Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Run Good

Not played massively since last post.  Was out Friday night and way too hungover so hardly touched it yesterday.  Played a few hours this afternoon for a small loss but wasnt really in mood this evening so again stopped after only a short time.

Run good though was mainly Friday afternoon where the majority came from a couple of pots on 2/4 pl hi lo against the same player.  Was a new random who seemed to be over aggressive and tilty.

First double came when i called his reraise with 5566 (not a hand i would recommend normally but vs this guy applied odds were bigger) .   On a flop of 569 he pot cont bet of $82 and we got $400 in each for him to show the mightly KK910.   Pretty sure what happened next has never happened to me before in any omaha variant.  The board came out 5,6 for effectively double quads !

Shortly after i just flatted a reraise with AxAx3h9h as i was out of position and we both had $800 stacks so i went for the safer/trap line rather than getting an awkward flop decision if i repot pre when i know hes calling.   Flop was 332 rainbow and i decided to keep the slow playing going just check call his pot cont bet (around 80).   Turn was a 2 bringing 2nd heart which at the time i didnt even notice gave me a flush draw too.   As planned he pot bet again when i checked and we got it allin.  River was a Kh and pot ships to me but he had AA34 so was a tad confused until i noticed i had hit a flush lol.   Run good in big ones and worse in small ones was the trend that day as i remember losing another 2 AAxx vs AAxx allin prefloppers but for much less bucks.

Anyways sitting on nice £7,352.   I think new promo starts tommorrow but as mentioned previous i dnno if im gonna target it much at all really.  Out Tues and Fri night this week so ill probably try and tank the games fair inbetween to try and finish the month off as well as its gone so far.  Note to self: try to avoid as bad a hangover nxt Saturday like the one just gone :(

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