Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oct Review

Another awful day at the tables, cursing my luck of late, im still convinced im playing as good as i can. Anyway not gonna go into detail, its time to summarise the month and gladly move on.

£1,942 in a month that for a long time looked like i would get £1500-£2000. Im annoyed with that profit as been between £2500-£3000 up until a few days ago though so finish on a low for the month in all honesty.

At the end of the day with a bit of luck Oct could have been big and with a lot of luck Oct could have been huge. In poker i still need to learn with so many disappointments. I know its a good sign as im getting close to the wins so often , but its the winning nature inside me which makes me the player i am and im not about to change that !

Goals post b4 for Oct below:

1) Go past all time poker profit of £150,000 (should reach unless loss for month) - Yep and likely to post about it in a separate post to try and increase my confidence/enjoyment factor

2) Go past £40,000 for this calendar year (should reach unless poor month) - Yep

3) Go past last years total profit of £41,173 (could reach with similar profit to Sept) - Nope

4) Perform well at London GUKPT (luck or not i will judge how i did regardless of result) - Yep, very happy, if i hit hands i got paid, i just didnt hit hands !

5) Try to obtain another steady months profit and enjoy playing where possible - Enjoyed at times, lots of moans and downs though on here, all part of the game and experience which i can use to make me a stronger player mentally in the long run. A profit of almost £2000 tax free is ample, i just myself a hard time cos i know it should or could be a lot more.

1) Order new mobile phone (never get round to doing) - yeh right, as if

2) Buy new car (never get round to doing) - yeh right, as if

3) Keep exercise up (I had lost 3/4 stone since vegas and im actually the lightest ive been as a full time poker player, but want to lose more or at least get fitter) - managed this, just a matter of maintaining it now or stepping up more. Fact : I am now the lightest ive been as a full time poker player. (lower than when made the goal post)

Day Off ? I ******* Wish

ffs yet again im done over but this time on cash tables. Playing for a few hours last thing at night after almost a day off and go $300up,$300down,$300up,$300down,level then what its been building up all night happens.

i was on 2/4 and 5/10 tables and even mixed a little 10/20 in there as i found the worst players imaginable at these tables. could i get a chunk no, do i feel i made a single mistake in any pot tonight NO. For a 3 hour session i would be well happy with that normally but the big pots basically were all lost and all nothing i could do about. Loose fish busts my aces, Q8 player checkraises me on a 9,J,Q flop committing me with A10 and i miss, QQ loose guy raises 6--->24 then gets 2 callers and i pop it up to 104 and get 2 callers inc him. allin on a 10 high flop and he calls at the last second, obviously my holding is AKJJQQor KK but yeh its JJ and i lose another huge pot. ffs such an awful way to play QQ, it really pisses me off when people play their hands backwards, have no idea where they are so just call anyway and happen to be ahead and think they made good play. told the **** that too going absolutely nuts in the chat, as usual im glad i did as needed the release. just generally though i had the worst tables all night and lost all the real crucial pots and missed so so so many flops in the process. it did give me a craving for higher stakes seeing some of the ridiculously bad stuff and i may still venture higher but hate it when i always seem to lose to the worst players getting damn lucky every time i venture into higher stakes. obviously i take it badly and maybe should stick to lower limits, i dunno sometimes i know im playing too low but its after a session like that im confused knowing i enjoyed it and was up or should have been up for most of the session if i wasnt so damn unlucky. Damage done = £700ish on the day or 25% of my monthly profit, tempted to have a bash tommorrow with the remainder of monthly profit but as i said im confused as to what suits me best but i know i will sit if i see as many bad players at one table again for sure.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Come On Gimme A ******* Break

Flaming joke lose HU for $4000 cpc package, always behind in chips 25-33% but exit on pot A4 vs KQ getting chips in pot first for 50% chips in play. Was gonna offer £1000 to other guy to blind out then and im 90% sure he would have took it so basically that pot cost me £1000 cash (as ive paid up for cpc so would reduce my costs by £1000).

