Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back To Good Times

After last post when i did play it was same story until today just staying around the same level. Started today about +£3,300 but the first 3 sessions i ran golden and people were throwing money at me too and made bout £800 on 1/2$ max. 4th session was only sposed to be an hour or 2 before an "early night". Turned into almost 5 hours due to maniac fish turning up and playing his usual game. Lost a stack or 2 to begin with then won loads then lost all that back but then finally came good and took him for a few buyins mostly on 1/2£.

Tally for month stands at a peak of +£4,740 and i doubt ive had such a good day at these stakes for a long time. Too knackered to enjoy it though , good night !

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I could write an essay about outdraws vs the world worst players but that is all. At bottom i was at least -£800 tonight if not closer to £1000. - £532 in end, only tilted once and that was mid session which given what i endured its not an issue. Fortunately after losing a couple of hundred yesterday i finished almost £300 up so actually the bottom line hasnt changed all that much since the last post. +£3,216

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Of Same

1 good session in the middle of 2 bad ones yesterday and today. To start with i dropped £200 odd against as bad players as can get. Later on though i managed a 2nd/20odd in a hi lo $109 small mtt although again runner runner heads up postflop after all goes in on flop cost me the further $500 odd for first. Still deduct other mtts and i made £400ish to finish up on Sunday by half that. Today didnt play until evening and started well and real steady grinding away. Then once again on the slightly higher (still only £1/2) the complete donk throwing money at everyone except me and doubling off me most of the time cost me so much again. Becoming a nasty trend and -£500 on the day although a chunk of that was not being able to laydown the 2nd nuts in plo (almost did) when dabbling with a total fish on the table. +£3,479 , not happy, not relaxed and dunno what im doing wrong. Just all gone wrong since friday evening :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Arrgh was due a bad session or 2 but its certainly been horrendous today. What made it more frustrating was the play was soooooooooooo bad i should have made what i lost, if i broke even i would have as gutted. At one point i had 2 of the worst poss players on 1/2euro game but despite getting it in good i couldnt avoid the miracle cards hitting for them :( Also lost a 700euro pot AAxx vs AAxx vs xxxx allin pre to the other aces guy hitting trips which didnt help the variance. Same story on another 2 sites with just plain rediculous stuff vs me. I dont think i can face playing any more although i know i should really as the tables are that bad, sat night drunkness i guess but no chunk for me :( -£800 loss and i do feel physically sick i was hoping it was more like £500. tiny bit of 2/4 but nearly all that 1/2 or lower YUK.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Its Booze Time

How fast times going lately it only feels like yesterday i was pissed up but it was 6 days ago !
Anyways nice few hours play yesterday for couple hundred. Today ive played for 2 hours this afternoon and unless i play drunk later i only made £75. That said i just logged it to make a withdrawal and found another £160 of cleared bonus so add that too.

Peak of +£4,539
Just booked Hilton Grand Vacations Club for my 13 nights in Las Vegas in 4 weeks time :)
Eyeing up St Maaten Open at start of December, good chance i may go to that too.

Lots of reasons to be in a good mood, ahhhhh time for booooooooze :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Progress

Busy yesterday so hardly played for no real movement. Today i was busy in afternoon but intended to have a good bash this evening. For some reason though i wasnt feeling it so kept stopping for long breaks. Must have worked though as the 2 late sessions were nicely profitable and ive managed to break the 4000 barrier and currently sit on +£4,093.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Heavy Weekend Update

Couple of decent piss ups left little poker although i think i played a bit drunk Fri night but nout high. Sunday i had freeroll so had to play but after losing a bit earlier when i shouldnt have been playing i quickly shut the cash tables once i bust the freeroll. Only -£120 damage but 1st losing day for ages. Actually didnt have too bad a hangover either day but enough that head wasnt clear enough to play proper.

Anyway felt surprisingly well today given the boozy weekend and hit the tables for many hours. Spread over roughly 3 sessions of 2, 4 and 3 hours length i ran well and played well too. Result was a nice +£580 profit to take me to peak for the month of £3,684.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Vegas Booked

Just the flight but its non-refundable so i had better go this time ! Off in 5 weeks for almost 2 weeks stay. Still to decide where im staying, prob be old favourite Hilton Vacations Club (see link to side) . Didnt put much time in on the poker tables today but still made £137 including bonus to keep the good run going. Prob out 2moz and def out Sat so might not be much more volume until tail end of wkend.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Another Good Chunk

Same fish, same sort of post although most of money came vs the other players ! Didnt play a huge number of hours in total but ran so much better than i expect too and happy to post almost +£600 on the day. Month tally to +£3,076 :)

Downswing Expected Any Day Now

Just quick post, exhausted but not through poker. Only played a few hours but that fish was back and a got a good chunk this time. Also done ok on other sites and add some rakeback bonuses to it and +£742 on the day = +£2,481 on the month (1 week in !)

