Friday, May 30, 2008

No Change

Same boring crap im afraid. mtts are a nightmare in terms of results and enjoyment. Cash was a bit steadier all week until about an hour ago when ive pretty much has as bad a session as possible or 2 of the worst tables in terms of standard ive played all month. Take day and bit off this week and off tommorrow but dont make a shred of diffference to my mood during games. Who knows maybe a new month will make a difference but i doubt it. Just put simply im sick of online poker.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Usual Moan

Same again, thought i would come on here for a good moan. Once again nothing happens near end of games. Had couple of big stacks tonight and one loses 5allins in a row. The other is a sick river when all chips went in on flop for a monster pot, he had 6 outs and played the pot horrendously. Anyway whats new. Since last post i have played fair bit of cash with good steady results but my return to mtts tonight has once again reminded me how much i hate this game often.

So what next. Options of mtts , cash or nothing tommorrow. Dunno which yet but this blog and this boring repeat of poker are both pretty damn dull at the moment. Only 4 weeks till vegas. Strangely enough despite that being lots of poker im really looking forward to it. Plenty of time before that though to enjoy summer if it stays ok. Just wish i had motivation to play loads of wsop satellites. I know im gonna regret that when im out there but they are so boring i just cant handle them at the moment.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Get A Grip

Totally lost focus since i got back. The earache and stomach ache ive had for days doesnt help more so cos im restricted on doing stuff away from the poker tables = ive been playing more poker when i havent been in the mood. The tiltmonster has returned on a couple of occasions and as for the chat box, well some of the stuff ive put in that is pretty strong. So far i have got away with it though as ive done a quick tally and im about £300 up since Sunday. Im not fooled by that though, it could have been a lot worse and still could be if i dont sort my emotions and temper out again. Yesterday i played for over 6 hours and after a downswing of £1,000 i think i finished about £500 up. Sounds pretty standard stuff but i was playing so aggressive at times i think i was lucky not to bust my whole roll in one site for sure.

I know i need time away from the tables really but as i said im restricted, in fact im not even sure if i should or will be drinking tonight.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Complete and utter joke. Stuck in when really wanted to be at pub but a wsop final. Steadily climb then donut limp calls my 4xbb raise then chk raises me with an obvious draw when im obviously committed. Sick pot was to go 3rd on a decent stack relative to blinds. Anyway alongside this i enter several other mtts. Get great stacks in 3 others then complete idiots do me over in 2 of them and take half my stack in other.

With 1 game left after break i raise utg+1 with 9,10off and call an allin covering my stack (18xbb) as i hope he ak and i couldnt give a flying *** if i bust. Outdraw his ak and get abused but dont care and still think im gonna play like a maniac for the rest of it despite being stacked again now.

Yeh ******* joke i know i was on tilt but another guy tilts and calls my sb shove for 15xbb with 93std and otudraws my J7std. Next time round i shove Q6 and he calls with A5off and holds up. Both pots would have put me 2/35-40 left and shortly go out AJ vs AQ after.

To top it off i chipped a tooth after, -ev if i play today but no doubt i will and go mad more.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Luck At Business End Please

Entered about 8 mtts tonight. Got some good stacks but only managed to cash in one in the end. Finally bust 9th/223 on a 99 vs AK (king on river to rub it in) fair pot as it was a crapshoot and i could have easily took it down with a bit more luck. Got 483euros return but i was in for 155euros and payouts were damn high for top few inc. 8,280euro for the winner. As much as 1,500 to 5th too as its v top heavy and obviously only pays 20. Not meant to be i guess but a good result all the same, just gotta keep knocking on them doors and be patient. Def got a couple of multis Wednesday night so i may give them a miss tommorrow unless i really fancy some. Thursday aint a bad night for them either so makes sense as i know from recent stuff that i cant play what i did tonight 5 or 6 times a week without getting incredibly bored.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Finished 15th in the end. Very happy with my play all day with only 1 minor error really as far as i was concerned. Got £1,900 for my troubles so pushes my poor May back into life anyway. Was fairly shortstacked towards the bubble and after it went it became short stack allin poker. My exit hand was KJstd vs AK when i had reraised a hijack raiser. He wasnt too bright as he tanked for over 2 minutes before making what was an instant call to even the most brainless chimp in the tournament. At first i thought he had slowrolled me then seconds later realised he just didnt realise the situation and had considered the ridiculous fold ! Pot was only 90,000 and average must have been 110 mayb 120k at that point so i wasnt too disheartened or gutted.

