Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sat Night Multis

Decided to stay in for once and play 4-6 multis at once from 7pm onwards. Got a decent run in several cashing for more than buyins but nothing huge. Biggest busts were as follows:

$20k $109 crypto , 10s vs JJ to have gone 3rd/13 (bit gutted as already pushed another guy off 88 by reraising with 66)

betfair $11k QQ vs AQoff ridiculous allin by dummy to have gone 3rd/35
betfair $16k QQ vs 44 for ok sized pot fairly deep

also bubbled for sub to £40k sunday, short stack surviving 3 allins b4 i bubbled :(

still in $13k on crypto 24/45 pays to 30 so hopefully get a run or at least a cash in that too

Tactics definitely worked tonight which were to play so many multis that i had to play pretty damn tight until shorthanded without getting bored in the process. Definitely employ that more often as ive enjoyed the multis tonight for a change even without a huge cash.

.....................later update

final table 4th/10 but did lose KK vs AQ b4 final table to go joint leader on 100k with 3rd place under 50k :(

ooooh as i type dummy double as bad as gets 1st/9 now

darn out in 4th not too happy with it but played as well as could just card dead final 10 then picked wrong spots with 4 left and bad cards. $975 neway :(

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