Already looking to spend it, spent some time tonight looking at possible vegas trip.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting Bigger

Made a small amount on a cash session after post last night. Out all day today but hit the tables in the evening and for a change there was a juicy 2/4$ hi lo game going. My usual start when i go higher saw me drop about £400 then proceed to go +£100 before losing that and another £300. Finally i recovered and went +£200 before dropping a bit back but clearing £90 of bonus so finished about +£200 taking me to +£1,699 for the month. Happy but could have been a easy large payoff vs a awful player but i guess any profit is good.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Good Night.... U Decide ?

Entered 7 mtts from a freeroll up to $120. Playing well and ran well early stages in 6 of them. Gradually bust though but the 2 most valuable were where i was getting most luck fortunately. Managed to cash in $120 for $750odd 2nd/22 but could have bubbled or won it for another $500ish.

Most interesting mtt of night was a 220 runner $20 rebuy that most people in it were freerollers so only bout 80 rebought and addon. Got early double and never in trouble after for ages. In for $60 i had 1 suckout in my favour and 1 against, both as important as each other. Other than that i got it in best usually 60/40 and held a few times.

Anways very crapshoot towards end but was sitting 5/11 with prizes of £10,000 £2,500 and 3rd-5th = £1,000 ( all wsope seats ) when a guy with 7xbb called off half his stack pre with QJ off from the bb. My shove on a 10,8,7 flop with just ace high was still called though and the queen duly hit the turn. Pot would have put me 2/10 in a huge position although still a lot of lucky required given the crapshoot blinds. Nxt hand im crippled on less than 4xbb so cant fold 9s even though i knw guy is strong and prob would have done if playin 150k. He has 10s and no help so out in 11th .......arrrgh.

About +£350 on the night (no cash games played today) , a good night ?????
(+£1,367 for the month)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Rage Off Rage On

Think its time for a night off and to hit the beers. Yesterday was great playing 3 sessions of 2hrs ish and steadily winning until right near the end resulting in +£400. No rage and no madness but then today was another complete opposite. Behind from the start and lost my cool far too easily. Only lost just over £100 in end but as i said before it aint about the money i just lose my rag far too easy.

Anyway far too long a session of 5hrs odd with no break is dumb too but im sitting on +£1,020 for the month so i have no reason to get mad.

Beer awaits.....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

No Tilt Control

Ive no idea but ive lost control every session today with the end session being the worst. Guess im just tired and not in mood to play but its difficult to get that balance of "working" and being too lazy too often. I knew i had lost it when a shortstack outdrew me for a $13 pot and it still set my blood boiling. U see its never about the money i just hate to lose when im in this sort of tired rage filled mood. Anyway 3 sessions today read level,+£200 inc bonus £45 and -£180odd. I wish i could control myself online like i can live, its worse than ever so experience prob doesnt help. Just gotta live with it.

Anyway im off to cool off, the strange thing is ive been in a good mood today away from the tables, whilst at the tables ive probably put in more expletives than i normally would over a whole month.

Good Start

Didnt even hit the tables until after 7pm and despite winning nicely the first hour i wasnt getting into it so took an hour or more break. Seems to have worked as played several more hours now up to almost 3:30am finish.

£200 rakeback was a good start ( i forgot i played a lot the first half of last month so expected hardly anything directly today) and given max stake was 1/2 and most was lower im very happy (for 0nce) with the first day of the month. +£505 on the day so +£705 after one day, heres hoping i can push on and hav a big month. Tables were/are so good today im a bit gutted to be shutting now but i can hardly keep my eyes open !

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

End Aug Stuff

Well my playing hours didnt quite go to plan in Scotland. I was unrealistic to think i would still do 20-30hours a week up there or more and ended up only playing less than less than 10 hours over almost 2 weeks. It wasnt a lazy thing, just kept busy so what the hell.

When i left i think i was about +£2,000 but i dropped to +£1,700 the first couple of days/sessions before recovering on the 3rd day to almost back where i started. Despite being back 24hours im knackered today so almost didnt play but in the end put in just over 3 hours and made £150 odd to put me at peak for the month at +£2,098.

Gonna try and put 40 hour weeks in for the whole of Sept and see where it gets me. Prob be mostly low stakes high low cash tables but i may try and get some mtts in too along and maybe even so NL holdem ones too.