Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 3 Slog

Didnt play much today until after 9pm (mayb 100mins). Then played about 6 hours more with a couple of breaks. Was tempted to play some more in a mo but think im gonna try and crash instead as my eyes have gone from 6-9 tabling for so long. Standard seemed more shocking than ever overall but that didnt stop be going on a bad downswing to some bad setups and miracle escape cards for others when i had the set up. Got very frustrated at times which is annoying in itself as im clearly making a nice steady profit overall. It is the 3rd day in a row putting in a lot of hours so maybe that was a factor. Im still keen on putting in another 5-8 hours tommorrow too before easing off a bit Fri-Sun and trying the main slog again next week. It does feel more like a job this way and at the moment i want it to as it keeps me from tilting (none today). I definitely dont get as irritated too although i still want to bring this down a few levels too.

Anyways overall on the day it was another successful day and i managed +£500 to go to +£2,800 for Feb so far. 3 days ago i was thinking along the lines of £,1000 a week is expected and £2000 weeks are very good so its a good firm start but i dont want to get carried away just yet. Im determined not to have a 3rd losing month in a row in the first instance and rebuild further once that is clear.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got the right attitude mate, keep it up!