Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Streak Over

Hopefully just a blip but i finally had a losing day. I knew its been a while but when i looked back i realised its Sat 6th when i last lost on a day overall (17days ago). Of course there were 2 or 3 days i didnt play maybe but still was good while it lasted.

Started shocking today and just got worse. After prob less than 2 hours i had lost £1,000 exactly at a variety of stakes on diff sites ranging from £1,£2 to 2/4euro and $3/6$ plo and hi lo. Was thinking about stopping there but instead took a long break to get my head right then restarted later on. Glad i did cos i managed to claw back half of it. Along with £50 profit yesterday that drops Feb total to £6,300.

No play tommorrow and big piss up prob so unsure if i will get any time in much at all Saturday, just see how rough i am ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Up And Running (Almost)

Just got my broadband stuff and seems to be working perfectly and much faster than previous connection. Apparantly though its risky to play poker in first 24hours as its likely they may retest the line from time to time to make sure it gets the best connection. So i guess its a bigger gamble to sit on cash tables here today although i do know a site where some tables have disconnect protection. Upon reading that part of the manual it says actually they still may do same test for up to 10days but guess ill gamble when i feel fit and take consequences if any occur.

Still busier than ever with house stuff but did squeeze in some play the last 2 days. +£750 and +£50 keep my excellent run going (all still smaller stakes) despite bad starts on both days. Also got £150 in rakeback so takes months profit up to £6,750. With only 5 days left including today it will probably be the same squeeze a session here and there.

Hopefully calm down a bit to put in lots of volume come March. No GUKPT Walsall for me this year anyway. Shame as i think it was my last cash on home soil live (excluding champions freeroll) but just way too busy at moment to even consider it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Move Along

Very limited poker since last post but still squeezed some steady profits out in 3 short sessions on separate days. +£250,level and + £450. Also got rakeback of £50 so takes profit for month up to +£5,800.

New house is brilliant. Dont get broadband until middle of next week though and so much stuff to sort out i'll prob only squeeze some small addict sessions in when i can, for the time being anyway.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Still +ive

Hardly played all weekend. Managed a drunk hit and run short stacking 200euros on 5/10 Fri night to make £250. Didnt play anything Sat but managed couple of short sessions today including winning a 900 euro pot on 1/2 plo hi lo when i only started the hand with a 200 stack. Nobody seemed to fold anything tonight which meant i did lose a few stacks across the sites but thanks to that big un holding i made £500 profit total. Feb +£5,050

Friday, February 12, 2010

Solid Week

Had a very good few days at the tables since last post. Ive been on plo and plo hi lo exlusively as usual but am playing more plo than previous weeks. Stakes have ranged from 1/1$ to as high as 3/6$ and while im very happy with my play overall im pretty sure ive ran better as well. Long may it last although i dunno how much i will play in the coming week as im moving into my house on Tuesday. That said im quite an addict at the moment so im sure i'll still squeeze in plenty of time, gotta try and keep this run going ;)

Tues +£1,000
Wed +£900
Thur +£950

Feb total currently at a peak of £4,300

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I guess i put a fair few hours in today in the end. a few in afternoon +£170, a few in evening +£430 then returned about 2am for more punishment. That £600 from earlier was probably all gone at one point but luckily my variance seemed to swing back in favour. Anyway 2 hours later -£150 so +£450 on the day, cant complain i guess although did lose my tempter more than i should have but heck whats new in the world ;)

Monday, February 08, 2010


Ive prob mentioned before on here that im in process of purchasing a house. Well it all came to a head this weekend when i realised i'd had enough and could think of nothing else. Its 4 months since i had an offer accepted and without going into detail lets just say i will never use the vendors solicitors in my life and i will slag them (the solicitors) off to as many people as possible. With still one issue remaining and originally offering full whack for the house (prob bluffed by estate agents on that one) i finally managed to get a couple of grand off the price and should hopefully set a competion date and exchange contracts/deposit in the next 24 hours. I dont think i realised how much this was bugging me and without doubt it has had a negative effect on my life and probably my poker in the last month or 2. Whilst i was quite prepared to walk away if this revised offer wasnt accepted im glad its finally resolved now and fingers crossed there shouldnt be anyone hiccups.

On the poker front i only played maybe an hour Fri/Sat if that and made bout £100. Yesterday i had a great 90mins in the afternoon making £300 but an absolute disaster followed in the early hours and i quickly logged off before i looked at higher stakes and did sommat silly. Assessed damage today and lost £500 that couple of hours so back to +£1,000 for Feb. I know i shouldnt play when i dont have a clear head and that was the case yesterday given these house issues but hey live and learn, dnt think i did anything wrong, just one of those sessions.

