Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 28/28 - The End

The month of minimum $375 gross rake paid a day every day is over.   I dont really have time to summarise yet so i will just post my daily stuff here and hopefully find time for some stats and stuff in another post.   Only +£1,987 now for month :(    Would luv a day off but as said before gotta tank stars a bit tommorrow.  Also theres an mtt i feel i should play in evening.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 27

Nearly done thank god.   Another soul destroying day at the tables and a horrendous evening session to finish on dropping everything won yesterday and more.  Losing on all games so cant even switch games when frustrated.   Hating this right now and glad when its over even though i still need to tank other sites in the coming week :(   +£2,147 for Feb :((

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 26

Just over rake done by 2:30pm, yes.
In profit, yes.
Ahead of ev, yes.

Happy ?  No
Ev dnt take into account coolers, heres 2 i had in space of 5minutes. 

Fortunately first one was only .25/5pl hi lo.   88xx in bb  flop JJ8  all 3 of us check.  norm lead here but both players shallow.  turn 6 chk to limper he bets pot i raise pot and he calls leaving himself a dollar behind.  He has xx66 with no low and the river is a 6.

1/2 plo   sitting over 3stacks deep.   4way raised pot ive got 5566.  There a huge fish at table that covers me flop is 226 and of course he has K229.  bye bye $1,420 pot.

.....edit....2am...finished rake fairly drunk and tired, timed out way too much last session.     Won chunk b4 i went out and i think i done ok/broke even drunk when back......sommat like +£900ish on day and above ev (shock horror).... sitting on +£3,316 for Feb

Day 25

On laptop so dnt have full details.  Roughly level on day but ran real bad again, think it was in region of 900$ bhind ev. I'll take it and end of month is in sight !

....edit huge fish on 2/4 pl hi lo so had to play while in bed.   managed to run 2nd set into top set then lost a 3way allin with AA27 vs A4JJ and A3910 before he left so lost another £260ish.  Wont even show up on ev as i dnt bother tfrring laptop stuff to pokertracker.  :(

Month "only" at £2,447 now.  Need mindset to remember its nearly all just run bad.  Since thursday ev shows -$500 but i actually lost $3,500 on allin ev :((      When i filter to this month on my tracked games its +$4,000 but ev line shows +$6,500 :((  over 72k hands

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 24

Early start and early post to try and keep calm and refocus.  Summary so far (ev in brackets)
First allin of day matey chkraises me allin with no fold equity on an unmade draw and obv hits 50/50.
I miss QJ107 on a K89rainbow flop vs AAQQ
15mins in -$350  (+$100)
30mins in -$750 (+$100) , nothing higher than 1/2 so far.
5/10 huge fish have to sit.   get 700 in preflop with AQJ9 vs fish and shortie.   Other 300 obv going in on any flop.   Fish rivered a flush when my ace high good till then.  $2,200 pot gone.
38miins in  -$1,750  (-$50)  , actually feel physically sickat this point
50mins in, need a toilet break anyway so blogged here at now:  
-$1,400  (-$200)   lovely. 

1pm.....-$1400  (+$300)  brilliant it widens

Total destruction complete just b4 5pm.    A little tilt in there but just plain ridiculous day.
-$3,000ish ($1800 below ev)  .....THE END

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 23

Another tough mental day.  Went about £500 in the hole and way behind ev again even at the end of the day.    Somehow though finished about +£150 on the day ?   Gotta tank early tommorrow and finish before 6pm for a night off.

Day 22

Ok today was a disaster.    $1,600 behind ev on tracked games and got outdrawn constantly on limit games too.  Summed it up at end when got $160odd inpreflop with AA35 on 2/4pl hi lo vs maniac fish ..  other $400 goes in on the rainbow K84flop.  He shows AK103 and it bricks out xK.   Had already taken the autpost off and was my last hand , sooooo sick i hate this game sometimes.   -£1,100 on the day and £4,428 up on the month which i just want to end, its torture now, just need a break.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 21

Nearly a disaster.  Had resigned myself to a huge loss being over -$2,000 at one point and running $1,000 under ev.   Force to play 3hours more after that i went on a mad run and only ended up about $300 down and amazingly i was $1,000 over ev !   Ridiculous swings and ive gotta be careful im due a big loss any time very soon.  Great escape today, might not be so lucky for the week thats left.  Also note hated it again even before i started to lose, day off please :(

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20

Finished early.  One of best days profit this year (assuming i dnt go back on stars and lose some later).  So why did i pretty much hate it all day ?    Just bored and sick of it now, sooooooooooo need a day off but committed and have to push on through.  Was in the hole for £700 at one point today but hit a golden session and i think i made it to +£1,000 before dropping some back.  +£853 on day, +£5,611 on month. edit later if play more (wouldnt if i didnt have bonus and target on stars to do by end of month as well).