Yeh great exit on a huge pot earlier in other multi outkicked slightly on 44xxx pot holding 94.

Oh and just to be a complete **** i tilted 7-8000chips off in the $20k after the HU loss at 300 bb with JJ vs AA when the guy might as well have typed in he had AA but i being a tilting ******** didnt believe the *****.


The Last Sick Night In October

Oh dear what a night again, think the game tonight sums up the whole month for me relative to multis results.

Only played 6 games, the ones i dont mention below i went out on coinflips for ok sized pots.

60-70 player freeroll , 1st cpc package another 9th for $100. Pushed shortstack well then made flush JJ vs JJ when 10 left but reverse variance kicks right in losing QQ vs A6 and JJ vs AQ to go out 9th.

£120 40k bubble, very happy with how this went until the final pot. KJdd and bb and an early limper. I want to shove my whole 8k stack in preflop with 800bb but choose the flop option (yeh ran out of balls). flop Ac6d3d, check raise allin his 1600 bet and donkey takes half clock to call, whats he holding ? Only Ad9d !!! Livid after that as my other games covered my buyins so i was hoping to at least cash for a mild profit and freeroll for chance of higher stuff.

$55 13k this is sick, AA vs 88 vs shorties 99 , 8 on turn and instead of being 1st/120 (double that entered) on 18k im out, bb was only 150 rising to 200 the next hand !

And by far the most gutting one for the real big stuff. $60 rebuy on prima with huge prizes at final table $175k guaranteed it is. Was huge stack soon after the rebuy finished 2/800 at one point (1100-1200 entered). Lots of hands i could mention including more than fair share against me before busting KQstd vs A10off to have gone 24/49. One massive key pot was few hands earlier A9 vs KJstd for a pot to have gone about 10th at the time :((

So to sum up the month deep deep in games and/or bust on huge pots, no luck at the final business end and move on to another day, fast forward to 1st Nov would be good right now :((

Lets be honest here though avoiding some bad cash games for a few days and im still nicely up on the month, im very happy with my cash games this month and the steady profit which i wont put here yet in case of a jinx.

Right im off to cast a spell to reverse the curse some **** put on my multis, was it you Oranges cos u only got 1 week in St Kitts not 2 ?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Late Night Drunk Cash

Again not me, i had 2 cans earlier after the last post. I wasnt sure if i was gonna play more tonight but after MOTD i felt it was worth a shot for an hour or 2. I was on between 2-4 tables all 2/4$NL for just over 2 hours.

The last 30mins was on just 2 tables as i was winding down for the night. Nothing too spectacular happens and i had grinded about 300$ profit then i decided to finish. I took autopost off and finished on one table and had just 1 hand left on the other table and 100% was finishing (i know sometimes i might say that and stay but i know this was definitely not the case here).

Playing $820ish as it was the last hand i thought what the heck and limped Q10off utg 6 handed which often i would fold preflop in that position. 2 to the left guy made it 16$ and all folded, as he was playing a 900$ stack i decided i would peel one off, again sometimes i would fold here and almost definitely would have if he had a 300$ stack say.

Flop Q10x and i chk raise his 24$ bet to 61$, he immediately is allin and i cant call quick enough expecting AA or KK. He shows JJ !!! and i hold for the approx. $1650 pot. At least i can sleep tonight now :))

Saturday, October 27, 2007

One Sick Night In October

Yuk where to start, 33 player freeroll for $12,000 aussie millions package. Lose AQ vs JJ and K6 vs JJ earlyish to have gone 1/26 and 1/24. Get to 8/24 and have to pass the game to 3jacks as i have to go out for an hour. Get back and its 3 handed and the other 2 r way too tight. Anyway to cut story short he loses A7std vs QQ to go 26k vs 22k HU and then loses 24 vs J10 on a 3,5,10 to get to a similar HU point..........Gutted,

