confirmed when i spoke to Paul after bagging up and for no reason the Romanian in question came up to us to ask if there was a problem and acted exactly as i would expect once i told him i was thinking of asking for the cameras (already had done that and knew no result). Even wanted to shake my hand for some unknown reason as i hadnt accused him at that point as was in seat 2 so for all he knew i could have been after seat 1. soooooooooooo guilty.

I only entered this horse as a test for wsop horse events for razz, stud and stud hi lo and ive passed but i cant imagine what i might say to this guy 2moz. Gonna hav to restrain myself beyond belief or go to an extreme end of sarcasm to not get into trouble myself. Its so not about the money but im such a one for principles so i hope i dont disgrace myself with it.

As for the game itself back at 4pm no idea how many left etc but ive only got 20,500 as lost some at new table where i sat out half a level whilst talking to directors before losing 1 big pot. Started with 10k so thats pretty weak. Romanian has 80k+

PS: This is not a racial attack i know a couple of Romanian good chaps from poker but i do not know this guys name but he "befriended" me on a previous table so was obviously angling for this sort of move the whole time.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quick Update

Damn thought the $550 horse at venetian today was 5pm start but its 4pm so im rushing off and prob b 30mins late or sommat. I wanna play it as only played horse once before and want to see if i can justify buying into any of the wsop horse events.

Was gonna play $1060 caesars but only got back to room at 5:30am after a 10 hour hi lo limit session. Dropped $4000 before running opposite and eventually finishing $2,450 up.

Friday i had a hi lo session for 100mins and ran good for $2,900 but i had dropped $1,500 online prior to that. Had mad piss up after that with Azi and Amatay who hav both flown home now.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Made Day 2

$2,500 PLO/PLH starts in just over an hour.
peak stack for me was 55k but i did lose a pot with maybe errr 10outs allin on turn to have gone to 76k with an hour left.




Lost first 3 pots to lose half my stack. Floated between 20 and 30k for ages before getting back to 39k. Then made a bad call and lost a chunk again. Final hand with 60ish left (pays 45) button makes it gay 3000 raise, im in 1200 bb and reraise to 9000 with 12000 behind (obviously committed) and he puts me allin with KJ. My A4 looks good until the river jack. Very very disappointed to have bust in such a fashion after lookin good for another cash but hey thats poker. Didnt play as well today as i could have too so mad at myself as well as the kj guy.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

An Animals Day Off

Couldnt resist some online PLO as hadnt played for days. Went £3,500 up then lost it all back and several hundred more before finishing £200 up in the space of 1-2hours. Didnt leave the room till 7pm but went for food with Azi and Amatay. Left them fish about 9pm and figured i would play some cash for a short while at the Rio and register for the 5pm $2,500 PLO/PLH today. Sat on 75/150 omaha hi lo limit with a 100/200 kill and quickly realised how lucky i had been to final table that event. Could hardly win a pot and went about $6,000 down. Sickly i was still enjoying it and fortunately a few hours in my luck changed around. I finished exactly $2,000 down and obviously was very happy at that. On what was supposed to be my day off though i had spent almost 7 hours live cash (until 4am) and the online stuff too, ooooooops :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PLO Review

$1,500 , 4500 chips start. Took huge pot level 1 after already stacking up to 8000 chips without any allins. Basically had 4679 on a A352 2 hearts board. 1 guy had A5xx and about 3k and other guy had me covered and had A4K5hh. River was a brick 7 and i pushed to 17500 at the end of level 1.

Moved tables shortly after and stack moved up and down as normal before another monster hand. 100/200 i had AcKd9c5d and raised it to 600 getting bb table fish donk callin. Flop was AdQh9d and he chk called my 900 bet. Turn was a 6h and he chkraised my pot 3100 bet allin for 6500ish more. He turned over A9xx but had 2 hearts so i could still lose this hand. Any diamond king or queen though and i scoop. River was a sick heart though and i was left on 8000 still average chips.

If i had won that pot i would have been 4 x average with 60% of field left which i reckon would have been top 10 stack for sure :( Anyways moved to another table lost a few thousand on a bluff before reraising pre with AKJJ 1 suit and losing to a 10,7,9,6 on what was almost a 50/50 flop. Out after 5 hours.

May play the $2,500 PLH/PLO game tommorrow 5pm start.

