Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan Review

Didnt play so as per last post +£2,128.   Was -£2,500 at worst and didnt play as high after that much but grinded it back to a decent "average" type month overall.   Volume a bit less then i might have liked but 1 or 2 things got in the way and wound right down at end so, fingers crossed, im up for 8-9hrs nearly every day of Feb (not sure how long the promo will last estimate 25 days).

Gross rake across 4 sites (obv varying rakeback) approx $5,000 (expecting double this in Feb) but i havent cashed in any bonuses or received any of this so that obviously makes me much more comfortable with my final profit figure.

Slog starts tommorrow although its not 400$ or $500 a day which ive done before its $375 so hoping it wont feel like too much of a slog.  Run good and get off to good start pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

Plays Resumes Wednesday

Theres a small chance i'll play tommorrow night but im out all day and im planning an every day 8-9hrs for most of Feb so will probably just take another day off.   Since last post i played Wed/Thurs and a tiny bit Friday with small swings and a slight profit overall.   Havent touched the tables since then though as i wnna be fresh and motivated for a Feb slog.  +£2,128 Jan so far, will do a brief review when im def finished.   Expect to blog pretty much daily in Feb while im attacking it to at least try and keep me sane.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Positive Hits

Good day yesterday and went on a good mini heater near the end to win about £600.   Today was quite different in a mood all day with not much going right.   Fortunately it turned later on and after losing a few hundred pound i found myself up a couple of hundred instead.  Sitting nicely on +£1,963  and thats before any rakeback or bonuses which ive taken none of this month.  Bear in mind a couple of weeks ago i was £2,500 in the hole and it makes it feel even better.

Prob gonna rake $5,000+ next month on my primary site, (awaiting confirmation on Feb promo but could even be a $10,000 rake)  .  Also gotta do 5000 vpps on stars to get $100 bonus so will almost definitely do 7500 so im still on track for keeping Supernova status.  Got a $500 bonus on another site to clear by 10th March so have been trying to target that more for last few days of this month given those two above might occupy most of my Feb time.

Ive also been looking at a few live festivals, seems to be so many to choose from in UK and Ireland now.  Im all indecisive so may well not bother with any for the time being and with being busy online in Feb looking at above.   Did look at Manchester GUKPT this week but gonna pass on that.  Theres an omaha series in London end of Feb as is UKIPT Galway but again ill probably just be busy online.  Probably better off just trying to save for possible Vegas in June (Schedule should be out any day now based on last year) and barring that making sure i can afford to go to the Caribbean in Nov for the 8th year running.  Anyways happy fish hunting to all.  

PS: fav part of today had to be in limit hi lo when a guy capped pre and raised every street with 3333 in the hole, hope hes around again tommorrow :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sommat Drunk Happened

Dnt remember much of it except surprise at the end to have won a few hundred quid once i had started to sober up.   I remember briefly playing 3/6 pl hi lo but the rest is a complete blur and i dnt think that game lasted long b4 i broke.  Made another £100 just now in an hour or so session to take me to new peak for month of +£1,146

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Volatile Good Hour

Nout to report earlier then out all evening.   Got in 12:30am and considered just hitting the sofa but figured im pretty busy rest of weekend so i should squeeze some poker in first.   Played about an hour losing £500 within the first 5 minutes on 5/10 pl hi lo before escaping level then hitting 10/20 for a nice quick profit  (wish i was rolled for this properly there's been some juicy games lately :(   ).   Did well on other lower stakes and made about £600 in the end.   +£757 for January :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Back In The Game

Finally got back into profit yesterday making a few hundred £.  Taken some software fees off that and now sit on +£165 for January.   I was contemplating doing a 70hrs+ rake race nxt week but ive gone full circle and think im probably better targetting a Feb promotion instead for extra 10-20% rakeback.  I already have a secondary promotion/bonus alongside to finish by end Feb which gives about the same so i would be overlapping on promotions which is always handy along with the 30% normal.  Probably do me good to get back into a routine and more plo as the boredom this week is probably down to not varying my games enough.

