Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Streak Over

Hopefully just a blip but i finally had a losing day. I knew its been a while but when i looked back i realised its Sat 6th when i last lost on a day overall (17days ago). Of course there were 2 or 3 days i didnt play maybe but still was good while it lasted.

Started shocking today and just got worse. After prob less than 2 hours i had lost £1,000 exactly at a variety of stakes on diff sites ranging from £1,£2 to 2/4euro and $3/6$ plo and hi lo. Was thinking about stopping there but instead took a long break to get my head right then restarted later on. Glad i did cos i managed to claw back half of it. Along with £50 profit yesterday that drops Feb total to £6,300.

No play tommorrow and big piss up prob so unsure if i will get any time in much at all Saturday, just see how rough i am ;)

1 comment:

Benny said...

That sucks,
but I hate that feeling when you on a winning streak, that a bad round is coming.
You want it to just get over with as apposed to sitting on your shoulders through all the other games.
now that it's over, you can carry on winning!