Most Key Pot/error. UTG 77 make it 6500 and utg+1 who has just moved to table moves allin instantly for 15,000 more. Its 15,000 more for a 45,000 pot and if i lost im on 65,000 at the time (2k bb) so cant resist the gamble as i playing to go deep. He turned over jacks and they hold.

I really thought he had AK but maybe with hindsight i could let it go and keep on playing small pot postflop poker as thats how i had got my stack up to its peak of 90,000.

Cant be bothered to put more hands down as dont feel i need to get any out of my system. Generally i think i played well and picked some good spots against the right players. Definitely learnt even more about live deepstacked poker, especially towards the cash and look forward to Vegas next in 5 or 6 weeks.

Drive home tommorrow (Sunday). No 90 minutes traffic jams allowed please.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Newcastle Fun

Having a great time up here so far. Only mistake i made was being bit impatient in the £220 freezeout Wed night when i was prob sitting with 3 or 4th biggest stack with 30 left of the 120 entrants. Mind you i did lose a 54% pot odds key pot before busting on a massive pot where i raised with AK and mateys 34std was far to good on a 933 board , pot too big to fold post flop.

As for main event ive made day 2 and leave for casino in 20 minutes so cant go into much detail on here really. Got 43,800 chips, blinds are 400/800 ante 50 and average is around 30,000. Was great fun yesterday as had Roberto Romanello on my table 2 to my right. He was playing like a maniac and dominating most of the table. I knew i had to sit tight and pick my spots and my patience got rewarded eventually with a couple of flops hit hard in the later levels and fully paid off. My peak stack was 50,000 but i didnt get involved too much towards the end as i went a bit raggy and it was often 10 handed which made it much more dodgy to do anything "silly". Do feel like im freerolling today as at one stage yesterday i was down to 8000 at 200/400 blinds before ordering a lager top and watching my fortunes change dramatically shortly afterwards !

Anyway sounds better than it is as theres still 1/3 of the field left and loads more luck and play involved yet. 18 get paid i think but aint really bothered bout 11th/18th payouts as wont be anything big compared to buy in.

Oh go on then couple of hands yesterday, i cant resist.
Smallest Pot of Day
JJ limp 200 utg, utg+1 playing 9000 makes it 1600 and cutoff moves allin 2100. Easy pass as utg+2 is v v tight and AK at worst. It was QQ vs 99 but still felt great to only lose 200.

Biggest Pot of Day:
300/600 bb, cutoff makes it 1800 and i call with 77. Flop is 7,9,10 with 2 clubs and i lead weakish for 3200. He makes it 10,500 and i move in pretty sure he will put me on a draw. He call fairly quickly for another 10,000ish and shows A10. Turn 10, river blank


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Am I Packing For ?

LOL got bit distracted after i was told Virgin flights are on the up pricewise. Spent ages trying to decide what date to go Las Vegas and comparing hotel price for same dates etc. In the end i became decisive and now im booked to fly out on 22nd June and fly back on the 10th July (18nights !!! my longest stay yet). Ive booked same hotel as last year but only until the 30th on the off chance i win any accomodation within a wsop package. See link at side for Las Vegas Hilton GVC but the price ive got is excellent and i know its perfect for me as ive obviously stayed there before :) :) :)

Absolutely no poker played today so bound to be itching tommorrow. Gotta go finish packing me last bits. If drive is smooth with no delays the plan is to make it to the Azimut Mansion in Hexham by 5pm and train into Newcastle in time for the 8pm £220 freezeout (assuming it hasnt sold out).

Bound to post up there as taking lappy and will be online at Azimuts.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pretty Much The Same

Was in mood for a few mtts in the end. Same as normal really took some ridiculous beats vs awful plays but did get 1 or 2 back to cash in the crypto $20k. Unfortunately counted for only rubbish $200 though as A4std vs Q10off bust me b4 the final table. Just cant seem to get that 1 elusive chunky cash win or package but stay with it and it will come. Maybe my luck will turn at a live table , who knows.

Anyway really looking fwd to some live stuff now more than i thought i would be. I know it should be a great crack whether i come back richer or the more likely poorer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Woes

Despite a couple of cashes maybe just about covering buyins it really didnt happen tonight. The couple of bigger ones i entered never got going and i busted on a huge pot in the wsop one to have gone 1/27 top trips vs flopped flush. Even one i did cash fell short at 2nd after losing 2 flips and a 60/40 to win it but even before any of this i really just wasnt getting into it tonight. A complete opposite of the previous night i can safely say i didnt really enjoy any mtt i played tonight which is very disappointing really.