Anyways gonna wind down for the month playing the same sort of stuff along with some plo on my 4th site as i have a $500 bonus to clear there by middle March.    Still not sure what im doing with stars this year.  I think it makes sense to do supernova but im not convinced 100%.   Im exactly 2/3 of the way to cashing in 250k fpps for $4,000 and im supernova from last year so it appears keeping that 3.5xvpps rate to earn fpps is prbably worth it until i reach that.  Happy hours this month have kept me on track but will just have to see in future months.  $100 bonus nxt month to clear 5000vpps in their blast off promotion should be enough incentive to keep that going.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Out of The Hole

The climb out of the 2012 hole continues.  Made bit on small sessions at weekend.  Monday i didnt play higher than 1/2 but i managed to go £500 up before losing a $1250 and a $500 pot in space of a few mionutes and breaking even on the day eventually.   Started yesterday at -£1,000 for the month and it was very volatile.  There were a few good 2/4 games going throughout and i pretty much went +£500 in the afternoon before going -£100 A tilty interesting pot on .5/1 hi lo when i saw a flop of Qd6d5x with Ax742ddd  Enough money goes in on flop to commit us both and it runs out Ax7x and i lose to rainbow 8,2,3,4 !!!  Checked odds calc and its 1.7% for me to lose to a scoop !   Returned late in evening and ran much better, notable cooler pot 8,8,3,4 on a 8,7,5,5,A board vs A536 on 2/4 hi lo for $1,200 pot.  For some reason though i was really bored playing so stopped a bit early to prevent doing anything silly.   Still im sitting on a -£227 for January so hoping i can get back in the profits very soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some Light

Since last post things have turned around a bit.   That was peak loss of £2,500 and that same night i make a couple of hundred back in a really short session.   Yesterday was better although most of my profit came from a 5/10 fish and i finished about +£500.  Today i lost £100-200 to start but came back this evening after midnight and everything went rosy.  Stuff held up, stuff hit and if there was a cooler i was on the right side of it.   Playing no higher than 1/2 i made about £600-700 .  Was trying to leave since 3am and 3.5hrs later the major fish left and i feel able to hit the sack about +£500 on the day in total and now sitting on a loss of "only"  £1,215 for January.  Out nxt couple of nights so play will be limited but ill try and squeeze a bit in.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enough Of The Punishment

Unreal just cant put a foot right this year.    Daily trend is start ok making smallish amount then just all goes completely to pot usually on the highest stake tables i have open.   Dont think ive had a winning day for ages and just lost £500 in my only 2 hour session so far today.  Was totally standard, went £100-£200 up then open a 2/4 table whilst gettin destroyed on the 1/2 the 2/4 proceeds to lose AA68 vs AKK4 and AAxx vs AAxx amongst missing nearly every raising pot flop im in and getting played back at constantly.   Just dnno what to do at the moment i know it will turn around but i just thoroughly hate the game and everything involved in it when its like this.   -£2,523 in what is turning out to mentally be the toughest challenge ive had for a long long time.  Just wish it wasnt January cos i know i would just take a long break but theres only so much to do at this time of year.

Friday, January 06, 2012

No Joy

Took 24hours off after another brutal afternoon yesterday but not enough.   Getting really annoyed at tables and just cant handle the outdraws when dominating or the cooler after cooler after cooler.   Its making me sick to the teeth and i know i should just avoid cash games for a few days but its easier said than done.   I did manage 1 sng session  so may try and stick to them but who knows, just dont think i care at the moment which aint helping.  Body clocks really annoyingly late too.   -£1,672 but its definitely not about the money.  I know that when i was livid earlier when 15 tabling sngs and bubbling a $3.50 one sent me into instant rage.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bashed Up

One of them days easy to summarise.   Basically coolered beyond belief and dont think i had a winning session.  Lost a $2,200 flip 53% postflop on 5/10 right near which would have got me out of the hole.  Instead -£1,244  (-£1604 on the day).   Nothing like getting off to a shocking start.  Didnt enjoy today at all and that even before i started losing heavily.

See how i feel tommorrow, may change games completely or just have a day off unless im really in mood to keep raking all day again.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Begins.....

Didnt play on the first as wanted to tank it today just in case i get involved in a weekly or montly rake race starting today.  Heads a lot clearer today thankfully although not 100%.  Started with a huge session winning over £500 but been a bit of a backwards slog since then.  Almost finished at 2am at +£200 but just had one more session and finishing right now so will tally up final figure for the day.  Done and clock in at +£360.  Raked over $540 which aint bad considering i only started at 4:30pm but other than dinner and several 5 minute breaks i have been fairly flat out.

Same tommorrow i guess !