Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 7

A familiar start of late.   Come to blog early cos of it.  Only played an hour and just everything going wrong that can basically.  Lost about £250 so far as only small stakes but im getting a bit sick of starting bad far too often, just makes rest of day much more of a task.  Shut plo now and gnnna play limit for 30 mins then take 1 or 2 hours off and just play all evening.

...7:20pm gnna take an hour off for dinner but still need to play about 4 hours more later.   Just had a great session.  Nothing was happening then suddenly i doubled up then won a 3way allin on 2/4plo.   I x2.5 on 2/4 hi lo at same time too 3way in a pot i shouldnt have won (bad/good side of cooler) but then lost a stack in a dominating one almost straight after.   All those within 10 mins and lucky to be on right side of most !  Heres the biggest one:

2/4 plo i make it 12 utg , sb pots it to 40 , fish bb calls and i repot to 160 and 3 of us see flop. 
I have AhKxQx5h and the flop comes Ks10s6d.  We all get it in (i cover the 400 and 448 stacks at start of hand). and it comes 10x2x  .  Just under $1,300 pot shipped my way, It was a scary board and i obviously figured spades had me but actually i was in about as good as shape as could be against each of them blocking each other.      23ss45dd and A45sss3x respectively.

On to ev seeing as ive been going on about it so much lately. I was -$500 again by ev halfway through today so far.  Im now +$800 on ev for today.    I expect a lot to change in the 4hours left though.  Proft wise im +£690 for today.  Update later..........

Finished just b4 1am.   Not too much more movement in evening.  Finished +£770 on day and now +£1,232 for the month.    That ev thing was 700$ ahead today but im still 700$ behind on the month, cue the more moaning 2moz ;)


Anonymous said...

love the daily updates sir. Like all the maths re the rake you need to clear etc. Would love some more hands with yr thinking too as you don't do them to often. For that matter,the hand you posted here that went 3 way would probs be a pre flop flat and flop fold to me so interested in yr thinking.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

Yeh too right dont wnna give all my secrets away ;)

Used to do more but cos its mainly hi lo its more difficult to explain and lots of people dnno wtf im on about neway ! Will try and chuck some more plo in if i get change but its difficult at end of night when i wnna just shut down and get to bed :)

That hand. sb reraising is a reg. i wouldnt always 4bet here but there was a chance 1 might fold + i cant remember exactly but this guys stats 3 betting were high enough it was unlikely i was against aces. Recently ive found myself to not 4 bet and 3 bet enough in plo so when i see a chance to push a reg around and get a fish in ill take it if i can pull the trigger. Yeh i agree prob a horrible cringe fold if i flat. Theres a small % of flops i get away from but i could also win the pot with ace high if it flops J108say (with hindsight) and i prob win if it comes something like 101010 too or 1010Q etc. Im not saying its always the right move but it worked in this case and its important to not get pushed around at the stakes where the regs could think ure a nit or a pushover. My preflop stats arent as high as most regs and my 3bet and 4bet arent too which also means i have to mix it up sometimes pre and sometimes post to at least break even. sorry if too much waffle !!!!!