Next one up a 63 player freeroll for a WPT/EPT 9000 euros package. Gamble in this and win couple of flips then steal wads . Chip leader from 24 players down to 7 then i lose J10 vs 99 to have gone 1/6 with 35k/95k in play. Still stacked and steal next 4 pots to go back in lead but now its a stupid crapshoot next level 1200bb and im only 20k ! Few hands later KK vs AA, well annoying but not worst way to bust as unavoidable. Still a 20% dog and its against other joint chipleader, no king arrives and instead of having a 40k/95k stack with 6 left im out in 7th. Like position matters its win only , but im sure it does to most of the basic players at that table.

Did make a few hundred $ on cash games alongside but sick sick night, if i was lucky i could have won 2 full packages and made it a massive night but in poker these things just aint meant to be often.

Crazy Drunk Poker

Didnt play till midnight and it wasnt me drunk, i choose some cash tables carefully and ended up with 2 of the worst for a long long time. Unfortunately i couldnt get a decent chunk though and ended up about 100$ up (stakes 2/4$ - 5/10$NL). Pots included:

AJ vs AQ preflop for $330 and i flop straight (5/10)

10,8 vs AJhh on a 8x5h2h flop all money in and hold up for $820 pot (2/4)

Turned straight vs a shortish stack got him to pay 80% of stack to river his flush $330 (2/4)
$36 pot flop turns into a $630 on flop KQ vs K9 on a K23 flop, turn a 9 (3/6)

KQ vs KJ preflop for $180 (2/4)

QQ vs AA for $900 (3/6) preflop. Queen flop but 4 card flush river, no gettin away if flopped but was against a guy that went allin pre for $150 b4 with J7 and won against someone else so just stuck it in preflop.

Anyway if im not too lazy i must play again friday or saturday night around midnight, as said tables were absolutely crazy with so much action and awful awful players (or drunks), could so easily have been $500-$1000 up playing very abc stuff.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Result Of Sorts

Dont ****** feel like it though $1,120 for 2/112 in a $55 but incredibly made to not get first against a lucky **** that luvs to argue when outdrawn and b all nicey nicey when he wins, god i hate ***** like that, **** off. Had 22 vs KQ to win it outright ($500 more) before finally exiting king or acerag vs J10 , i shove 10xbb he calls with J10off and spikes a 10 on the river, what the **** is the poker world coming to.

Think i lost a chunk of cash tonight playing one of worst tables ive seen all month too and the way i bust all other tournaments were just stitch up jokes , huge pots a couple of them too. Yeh i lucked out a bit in the one above but a monster stack with 20 or so left i think i played perfect shove poker. Anything less than 3rd at that point and i knew i would be mad. Started the HU 70k vs 90k so was happy to get 2nd, thats until getting to 100k vs 60k without anyway preflop allins then him lucking out. Grrrrrrr.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tues - Wed

Only a couple of multis played Tues/Wed without success. Played quite a lot of cash Tues and made a nice chunk of $ to add to the steady cash games profit ive made this month. Avoided playing more than 60 minutes today though, trying to make sure i have at least 2 days a week where i play little or no poker so that i enjoy the other days and look forward to playing more. Definitely working as im already thinking about a few Thursday games ive got listed in my diary.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Abuse Abuse Abuse

On the bubble that is, only played one game tonight 340 runners $30 with value and ended up 11th for a break even night along with losing a bit clearing cash promos alongside.