My Biggest Result

Pic courtesy of karlosextremeporn.com , thx for that :))

I was hoping day 3 would be a long day and it didnt disappoint. My 3rd place 387k stack (about 4 million in play) went straight down in the beginning with 19 of us left. Basically then i floated between 200 and 300k until we hit the final table. A couple of key hands just before we went 10handed were as follows:

Reraised an 120k stack with AdKxJdJx ,blinds were 10/20 20/40 . and he called . Flop was huge Jd10x7d and he led at me obviously committed/ing so i raised. Turn 5d allin but river came a low card to give his AQ52 the split pot. If i had won that pot i was back to about 360k.

This other hand was last hand before we split and went 10handed. After this hand i was mad and it took me a long time to calm down and stop shaking my head in disgust. Was probably only time i got like that the whole tourney and thankfully we had 10mins break and time to chill a bit b4 goin 10handed.

Called a raise from sb with AK46 1 suit but not relevant. Flop came Q23 and i chk raised to 40k. Turn was a monster king d for me and i bet and was called. River was a sick 3 and also a 3rd diamond and i could not find the fold and had to check call after tanking for so long only to be shown 8834 no diamonds. If i scoop that pot i would have gone to 460k and my tourney could have took off from there with some extra lives to attack the many short stacks left 10handed.

So i hit the fake final table (10 handed only time in tourney) with only 100k at same blinds as above. There were actually 2 or 3 shorter than me but as much as i wanted to ladder if i found a good starting hand it was time to gamble. Couple of shorties doubled up and i stole 1 lot of blinds that gave me a tiny bit of room to go through the next blinds. Then came a hand i lucked out on which made me probably $40,000+ when i was out if i missed all. I had AdKd9x2x and had raised but got 3 callers. Flop of 10,5,3 so i knew this was never being folded. 3 of us went to the river and it had come runner runner high diamonds for my nut flush. Instead of being just over 100k at start of hand i almost bust but i now had just under 400k !!!

Managed to push on from there and by dinner break i had peaked at 560k but lost some back to 460k and was joint 3rd with 2 others. We had lost players too including Freddie Deeb who had blinded out to like 3 chips in order to ladder for $4k more. Was unbelievable to watch i dunno what goes through some peoples heads sometimes. He got $4k more but had like 1% or less chance of winning now and justice was served when he quickly bust after. I say justice cos he had a go at the dealer 10handed which was nothing short of a disgrace in my opinion.

Also interesting was the guy that finished 2nd (reported as Robert Price for so long) . He murmoured something to Thang after Jordan had lost a massive pot to leave himself crippled. It got quite heated at opposite ends of the table when Jordan couldnt help but respond. Being a limit game and the fact that the player he was winding up was crippled this was a pointless arrogant act from a rude twat in my opinion. I didnt get involved and bit my tongue but it probably spoiled Jordans whole day as i know how riled i would have got if it had been me. Jordan bust shortly after in 6th i think before we lost the shortie friendly French chap.

Being the short stack in 4th i looked for any hand to shove with but actually blinded out more than i wanted too gettin junk like K975 all 1 suit and stuff . Final hand i was in with A,3,10,8 against Thangs AKxx. Board had come K229 and i tanked for over a minute on the turn as i knew i could be drawing dead but only had 65k left. I finally made the call with too much in the pot and was drawing dead and out in a happy 4th without ever having the stack to take it much further.

I will play more wsop events than i planned now i have an extra roll and im dreaming of making another final table, it was so much fun and there is no experience like it in my poker career to date. Just gutted its all over for now.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Thank You

So tired i dont think i would do my blog much justice by posting much right now but thanks for all the comments and texts ive received directly and indirectly, they are all much appreciated.

Just to clear one thing up though, most of you were probably misled following updates as i believe most if not all of them got myself and the chipleader mixed up by name despite us telling them throughout the day to change it.

I started 3rd today but never got above 3rd in chips and my best position was at dinner when i was joint 3rd/6 with 2 others and i never got above 15% of chips in play. Anyways i busted 4th for $73,412 for my biggest single win ever but i think more importantly i did make a wsop final table :) at the 3rd attempt.

One more thing, total addict that i am ive decided to play the $1,500 plo tommorrow at noon so registered tonight cos i knew i wouldnt get out of bed otherwise. Assuming i bust that tommorrow i will take at least a day off and probably get round to some sort of bigger post on my result.

All for now

1 Chuffed Animal