Friday, November 01, 2013

October Figures

A much better month but still ran miles behind ev, just cant seem to get rid of the bad luck online this year :(

Final rake adjusted profit figure of +£3,461.   If I had run level ev though this would be nearly double at about £6,600 total.   

Playing better which is the main thing.   Still fall into old habits though just not as often.  PLO seems to have taken a step forward this month and I hope to continue with that as the hilo games are dying a slow death really.

Did play NL holdem mtt live near start of the month but bust a big pot AA vs QQ with 15 of the 67 runners left in a £275 overly well structured event.  Still it tested my patience and I seemed to pass.  Will be on holiday a bit this month coming and will play some more offline for sure.

GL at the tables !