The bubble was nuts as i had a fairly shortstacked table and after a couple of shoves i realised i could go with the allin almost every hand tactics freerolling on stole chips if called. The bubble burst soon after when i had won 9/10 hands and gone from 24/45 to 7/40 ! All to no avail in the end though as after only 1 preflop allin for only 25% of my stack i eventually busted 62off vs KJoff for a decent sized pot. The blinds had finally caught up as no one was calling allin and i picked the wrong time 5 handed to go totally card dead. 100% happy with my play though and from 45 players down i know that was the best ive played in any multi this month if not for 2 or 3 months or even more. Happy to see live cards on that bust and believe it or not i was only a 33% dog to win that and go to the final table in about 5th place stack. £2200/£1400 1st/2nd another chance gone , starting to believe no chunky wins for me this month :((

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uneventful Sunday

Only spent $250 on buyins, other games were all free. Still in mansion but starting stack. Busted all others, managed 9/87 in one free one for $100 (1st $4000 cpc package). Also got through to the 20,000mpps cpc freeroll after god knows how many attempts over the last few months but for sure had my luck used up in this with monsterous stack early seeing me through. Surprised not to enter some more biggies but i just felt knackered all day, i guess travelling and mayb yesterdays session took it out of me more than i realised.

Back Online

Didnt play at all yesterday as didnt feel up for it after travelling but put in a full 7 hours today, 6 of which were this evening. Played quite a few multis, maybe 10ish and managed to cash in 2 of them 3/47 in a $33 and 12/117 in a $22 rebuy both for moderate payouts. Definitely enough to cover buyins anyway and the cash games alongside today were steady so im definitely up on the day. I definitely shouldnt have entered the last 3 as i got very bored and chucked one of them away, luckily for me the last one was the 12th for $400 so i kind of got away with it, all be it quite bored for the last couple of hours. Cant seem to break the duck and get a chunky multi win this month though, hopefully that will change soon !

Friday, October 19, 2007

GUKPT Review

Had a surprisingly good trip and enjoyed the poker/non poker bits more than i think i expected to. The main event was one of them bad days where not much goes right but i was very happy with my play and i will list as many interesting pots as remember below. Met some old faces and some new ones. Got very very drunk after a mid evening bust and ended up making £180 on a £0.5/£1 cash table self dealt for 4-5hours, the first time ive played live cash in the UK ! This included dealing myself AA the first ever time i dealt at a live poker table, lol how dodgy that must have looked ! The set up was much better than Cardiff with good dealers and excellent support from blue square staff which helped make it run smooth from all of what i experienced anyway.

Right on to the main event:

level 1, 25/50

limped button after 3 or 4 others and saw a flop of Q64 with 75off, all checked and on a 10 turn i called a 175 bet after a bet and a caller. The river 3 gave me the nuts and was paid off 575 by a guy holding the queen

raised to 175 with KJoff in mid and both blinds called. Flop was J84 and sb led for 250 i quickly made it 750 and he called. turn was a 6 and he bet 1000, i didnt like it as knew he could hold AJ here but put the decision back on him by raising to 2600 to look ultra strong, he reluctantly passed.

shortly after these pots i reached my peak stack for the whole tournament of around 13,000

blinds me in sb flat call a7hh , flop QhJhxx and i bet 100, ABC calling station made it 300 and i called, turn 9x chk chk, river 8x i bet 550 and he calls with Q5. Maybe a bit dumb bluffing but i didnt realise at this point he was quite so much of a calling station but found out there and later he hardly ever folds top pair.

level 2 50/100

Nothing too eventful and dribbled down to 9600 by the 1st break

level 3 75/150

10s utg and fair player called 525 with position on me, i almost immediately decided i was going to check raise any flop as this guy was bluffing regularly. flop QJ9 i chk he bets about 600 i pop it up to 2500 , he moves in and i fold, all actions within a few seconds lol.

down to about 6400 and button makes it 525 and i see 77 and pop it up to about 1700. He asks how much it is as obviously trying to gage if im committed and then moves allin. It was very clear i was beaten and he told me afterwards he figured i was committed and had AA and wanted me to call so moved allin to look weaker. down to about 4000 after this pot

level 4 100/200

cutoff i make it 700 with 55 and bb calls, flop 10,3,2 he bets 650 and i move allin for about 3200 total. he eventually calls with KJ ! and i double up to circa over 8000.

