Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Figures

I could write an essay about March and would probably enjoy it but im ready for bed so im gonna keep it shortish..  About a week ago I remember saying to someone this months been great even though it was likely to be same as Feb or slightly less profit.  For some reason(s) my work ethic and motivation have clicked somewhat and for the first time this year I felt in a good routine with a good poker/life balance.  I guess its no surprise that since I said that ive been playing some of my best poker and posting some huge results.  Ive ran mega good also to finish well over ev again even though a week ago and the rest of the month I was below ev.  Ive even started playing limit O8 a lot more to fill in gaps and as im not tilting/getting angry as much its going well so far all be it over a smallish sample.

Final figures including rakeback for month was +£7,104 (about double what it was a week ago!)

April hopefully much of the same.  Originally I was going to go abroad around now for a week or 2 but I might just leave it now unless my routine falls off balance I don't want to change anything.  Some ftops to play in the coming days (missed horse today as bit hungover).  I think the best thing about my current game is the pure variety im playing.  Theres so many different variants to choose from I can often mix several different types at same time to fit my mood or whichever games are the best at the time.  GL all