Friday, September 17, 2010

Its Booze Time

How fast times going lately it only feels like yesterday i was pissed up but it was 6 days ago !
Anyways nice few hours play yesterday for couple hundred. Today ive played for 2 hours this afternoon and unless i play drunk later i only made £75. That said i just logged it to make a withdrawal and found another £160 of cleared bonus so add that too.

Peak of +£4,539
Just booked Hilton Grand Vacations Club for my 13 nights in Las Vegas in 4 weeks time :)
Eyeing up St Maaten Open at start of December, good chance i may go to that too.

Lots of reasons to be in a good mood, ahhhhh time for booooooooze :)


Fenix35 said...

Enjoy your pint...or two...or more ;)

Nice run lately, keep it up!

Amatay said...

decided im gonna have a few stabs at the St Maarten Open m8