Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Figures

Turbulent is probably the best word to describe this month.   Fortunately its finished on a reasonable note after an ok last week or so.   Finishing up early tonight as can hardly keep my eyes open so definitely not in the mood.   I played a fair bit earlier anyway so not an issue.  I know i said i would write down figures to work out accurate figures but i cant be bothered to get pen and paper so ill try and do it below.

o/b -£600 (when other laptop broke)    = -600
tfrs/rakeback received                          =   320
boss (781-650)                                    =   131
party (2189-2500)                               =  -311
ipoker (2551-2700)                             =  -149
pokerstars  (4735-1040)/1.6                = 2309

if my brains working that gives +£1,700.  shame about last session which knocked that back 2 or 300 :(

i will take it anyway, pretty much a breakeven month with a bonus accounting for nearly all that.  that said im gonna work out my rough rakeback on the month anyway below to get an idea of volume and true profit, so to speak.  right done that and its difficult with some of the weird schemes around at mo but its definitely over £1,200 anyway.

As for September.   Gonna try and keep with my sngs 18mans which seems to be working so far.  Desktop should hopefully be up and running by end of next week and that will give me options to return to more than 6 tables at once although it remains to be seen whether i should add many more tables, time will tell.  Will combine with some cash games as ive been doing when i think its worth it or when im right in the mood.  Also hope to play more mtts including some of the hi lo ones in WCOOP on pokerstars.  Some big buyins but i may target some satellites or just allow the hit and hope i cash in some !

.....EDIT 13th Sept haved now recovered data from laptop, actual profit was +£1,497 :(

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August In Profit

Finally got just back into profit earlier and followed that with clearing a $2,600 bonus so im sitting
on a more respectable figure for once. Roughly around the +£2,200 mark.  Got a lack of enthusiasm though, im pretty sure i can put that down to low volume due to my 2nd hangova in 3days.  Been bashing a few sngs out this week and it seems to be working for making a steady profit. Its giving my brain a different challenge which seems to have led to a somewhat calmer week as well.  Still yet to venture into mtts though, really hoping i can motivate myself to enter some this week though.

Caribbean all booked up for 2 weeks from mid Nov back for my 2nd visit to St Maaten.

EDIT:   i knew sommat was wrong when i worked out figures above but couldnt see it.   Just realised my error doing things in my head without lack of an excel spreadsheet i forgot to add on the -£600 so i really was about +£1,600 at this time.    3:40pm  31st Aug now and slowly progressing and sitting around £2,000 if i havent made more mistakes !!!   I will get pen and paper later to check final figures !  Not sure if i will play much later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Change

At least im not losing much more i guess.  I havent updated cos theres not really much to update about.  I keep thinking its all about to change and some ridiculous play or cooler or otherwise just comes back again and again.   Im actually playing a few low stakes sngs for a change and if anything at least im a little bit calmer doing this.   Still cant face any mtts and since last post ive dropped about £100 so im sitting on -£700.   Theres still a £1,600odd bonus i may clear b4 the end of the month but depends which site i play and volume etc.    In really must try some mtts though, im hoping to want to play over £1,000 worth in the nxt stars series as there is a handful of hi lo type games available.  Also still waiting on delayed desktop so stuck on laptop for at least another week or 2 :( 

Monday, August 15, 2011

More Smashing Material

Got a cheap laptop so back playin a little after many days off.  Also bought a decent desktop and big monitor which should turn up sometime this week or next.  Moving my whole set up to a new room (once that arrives) and hoping it will change my focus, luck, motivation etc etc blah blah.  Anyways aint been able to recover stuff from old laptop yet so need to make a note of rough balances before i resume playing so i dnt lose track of this months figures.