...edit 1:20am   was only sposed to play 30mins on stars but ended up being 2 hours !  I'll regret it 2moz i expect but made $116 (and cleared more vpps) so i guess twas worth it.

Day 19

Over 2/3 of the way through with a likely 9 more days to go in this promotion.  Wasnt feeling it today and got bored at times.  Really could do with a day off :(     Dropped £500ish on main site but an hour on stars at the end on limit hi lo was fruitful to reduce that loss somewhat.    Sitting on a healthy £4,758 for the month.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 18

Ended up staying in and played way above ($500ish) my $375 daily rake target as games were good.  Mad day, games good all day and ev line is straight up as steady as can be.  Unfortunately i didnt follow it but got to "only" $1,000 below it at the end !!!   At worst point i was $1,600 below it and $800ish in the hole but i managed to record a good profit in the end.  Disconnection cost me $100ish at end too. Hoping i might get compensated that as nout wrong with my internet at the time, email sent anyway.   Happy enough and knackered so off to bed sitting on peak profits of £5,037 for Feb (bout £150 on the day).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 17

Finished about 1am and absolutely knackered.  Was gonna do an hour on stars at end but it would be counter productive so gonna hit the sack and try and have another full day tommorrow if i can resist going out drinking.   Pretty wild day as high as pl 5/10 .  £500 in the hole at one point and £800 up a couple of separate times after that.  About £500 up in the end and sitting on new peak for the month of £4,788.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 16

Pretty much got back what i had lost the last couple of days so a good day overall.   Didnt feel like it at the end though as ran terrible and what was a big day turned into a good day.  Fortunately there was no chasing or tilting as i finished my total rake target for day just after 10pm.    Writing this on my laptop as i cant access desktop for a few hours as that rooms being painted.   Subject to low level fumes i'll be back in there tonight though !

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 15

Could have stopped at 9pm but mad games going on so had to get involved.   I went down £1,200 at one point on 5/10 pl hi lo but got most of it back.  Lost about £200 on the day in the end.    +£3,854 for Feb now and gotta got to bed, another 8am wake up tommorrow !  

Also Rio booked for wsop trip :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14

Was due a bad one and its not disappointing me.  Still got 3hours to play later but its a struggle and it will have to be a big 2nd half to pull back into profit.  -£500ish so far :(

11:45pm.....It got worse and i was about £800 down for a while but a late spur brought me back to -£200 for the day.  Extremely happy with this (feels like a win obviously) and i dont think ive been this tired since travelling abroad. Off for an early night and up early again tommorrow (was 8am today !!!)

Vegas Brag

Just booked flights for wsop.  Only stopping 11 days this time and looking forward to it already.  Gonna stay in the Rio for first time since 2005 so im right in the action  (tilt failed to book at last step after wasting 10mins says try later).    Should be playing both pl hi lo wsop events.

Day 13

Nearly halfway through the month and another winning day to record although not as big as recent ones.   Was still some big pots in there with some play at 5/10 but no massive swings today and now sit on +£4,252

I also cleared an overlapping promotion which is worth about £1,000 although i wont see that until i cash in my poker points which is likely to be sometime in the 2nd quarter of the year.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 12

Lost a few hundred quid back drunk mainly thanks to missing a gutshot and nut flush draw vs a set for an $800 pot on 2/4plo.

Won a golden 3way pot earlier though for $1,200 with top 2 pair and a gutshot vs a lower wrap and top set !  3 outer and board had to not fill up on river :)   Has actually put me above ev on the month significantly and also made yesterday into another solid profit to take me to £4,098 for the month.

Just about to start day 13 now a little tired & hungover but could be a lot worse.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11

Kind of in running of sorts.  Bit bored maybe cos i aint had more than 2 beers this weekend so far.  Could also be that the games are a bit dead right now although i expect them to pick up later.

7:40pm now
In supernova $1million freeroll, just lost a chunky pot as i wrote this but still started well and on 17k (from 10k and only played 20mins as late turning up)
On list for more tables but not much happening.

