Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Vegas Latest

Thursday i played online a bit then headed in late afternoon to the Rio. Sat on 5/10/25 pl omaha and decided i fancied a few drinks. Many many corona later i had lost a few k, won a few k then managed to lose a $14k pot near the end with gutshot f draw vs made straight. Ended up -$5k so wasnt the end of the world. Proceeded to carry on drinkin with few mates after in too a state.

Friday chill even though not too bad a hangova. did leave the complex at 10pm for a few hours but no poker and nout to report after from a slots loss again :(

Today been online and got nice £3k+ profit so far and trying to leave a table and go for the 2pm bellagio but currently failing cos table is so bad. Can turn up late for Bellagio though so not overly worried.

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