utg+1 same guy as above and the 10s QJ9 flop makes it 600 and i call from the sb with KJcc. we both check to the river on a 10s,10c,9s,9c,xx board before he bets 1200. I go into the tank for a minute or more and call to be shown an 8 kicker, back to over 10,000 after this and go to the dinner break a lot happier but just hoping i can pick some hands up, my image on this table was always pretty good and i know i could easily get paid off.

level 5


my biggest hand again utg , too many of my playable hands were utg in this tournament JJ and i make it 900 which same guy as above calls again. flop K83 chk chk, turn 10 chk he bets 2000 and i call confident im ahead if im honest. river x and i check, he only bet 1800, i didnt like it as it seemed a pay me bet but knew i had to call and was shown 88. That took approx half of my stack and there was to be no comeback this time.

i tried to play patiently with the short stacks and it worked a bit but i then lost 1000 with AK limping and betting a 335 flop only to be raised and shown 34 when i instant folded. One of those days, if i raise i get reraised or they hit, if i call they hit or dont raise preflop ! down to 2800-3500 and the antes kicked in now.

level 6, as 5 but ante 25

1 or 2 shoves or raises the level before got through to sustain but then the door closed on this level, couldnt get a spot or any cards. finally with 2875 i was considering moving allin utg with anything linked but i picked up 10s anyway. button dwelled and i knew he didnt have a monster pair or even AK and was hoping to see 77-99 when he called but it was AQ, bb showed Q9 as he passed but the queen still came and i was a goner.

Strangest thing about the bust was i wasnt mad, pissed off or gutted too much. I was happy with my play and know on another day i would be stacked and flying but it was just one of those tournament games that you get sometimes. I certainly didnt wait for cards and i certainly didnt rely on too much luck again and enjoyed playing my usual unpredictable style that worked well in vegas in the summer. I struggled a bit to see matey one side of me with AA 5 times and showing all and never getting broke with them, matey to left getting QQ twice and KK and matey opposite getting KK JJ and AA a few times, again never running into anything.

Overall i very enjoyable trip which at the end of the day is all that really matters and a little more experience gained. Bring on St Kitts in just over 4 weeks !

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GUKPT London Victoria Awaits

Been a fairly busy couple days on/off poker clearing bonuses and promos as i know im not online for a few days. Done ok in cash games and probably made a slight increase on any monthly profit so far, satisfied with my game and hoping it will transfer into the live scene along with a bit of luck which never harms.

Ive come to realise that any 5hrs+ day of poker for me now includes being incredibly pissed of and/or mad at least twice coupled with the opposite relaxed and enjoyment feelings at a similar ratio. With this in mind i should be able to accept when im not in the right mood and know it will change after a break or change of fortune which is shortly away. A new mind tactic to try anyway, nout to lose :)

Im not taking my laptop with me so there will be no update on here until at least Friday, but the longer the better as it means im still in the game going deeper. Looking forward to getting away from the computer screen for sure along with the live game which hopefully i can settle back into quickly.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Positives And Negatives

Lets start with the positives although not many:

finished seventysommat/1342 in $60 rebuy
think ive played well tonight anyway especially in that one above, steady enough
made tiny $90 cash from cash table for 20mins earlier

And the negatives:

Joke Joke Joke deep again in huge multi and stupid game been good structure then jumps from 1000/2000 to 1500/3000 and into a classic crapshoot, do i get lucky hell no, do i get cards hell no even more. After pushin J3 22 and J9 to stay in the 7xbb region i then get AK and lose 20k of the 28k stack against 64std who has pushed under the gun, i never expected to hold up its been one of those nights in all ******* games. Next hand i bust J10std vs 10s vs 7s for huge value pot to go back to 28k i had b4 the AK.

All other games earlier were an absolute joke, not going into any details.

