Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back Online

Didnt play at all yesterday as didnt feel up for it after travelling but put in a full 7 hours today, 6 of which were this evening. Played quite a few multis, maybe 10ish and managed to cash in 2 of them 3/47 in a $33 and 12/117 in a $22 rebuy both for moderate payouts. Definitely enough to cover buyins anyway and the cash games alongside today were steady so im definitely up on the day. I definitely shouldnt have entered the last 3 as i got very bored and chucked one of them away, luckily for me the last one was the 12th for $400 so i kind of got away with it, all be it quite bored for the last couple of hours. Cant seem to break the duck and get a chunky multi win this month though, hopefully that will change soon !

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