Earlier i quickly lost 6-7 stacks on .5/1plo before getting it all back and breakin even on the session.  Still need to play at least 4 hours tonight so i guess ill be back to update later.

....9pm no change except even more bored. av chips in freeroll but chucking it in often impatiently.

9:20pm out of that a6 vs A10. gonna take a break i dnt remember the last time i felt htis bored playing.  Still gotta do another 2.5hrs yet too :(

1:15am finally finished.  Didnt enjoy the game at all today , not even sure why just in a weird mood i guess.   £3,690---->>> £3,585   Happy with that considering the slog it felt.

Day 10

Up up and awayyyyyyyy.  Another great day and ran 400$ above ev too.   Difference to other days was i won big but 95%+ of games were 1/2 or lower so it was a lot of BBs.   £966 on the day ----> £3,690 on the month.   Finished bang on midnight, unless i go back for more later ;)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day 9

Wasnt feeling it today but somehow ended up in profit anyway.  I played as highly as 5/10 and 10/20 all be it briefly getting back what i had lost at 3/6.    My pokertracker ev graph is mad.  At the worst point of the day i was on a loss of -$1,700 and $2,200 below ev !!!  Thankfully the recovery kicked in and i finished about +$600 and only a cple hundred behind ev :)  Total profit for month now at £2,520 and im done for the day reasonably early.

edit....forgot to say i played stars for first time this month today.  anyways just gone back online mainly stars for another hour ish session cos im an addict and cos i wnna get wrking twrds that 6500 points i need this month to stay on track for supernova.  Need to combine it with the other site most days really as i reckon i misjudged this promo and it might take 27ish days not 23 :(
profits gone £2,520----->£2,724 now :)

Day 8

Just under £900 up on the day (level ev) .

Was a little up after first hour before dropping a bit.  I then went golden and over the course of about 400 hands i went from -£400 to +£800 ish.   Cant really remember the big pots as bout 8hrs ago but they were against the right type of player to get paid off :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 7

A familiar start of late.   Come to blog early cos of it.  Only played an hour and just everything going wrong that can basically.  Lost about £250 so far as only small stakes but im getting a bit sick of starting bad far too often, just makes rest of day much more of a task.  Shut plo now and gnnna play limit for 30 mins then take 1 or 2 hours off and just play all evening.

...7:20pm gnna take an hour off for dinner but still need to play about 4 hours more later.   Just had a great session.  Nothing was happening then suddenly i doubled up then won a 3way allin on 2/4plo.   I x2.5 on 2/4 hi lo at same time too 3way in a pot i shouldnt have won (bad/good side of cooler) but then lost a stack in a dominating one almost straight after.   All those within 10 mins and lucky to be on right side of most !  Heres the biggest one:

2/4 plo i make it 12 utg , sb pots it to 40 , fish bb calls and i repot to 160 and 3 of us see flop. 
I have AhKxQx5h and the flop comes Ks10s6d.  We all get it in (i cover the 400 and 448 stacks at start of hand). and it comes 10x2x  .  Just under $1,300 pot shipped my way, It was a scary board and i obviously figured spades had me but actually i was in about as good as shape as could be against each of them blocking each other.      23ss45dd and A45sss3x respectively.

On to ev seeing as ive been going on about it so much lately. I was -$500 again by ev halfway through today so far.  Im now +$800 on ev for today.    I expect a lot to change in the 4hours left though.  Proft wise im +£690 for today.  Update later..........

Finished just b4 1am.   Not too much more movement in evening.  Finished +£770 on day and now +£1,232 for the month.    That ev thing was 700$ ahead today but im still 700$ behind on the month, cue the more moaning 2moz ;)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Day 6

Another tough day.  Went in the hole early for £800 at worst point but managed to climb back out of most of it and only finished about £300 down.   Again i know im playing well as ev shows me about £500 less than should have got.   At least ive finished early thanks to a lot of short handed and head up play on 1/2 and 2/4.

+£462 for Feb but approx £1,000 below ev :(

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 5

Started off horrendously.   Was -£900 at worst , back to -£400ish now after just 2.5hrs play today so far.  Dinner break now then back for more punishment or maybe i might climb out of the hole !

