Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Run Good

Not played massively since last post.  Was out Friday night and way too hungover so hardly touched it yesterday.  Played a few hours this afternoon for a small loss but wasnt really in mood this evening so again stopped after only a short time.

Run good though was mainly Friday afternoon where the majority came from a couple of pots on 2/4 pl hi lo against the same player.  Was a new random who seemed to be over aggressive and tilty.

First double came when i called his reraise with 5566 (not a hand i would recommend normally but vs this guy applied odds were bigger) .   On a flop of 569 he pot cont bet of $82 and we got $400 in each for him to show the mightly KK910.   Pretty sure what happened next has never happened to me before in any omaha variant.  The board came out 5,6 for effectively double quads !

Shortly after i just flatted a reraise with AxAx3h9h as i was out of position and we both had $800 stacks so i went for the safer/trap line rather than getting an awkward flop decision if i repot pre when i know hes calling.   Flop was 332 rainbow and i decided to keep the slow playing going just check call his pot cont bet (around 80).   Turn was a 2 bringing 2nd heart which at the time i didnt even notice gave me a flush draw too.   As planned he pot bet again when i checked and we got it allin.  River was a Kh and pot ships to me but he had AA34 so was a tad confused until i noticed i had hit a flush lol.   Run good in big ones and worse in small ones was the trend that day as i remember losing another 2 AAxx vs AAxx allin prefloppers but for much less bucks.

Anyways sitting on nice £7,352.   I think new promo starts tommorrow but as mentioned previous i dnno if im gonna target it much at all really.  Out Tues and Fri night this week so ill probably try and tank the games fair inbetween to try and finish the month off as well as its gone so far.  Note to self: try to avoid as bad a hangover nxt Saturday like the one just gone :(

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Been Treading Water...

Up until today ive won/lost no more than £200 a day and stayed around the £5,500 mark.  Rakeback still accumulating but games were juicy so missed opportunites.  Still if u gonna have bad days and still break even its always a good sign.

Today was similar with exception of 1 site where i took a large chunk off a big fish.  This has put me at peak for the month now of £6,009.   I even entered 5 mtts tonight to test my patience.  All fairly low stakes and i kind of passed final tabling one to just about cover costs.

New promo starts 21st, i will probably increase my play (and reduce it on other sites) a bit after that. Im not getting overly committed to tanking it every day as this promo doesnt suit me in that way.   I guess i will start playing plo again after nearly 3 weeks without playing a single hand !  Too much of a high low degenerate right now :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Shit + Holy Cow (Edit)

LOL no more moaning for a bit.   Had already been lucky on a kind of flip and hit for a double stack on 5/10$ pl hi lo before this hand came up.   Big fish has left and i was already leaving when bb came 2 hands later.

7h7d23ss  button 4hnded raise to 30 and both blinds call
flop is 10d,7s,5d , chks to me i bet 60 and sb calls before bb raises underpot to 210, i flat to disguise and pot raise most turns. sb tanks then decides to shove $845 allin and bb repops me allin.  

sb - Ah,10h,8h,4s
bb - As,Qd,10s,8d

turn is a nasty Jd but river is a Jh and i scoop my biggest pot of the year at $5,159.    I run good !!!!

Odds on flop:   58% equity for me vs bb 23% and sb 19%
Take sb out of it for $2,600ish side pot and its 69/31 in my favour.  

Still so lucky to scoop as thats 39% 3 way.

Takes me to +£3,213 for April.   Break now might even call it a night.   How things rest on the turn of a card or 2.  Say a Qs river or several others and im down on the month a bit !!!

Edit 1:35am WTFFF  Holy Cow !!!!!
Took break for 90mins and ive just come off another 90 minute session again running like god and again doing the majority of it on 5/10$.   Pure crazy stuff again chasing a fish but running like god against the regs again :))     Somehow made another £2,290 to take me to +£5,503 for the month.

Started the day around +£725 so roughly +£4,778 profit on the day.  I have no idea when i last has such a good day (without looking back), probably over 2 years ago.  Shocked is the only word i can use, especially since its not an mtt win, just pure cash games.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Overdue Downswing

Well it was 2.5 weeks without a losing day so i was well overdue a bad day.   Unfortunately it came in the form of 2 days Mon/Tues both of which were just plain shocking.  Dont think i was playin particularly well but obviously also ran real bad too.   Not gonna moan on about it though, hopefully by blogging i will draw a line under it and start the months grind again from today.   Dropped from £2,200 to just +£350 for April, restart begins here.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

My Week Off ?

Nope, played every day, just in addict mode at the moment.  Apart from Wednesday ive only played between 1 and 3 hours a day but im still to have a losing day.  Wednesday was wild playing around 10 hours going nearly £1,500 up before dropping over 2/3 of it back right near the end putting me into tilt for the first time in a few weeks, i stopped quick though and didnt take too big a risk.  

Ive played across 4 different sites and its nice for a change but can be tiring on the eye if im on 3 or 4 of them all at the same time.  Profit so far sitting nicely in the region of £2,200 so a good solid start.   Will probably continue with the same sort of stuff for the next couple of weeks.  Im contemplating a rake promo starting on 23rd for 21 days but the top end of it is probably too much effort for me to do.  Guess i will decide right near the time after seeing how its going across multiple sites up until then. 

Off to try and sleep this hangover off, hardly worth drinking lately i just seem to get soooo tired the next day its plain annoying.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mad March Review

Best month since Nov 2009.  Figure to write down is +£10,751.  In reality though there was between $3,400 and $4,400 rakeback (depending what rate i eventually cash it in at) to receive at a later date that adds to that.

Plan for April is to sort lots of non poker stuff ive been putting off out while playing bits here and there.  No exact date but been told theres likely to be a promotion starting at least the middle of the month so may well attack that if it suits.   Prob hit pub later but im already about to play having joined a fishy table i spotted and couldnt resist :)