-£600 on month
PS: $1040
IP: £2700
PTY:  £2500
BOSS: £650

Monday, August 08, 2011

A River Too Far .....(For That Laptop)

Usual bad session , 3-400 under ev $ and just let one river out on laptop.  Been giving it a good slap a lot lately but this one was more like a punch and now the screen seems completely f**ked.  Im on old one now that havent even used for 18months and i guess its time to order a new one online or pop to shops later.

Week 2

Pretty much had the weekend off save a few hands and 1 more crap session friday after i blogged.  Sit on -£393 going into week 2 and hoping it will be a better one.  I think i will clear a $2,600 bonus this week so heres hoping i dont lose £1,500 in the process like i seemed to do last month.  Probably just stay on the same games atlhough i guess it would be handy to play some mtts if i can face them.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wound Up Again

I think im stopping early for the day.  I just had another one of those carnage sessions where nothing goes right and its just plain laughable.  Only -$160 ev on my tracked sites where im nicely in profit but ive lost loads today on other sites on higher stakes.

Heres 3 examples of hands in the last 5minutes before i just shut everything becos of it.

15xbb preflop A234xxdd 4way.   flop is Q83xdd and i lose a 3way allin vs QQ23 and AJ109.

AA57ccxx vs A239 on a raised flop of 64ccxx .   of course no club and middle pin 5 hits the turn to lose all that one.

allin preflop AAQ8 vs AQJ8 80xbb each and lose to a straight.

Annoyed as i won £300 first session today and broke even on the 2nd one but its a roughly level day and sit on -£640 for the month ,  arrrg so frustrating but at least im raking good volume.

Went back on as couldnt be assed to do anything social and tv was rubbish.
Glad i did, havent calc ev stuff but ran a lot better across all sites.  Even managed to scoop a 200euro pot with a royal flush vs quad queens !!!
Now Sit on -£188 :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Partial Recovery

Ran about $600 above ev for a change and ended up making about £500 profit on the day.   Was very volatile at the end though as i found a big fish on 20/40 and 30/60 limit that i played heads up as well as 3 and 4 handed.   Heads up i actually destroyed him and at best was +$2,000 but despite nearly felting him about 6 times he came back and i only won a few hundred $ in the end :(   Still be interested to see how much rake i managed when its updated 2moz.   Only thing i hope now is i dont follow the pattern fromlast month when i follow a good day with a truly awful one.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Just As Bad As It Gets

Another just plain brutal session just now.   This blog is just becoming a moanfest while this just continues and continues.  Honestly you just have to see this to believe it.   Every time i return to the tables i think this will be the time it will turn around and it just doesnt stop.   The session i had just now just, once again, sums up just how bad im running and there is just nothing i can do about it.   

Nothing played higher than 1/2 today and the 2 tracked sites show me as -$600 on ev.   Same stuff was happening across untracked sites too though and its just laughable really.  I guess in one sense i should move to multis or play plo only but i just think it will change the next session.  Apart from a few tilty allins im doing nothing wrong and everything im losing is just through the worst luck i now officially ive ever had over a continuous period.   2 days in and already at -£1,138 :(

Back To The Pain

6 days off from poker fully and returned to tables yesterday all set for a new attack.   Unfortunately the pokergods had other ideas and had obviously missed f**ing me over.  Within the first 2 hours i had lost £830 playing purely pl hi lo.  I had not bought in for more than £100 in any game and once i had put it into tracker i realised what i already knew.  It was just bad luck once again having run -$1,200 under ev on the allins.

Took 1.5hrs off to cool down having slapped the laptop, thrown the mp3 player across the room and punched 2 doors i felt i needed a break :(      Was a lot better the next 3 sessions and i ended the day down just £360 , although still about -$1,000 for ev on the 2 sites i track.

Just about to start todays grind , hoping to do about 8 hours (was close to that yesterday in the end).   I keep telling myself even if i break even but have 20+ days grinding like this a month ill make over £2,000 in rakeback.   It dont help much though when ya keep gettin it in as massive favourite or as 50/50 and just losing the majority of time.