Hopefully tables will be kinder this week and obviously i will try to keep discipline whether i run good or bad.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 4 Crash

Started the day getting quartered to lose 50euros and it only got worse. Soon after i raised with K,10,4,A and bet bout 80% pot on a K,10,6 blank flop. Turn brought a harmless 4 (obviously negating my runner low draw) and i get chk called when i bet pot of about 120odd euros now. This hand was 2/4 and i couldnt find a fold on a 3 river shove maybe figuring i was committed too quick (pot bout 360 and only 160odd to call) but how the *** am i supposed to put the guy on 2,3,5,6 !!!??WEY"£YHWQ£T Was a regular too that i obviously get under the skin of for him to make these kind of plays and it was funny watching him nit up for the rest of the session. Anyways just 5 hours of carnage (no breaks dummy) including moving up to both 5/10$ and 5/10euros both unsuccessfully including losing the whole pot on a K26ss flop with 2634 vs 10,3,4,5 with spades. That was biggest pot of day and i stopped shortly afterwards. It riled me more cos it was a fold and again this was another solid regular on another site that suddenly has some brain defect and of course im not even allowed 1/2 or 1/4 of the $2200 odd pot.

More detail on that hand as might seem obv he should committ. I called raise on button from short guy (5/10plo$) and enemy (E) in bb called too. E chks and shortie (about 300 total now on flop left) bets 3/4 pot 65 or 70$ which i pot raise to about 280 (700 behind) E in bb now thinks he has fold equity with his hand and shoves covering my stack. Fairly standard but not when there is a short stack in the pot (who did fold but most of time wont fold here from experience) and i could easily have a hand like A3 with spades and actually the hand i raise with is about the bare minimum i have (vs a likely committing shortstack and with another 1000 stack in the hand) and obviously i cant fold with so much in the pot now. Turn Qs river blank, cheers its back to 1/2 and 2/4 for me....i run gooooood. How diff the pot plays if E leads out for pot i hav to fold or peak a turn then fold , once again backwards play rewarded and, once again, its at higher stakes. I guess i should be used to it by now it just gets me down as i know i should be on that stake all the time but variance has been kicking me in the teeth for nearly 2 months now every time i venture back up there :(

Damage on day -£2,300 leaves me at +£500 for Feb but sick to the core. This all happened this afternoon and i havent played all evening although may have a quick peak in a mo if i think my head is now clear enough. YUK


Played another 4 hours (with a couple of breaks) and managed to claw back £600 without playing on run bad dangerous stakes so -£1,700 on the day and +£1,100 for Feb, hmmmm sleep now and booze in 13hours.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 3 Slog

Didnt play much today until after 9pm (mayb 100mins). Then played about 6 hours more with a couple of breaks. Was tempted to play some more in a mo but think im gonna try and crash instead as my eyes have gone from 6-9 tabling for so long. Standard seemed more shocking than ever overall but that didnt stop be going on a bad downswing to some bad setups and miracle escape cards for others when i had the set up. Got very frustrated at times which is annoying in itself as im clearly making a nice steady profit overall. It is the 3rd day in a row putting in a lot of hours so maybe that was a factor. Im still keen on putting in another 5-8 hours tommorrow too before easing off a bit Fri-Sun and trying the main slog again next week. It does feel more like a job this way and at the moment i want it to as it keeps me from tilting (none today). I definitely dont get as irritated too although i still want to bring this down a few levels too.

Anyways overall on the day it was another successful day and i managed +£500 to go to +£2,800 for Feb so far. 3 days ago i was thinking along the lines of £,1000 a week is expected and £2000 weeks are very good so its a good firm start but i dont want to get carried away just yet. Im determined not to have a 3rd losing month in a row in the first instance and rebuild further once that is clear.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Month New Outlook

Another solid day and again, while tempted by higher games going, i stuck to the grinder stakes. Cleared a bonus of £350 ish and made £750 on them hi lo tables again. Prob played just under 6 hours spread out although one sesssion was longer than comfortable when i should have took a break sooner. Had a couple of mini downswings within the day where i got frustrated but didnt do anything daft and the variance seemed to level out or maybe be + for the day i guess :) Important i keep this discipline and momentum going as im hoping i can justify playing 1-3 events at Walsall GUKPT in 3 weeks time and i dont see me playing any (or many) satellites.

Feb +£2,300

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bonus Start

Seems i blogged a lot last month and while im putting in the hours i may keep doing almost daily summaries again this month. Good solid day earnt me +£350 although it felt like more especially the last session when i actually lost a bit !!! Managed 6-7 hours play and hope to put in this sort of effort mon-thurs while im still grinding away at lower stakes. All hi lo today too.

Anyways combine that with rake bonuses of £850 and im +£1,200 for Feb so far. Also pretty sure ive got another £500 or so coming in rake bonuses shortly as well.