Only couple more days before much needed break away. Dunno if i will play much, just see how my mood is each night as its too nice weather to put little time in during the day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Generally Good

Enjoyed more than i didnt tonight and got a few ok results. 12/230 in a 25euro rebuy was closest to sommat big KQ vs 99 exit to have gone 4th on huge stack.

Won a small game for a league im playing which should cement a decent payout in a month or so, more detail mid June. Also qualified for a $220 wsop satellite tommorrow for free which i was going to buy into anyway so cash saved.

Had some big stacks and big busts in some others without cashing but overall happy with my play and more importantly only lost my rag 2-3times briefly and quite enjoyed a lot of the rest of it. Dunno what was different, maybe its cos my hangover was almost non existent. Maybe its cos i played variety of music all night and didnt have tv on. Mayb its cos i had 9 holes golf and jogged a couple of miles to sweat that tiny hangova off earlier. Or Mayb im just itching to get back the loss from Friday afternoon. Maybe cos i had 4-6mtts on go at once most of night. Didnt get too hot either with my fan on all night.

I suspect its a combination of all of the above but useful to note for future reference. Right off now for a 1/50 $110 shot at a WSOP $14k package but its non poker and more luck tournament. Then its more stuff tommorrow before a similar busy schedule tommorrow night for sure.

Later Update

Gutted 3/48 for nout :(
Beginning to think it aint my year for wsop sats that twice 3rd on that site and one sick 4th on another site.

No Moody Drunk Gambles

Well after last post i did the silly dumb thing and went back on the tables to chase some more losses and done another wad in the process.

Only good thing is i managed to not play drunk later on in the night which prob would have been disasterous given my mood.

Hangover aint too bad today so ive sorted a wad of mtts to play tonight. Watch this space to see if i enjoy them or am bored to the core, just have to see.

Just need to start respecting the game and enjoying it and i be fine, sounds easy but is it , not for me anyway :(

Friday, May 09, 2008

Drunken Worries

Damn just played an afternoon addict session and just couldnt get anything to happen. Kept going well down then recovering before getting sick pot after sick pot when could been level or up so easily. Worried i may attack the tables later after a few lagers which could be a bit dangerous, just have to see what happens i guess.

General poker motivation, focus and enjoyment just aint there at the moment whether its mtts or cash. mtts worse as finding so boring obviously.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Boring Update

Not much to report since Saturday. Sunday turned into drinking rather than poker but i remember drunk poker working nicely for several hundred euros. Since then ive been steady enough but without anything significant. Just missed out tonight on 2000euros package to vegas finishing 4/30 but it was a crapshoot at the end and once again i just cant get the luck to finish one of these type games off.

Mainly been on cash with odd mtt mixed in when i can face it or if a promotional one. I forgot whats its like to play when the weather is hot, it gets way too stuffy in here at night. Dust the fan off and must put it into action tommorrow night.

Off to Newcastle next Wednesday which should be good crack and change of scene at worst.

On another note i think after this quarter i will return to monthly profit records. Hasnt had too much of an effect on my motivation either way changing to quarterly but i sense major complacency in the long run when i start a quarter well, based on the past few months emotions. Also miss the monthly reviews, 3 months in poker seems to long on here if im waffling away several times a week anyway.

Still havent made a decision on the 10,000euros package, think im happy to leave it a couple of months and either target another EPT event (need to wait to see next seasons schedule) or the CPC cruise if i havent qualified by then anyway.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trying to Play

But it aint happening. Bored, tired, hungover etc etc all wrong time to play poker and im just trying not to donk too much off although obviously mainly stuck in mtts i wish i hadnt entered :(

Hopefully i will be more in the mood later for wsop freeroll at midnight and maybe some bigger stuff 2moz night :(


joke no luck in wsop thingy and bubbled 2 mtts 19/140 $109 outflushed for huge pot and 22/180 $109 55 vs ridiculous K10off call. cashed 15/300 in 25euro rebuy but bust pot huge and vs complete fool that outflopped me. def gnna play that more when in mtt mode standard so bad especially towards the end of it. more mad with self for even playin 2nite, figured hangova almost gone but it pretty much came back !


Its Friday
Im Drunk
Ive played omaha and holdem for 2 hours
Was bout 700euros down at lowest
Fin about 800euros up
luved it drunk
and been good only 2 or 3 cider so surely not as bad hangova 2moz

gg enjoy