Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Figures

Deffo been a better month but constantly fighting bad ev since the last post.   If I stick to $ then across 3 sites im +$4,100 .   If I had run level ev though I would be +$8,500.   Rakeback to add to that in region of $1,500 without bothering to work it out properly.   Most importantly though im still playing better than the previous few months and my confidence in my game has improved , esp in straight plo.  Another week or so to go and hopefully push on a bit more this month.

Now as we are about 5/6 way through the year I thought I would post some stats here for the year.   I'll keep it in $ and do the 3 sites (obviously this doesn't include live games or certain games that I cant track online) similar to above but from the start of the year.  Cant be bothered to post graphs this time but should note hands played  in ( ).  Rakeback is not included either.

+$11,000 actual, ev + $29,000 (495k)
-  $1,600 actual , ev   +  +400   (52k)
+ $2,000 actual ,  ev  +$4,500   (69k)

so about $22,500 behind ev this year.   That's a lot of buyins when most of my games are at .5/1 or 1/2 buying in for $100 or $200 !    

Note this isn't a moan I wanted to see where I stood and will do similar again at the end of the year.  Could also note I ran way above ev in the 4 months prior to the start of the year so it shows in the long run it kind of does even out.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Flying - Long Overdue

I will risk hitting a wall by posting this but what the hell.   The last 3 months have been barren and including rakeback I only made about £1,100 over that period.

Hit a totally unsustainable first 2 days of October and im actually still a little under ev for it too.  
Did a few bits of analysis work on Monday and changes to HUD and after 4 days off from poker it seems to have clicked, esp in plo which I know ive been struggling with of late.

Note the other things that are working:

Im trying not to play when too tired, feeling tilt/rage coming on or lasting and taking breaks. 
Think the latter one has been the most important but whether ill stick to it, I dunno.  Takes some discipline to shut it down when tables are still good unless ive got something arranged to force me off.  

EG yesterday I did 3 sessions of 3.75/2.75/1.5hrs.   Today ive done 4.5/1.5/2.25hrs sessions.   Long breaks of 60mins+ inbetween all.   Tables good now but knackered again so shutting for the night.

Anyway results so far +£1,903.   Note to self, don't get complacent and follow above where possible.