6:20pm ......back after hours break 90 mins ago and ran much better winning some juicy pots on 3/6 plo.  Couple of  hundred £ up on day now but swings are crazy like yesterday. pub now, just ran good and got myself right back into profit for the month  (+£586) , just under £800 up on the day.    Gotta play about 1.5 hours later drunk though so could be another wild session ;)

1:20am....just finishing up, games were actually pretty boring compared to the last 48 hours despite being intoxicated !  made another 100£ or so though so good day in the end overall.   +£707 for Feb now.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Day 4

Hell i felt rough in the night but luckily i managed to sleep most of it off and just feel sluggish now.  Was worth it though as good night off.   Just bout to start at 1:35pm .  Could feel like a slog today but im hoping the games will be better especially this evening.  Will post at end of day , maybe between sessions too if i feel i need.  Here we go............

3pm.... tables are actually great.   cards are not, been playin pretty high without succes and dropped £450 already :(

5:15pm.....  cards much kinder including gettin it in on a cooler at 2/4plo with top and btm pair vs mid set only to turn a high full house for $800.   Gone from £450 down to about £500 up that session !!!  tables are still pretty juicy, i know i should play more on Saturdays but its just not easy when ure not committed to a promotion and have a hangover !

10:45pm...was too good to be true just had an absolute complete nightmare session.   Worst pot was just plain ridiculous vs a agressive reg thats got plently of leaks:

 2/4pl hi lo 3handed i raise A288 on button ,,fish shortie calls matey pots it i call fish allin 72 we both call.  

flop  is 997 rainbow he checks and i obviously check behind.   turn is an 8. he bets 3/4 pot we get it in for 330 each.  he has A,2,9,10  and of course the rivers a F***** 10.

Result hand completely murdered but not to worry that 6 outer gonna come to ure rescue for $880ish pot.

LOL as i wrote that i won an $800 on 2/4 plo and a decent pot uncalled on 5/10 pl hi lo. so ive just gone from -£600 on the day back to level WTFs up with today !!!!!!!!

arrgh 5mins after that i got river quartered after chucking it allin on turn to lose another $1100 on the pot so lost $550 of own money .....yuk

11:45pm  .... raked amount needed . games still juicy but im done.  Tired and semi tilted big time.  Wasnt a good time to have about as turbulent a day ais ive had for a long long time and i struggled with it big time.   Managed to lose 2 chunky pots on 5/10 near finish missing up/down straight flush draw and nut low draw when i bet turn.  the SF draw was high cards too but i still miss both.   Also hit nut flush on a paired board but bb had flopped J752 to my raise and his full house too good.  Glad todays over with and im off to try and relax now if possible.  Lost £522 on the day but allin ev on day gives me a more true figure as i should have pretty much broke even.   -£211 for the month so not the end of the world although i had hoped i would push on today and games have been mental really. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

Day 3

Time for booze.   Tommorrow could be fun playing hungover :(
Started earliest in months today at about 10am !!!   Quite volatile but evened out in end i guess , according to ev on tracker anyway.   +£311 so +£278 on the day.  Happy with that and definitely more comfortable playing plo today.   Like said will ruin the routine by getting drunk but what the hey i think i deserve it :)    GGGGGGGGG

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day 2/23 (In Running)

Arrrgh hi lo hardly running so tanked the plo and managed to run 4.5 buyins below ev in my first 1.5hrs session.   Not what i needed when im struggling with motivation and game choice.  plo games are very volatile today so could get it back or double or worse that loss, yuk no fun.  Update later :(

reckon this will last 23days if i stick to it.

couple hrs later now at 5:30pm and managed to get some back, opnmly bout £300 down today now instead of around £500 earlier.  More hi lo action going at mo although could b better still.  More than halfway to todays rake so hopefully finish well early and try and do similar tommorrow.

just as volatile but happier with the majority of games.   Early finish, gotta do similar tommorrow if i want to avoid playing drunk as im out from 7pm.  +£33 for Feb so only lost £200ish in end.

Feb 1st

Day 1 really didnt go as i had hoped.  Raked what i wanted but didnt enjoy it and all felt a bit of a slog.  I think the fact i havent been in any routine of late is likely the main culprit.  Hoping it will flow a lot better tommorrow.  Games are sporadic and i definitely need to play more plo.  Horrible limit session to finish off rake near end didnt help 1 bit.   Friday could be fun as im out approx 7pm-1am so gnna have to tank it early and mayb late when drunk.   Pretty much break even playing on day but got rakeback payment so    +£245  .

I see WSOP schedule if out.  Disappointed theres no Big "O" mtt , tbh it looks the same for me as prev 2 years.  Im not even sure if ill go this year but if i do its like to be couple weeks end June/start July.