Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11

Kind of in running of sorts.  Bit bored maybe cos i aint had more than 2 beers this weekend so far.  Could also be that the games are a bit dead right now although i expect them to pick up later.

7:40pm now
In supernova $1million freeroll, just lost a chunky pot as i wrote this but still started well and on 17k (from 10k and only played 20mins as late turning up)
On list for more tables but not much happening.

Earlier i quickly lost 6-7 stacks on .5/1plo before getting it all back and breakin even on the session.  Still need to play at least 4 hours tonight so i guess ill be back to update later.

....9pm no change except even more bored. av chips in freeroll but chucking it in often impatiently.

9:20pm out of that a6 vs A10. gonna take a break i dnt remember the last time i felt htis bored playing.  Still gotta do another 2.5hrs yet too :(

1:15am finally finished.  Didnt enjoy the game at all today , not even sure why just in a weird mood i guess.   £3,690---->>> £3,585   Happy with that considering the slog it felt.

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