Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 25

On laptop so dnt have full details.  Roughly level on day but ran real bad again, think it was in region of 900$ bhind ev. I'll take it and end of month is in sight !

....edit huge fish on 2/4 pl hi lo so had to play while in bed.   managed to run 2nd set into top set then lost a 3way allin with AA27 vs A4JJ and A3910 before he left so lost another £260ish.  Wont even show up on ev as i dnt bother tfrring laptop stuff to pokertracker.  :(

Month "only" at £2,447 now.  Need mindset to remember its nearly all just run bad.  Since thursday ev shows -$500 but i actually lost $3,500 on allin ev :((      When i filter to this month on my tracked games its +$4,000 but ev line shows +$6,500 :((  over 72k hands


Anonymous said...

Hi Robet,

Could you contact us or give us a mail. We want to talk with you.

Thanks a lot.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

u could have put any details here and i wouldnt have published it so i wont email u, if this isnt spam u can tell me here, aint got time to contact people about something ive no idea about.