Also connection played up earlier that sent me mad

Also laptop played up later on that sent me mad

Also some **** abused me so i exploded back on the table they were as dumb as they come and better out than in i say.

Rant over still left in CPC but was weak as heck earlier, now 15/21 2 seats, 3-11th = $600

Almost forgot also flaming split a $250 pot on that cash table K6 vs 56 on a 10,6,6 flop , gimme strength i was lookin forward to these Sunday games **** that.

*************************************3hrs later

and **** *** u piece of lucky **** ******.

£1,2 10 handed with table dummy

limper dummy makes it 12 i make it £43.43 with AA they call. Flop 975 rainbow all money in they show 67 turn Ad river another d to give them a ******* flush for £442 pot. Goodnight and go **** yourself and poker can **** off.

Great what a ******* ******* warm up to a £1050 game in a few days, hardly worth ******* going if im in this ******* mood, dnt matter how i ****** play some dumb **** will **** me over guaranteed.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

YUK Hangover Day Yet So Damn Close

13/246 in a $215 game which had guarantee for $65k. As well as that there was a $7000 package to Bahamas added to the winner. Got $780 return but gutted to go so deep and not get a significant amount. Highly good structure meant i was in for 5:45hours, only entered as it tied in with a few other 7pm starts and the $7000 package and value sucked me in.

Anyway beats both ways but the only time i was allin for my whole stack preflop were KJstd vs A7off earlyish, 95std vs KQstd in the cash and my bust hand AJ vs AK which came a board A,Q,10,K just to tease me before the river K. Wasnt a massive pot but would have almost guaranteed final table status with a huge chance of something big. The only other massive key hand was AQ vs K6 which would have put me nicely stacked if held against a short stack but instead made me weak and right in the danger zone again.

Overall couldnt be happier with my play though especially with a hangover and hopefully i can build on that in the many games lined up for tommorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Cash Losses

If there is such a thing then it was last night. A few good folds saved me some $ but i had to pay off 1 or 2 stitchups and ended up several hundred down but could have been double that amount. Highlights included:

paying off a guy with AK on a K,10,6 rainbow flop vs 10s
folding AK on a AxxQx board on the river , the other guy had AQ fortunately no idea how to bet it.
folding AA on a KQJ flop with 3 callers pre and a checked flop bringing a 6. Turned out QQ and 66 out there.
losing KJstd vs 74off for $160 against a guy that just sat down and went allin every hand for a couple of hands then left.

and basically just missing many more flops and draws than normal, against players that you know you get paid in full if you hit, one of them sessions which always comes around. A bad loser like me finds these difficult sometimes and that why i just cant play much higher on cash games.

Anyway i think its probably a full day off today unless i play a bit of cash later, drinking all evening which no doubt will result in a hangover putting me off playing tommorrow as well but we'll see. Plenty of games Sunday anyway to make up for it, got 8 listed in my diary already !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anyone Thinking Poker Standard Online Improving ?

Not me, the play gets worse and worse and its beyond belief how really really thick some people are. Dont think i will see a worse play all month, but it wont let me copy history so:

25 left $55 game pays to 20, im 4500 bb and sb has 7500 , 8 handed 150/300 with 25 ante.
folds to sb he flat calls i make an obvious committing raise of 2100 and he goes allin, i have AK and he shows 86off !!! king flops but the four card flush comes , unreal how bad some players are , anyone who thinks online games are getting tougher , you are wrong ! My stack doesnt sound huge but actually that pot would have put me 3rd or 4th as well !

Bust another game deep $20 rebuy, guy limps utg 800 , i allin sb with AK 8000 chips and he calls with A5 LOOOOOOOOOOOL.

And finally pretty deep in another $55 i dont berate the play as a guy shoved 6.5xbb in mid position to steal with Q7std, my KQoff was a possible fold playing only 8xbb but i called and of course he flopped the flush.

