Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day 2/23 (In Running)

Arrrgh hi lo hardly running so tanked the plo and managed to run 4.5 buyins below ev in my first 1.5hrs session.   Not what i needed when im struggling with motivation and game choice.  plo games are very volatile today so could get it back or double or worse that loss, yuk no fun.  Update later :(

reckon this will last 23days if i stick to it.

couple hrs later now at 5:30pm and managed to get some back, opnmly bout £300 down today now instead of around £500 earlier.  More hi lo action going at mo although could b better still.  More than halfway to todays rake so hopefully finish well early and try and do similar tommorrow.

just as volatile but happier with the majority of games.   Early finish, gotta do similar tommorrow if i want to avoid playing drunk as im out from 7pm.  +£33 for Feb so only lost £200ish in end.

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