Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some Light

Since last post things have turned around a bit.   That was peak loss of £2,500 and that same night i make a couple of hundred back in a really short session.   Yesterday was better although most of my profit came from a 5/10 fish and i finished about +£500.  Today i lost £100-200 to start but came back this evening after midnight and everything went rosy.  Stuff held up, stuff hit and if there was a cooler i was on the right side of it.   Playing no higher than 1/2 i made about £600-700 .  Was trying to leave since 3am and 3.5hrs later the major fish left and i feel able to hit the sack about +£500 on the day in total and now sitting on a loss of "only"  £1,215 for January.  Out nxt couple of nights so play will be limited but ill try and squeeze a bit in.

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