Those were only 3 tournaments i played, thankfully they werent big buyins ! A lot more in diary tommorrow night so look forward to a full evening rather than the struggle to find any really interesting to play that was tonight.

Cash was equally as bad but luckily the people how kept flopping huge hands against me were clueless and i managed only a tiny loss overall clearing many mpps in the process anyway.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Road To Recovery

After the play like a dick, act like a dick , post like a dick i didnt play much at all monday , 20 minutes maximum to bust a low stakes game and a free one on flips. I had also managed to put my back out slightly so have been moody **** for 48 hours.

Anyways i finally managed to relax more tonight playing from 8:30pm for 3.5 hours. Some steady results including qualifying for the sunday 1/20 $530 cpc final which for some reason (likely lack of motivation or laziness as im going cpc anyway) ive hardly played any subs to for the last month or 2.

Lessons i already thought i knew again, dont play when you aint in the mood or to pass time it just aint worth it ya big donkey, not for money losses but more for general enjoyment, motivation and fun which are far more important in the long run for me.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Big Big Tilt

Moody ****** today and i really dont know y, been like it since i woke up, ate jogged cycled etc. Anyway poker prob not good idea at all and experienced biggest madness for a few months. Exploded on a couple of tables and now left in 2 decent buyin games which im trying best to tilt off as quick as poss so i can shut this **** down. Hate poker when its like this and worrying thing is im gone from 1 extreme to another having had most enjoyable ngiht for ages last night playing, oh well gl fish and if i go nuts at the tables at ya its only to get it out of my system so im less moody when ive gone.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sat Night Multis

Decided to stay in for once and play 4-6 multis at once from 7pm onwards. Got a decent run in several cashing for more than buyins but nothing huge. Biggest busts were as follows:

$20k $109 crypto , 10s vs JJ to have gone 3rd/13 (bit gutted as already pushed another guy off 88 by reraising with 66)

betfair $11k QQ vs AQoff ridiculous allin by dummy to have gone 3rd/35
betfair $16k QQ vs 44 for ok sized pot fairly deep

also bubbled for sub to £40k sunday, short stack surviving 3 allins b4 i bubbled :(

still in $13k on crypto 24/45 pays to 30 so hopefully get a run or at least a cash in that too

Tactics definitely worked tonight which were to play so many multis that i had to play pretty damn tight until shorthanded without getting bored in the process. Definitely employ that more often as ive enjoyed the multis tonight for a change even without a huge cash.

.....................later update

final table 4th/10 but did lose KK vs AQ b4 final table to go joint leader on 100k with 3rd place under 50k :(

ooooh as i type dummy double as bad as gets 1st/9 now

darn out in 4th not too happy with it but played as well as could just card dead final 10 then picked wrong spots with 4 left and bad cards. $975 neway :(

October Goals

Some more achievable than others:

1) Go past all time poker profit of £150,000 (should reach unless loss for month)
2) Go past £40,000 for this calendar year (should reach unless poor month)
3) Go past last years total profit of £41,173 (could reach with similar profit to Sept)
4) Perform well at London GUKPT (luck or not i will judge how i did regardless of result)
5) Try to obtain another steady months profit and enjoy playing where possible

1) Order new mobile phone (never get round to doing)
2) Buy new car (never get round to doing)
3) Keep exercise up (I had lost 3/4 stone since vegas and im actually the lightest ive been as a full time poker player, but want to lose more or at least get fitter)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 5819396

Thursday, October 04, 2007

September Review

Absolutely knackered as i write this, been on the road 13hrs+ and hammered 3hours of poker out immediately on return !

Anyway now im back home and can access my desktop ive been able to tally up last months figures and it reads:

+£4,523 + £1,050 GUKPT buyin + £200 expenses

Bounced right back from the August hard times and very determined to keep the profit and the attitude in the same area, ie both steadily improving !

Drawn by luck on the day i wanted of Thur 18th Oct in London so prob go up on the Wednesday and see how long i can last.

All for now, GL...