Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wound Up Again

I think im stopping early for the day.  I just had another one of those carnage sessions where nothing goes right and its just plain laughable.  Only -$160 ev on my tracked sites where im nicely in profit but ive lost loads today on other sites on higher stakes.

Heres 3 examples of hands in the last 5minutes before i just shut everything becos of it.

15xbb preflop A234xxdd 4way.   flop is Q83xdd and i lose a 3way allin vs QQ23 and AJ109.

AA57ccxx vs A239 on a raised flop of 64ccxx .   of course no club and middle pin 5 hits the turn to lose all that one.

allin preflop AAQ8 vs AQJ8 80xbb each and lose to a straight.

Annoyed as i won £300 first session today and broke even on the 2nd one but its a roughly level day and sit on -£640 for the month ,  arrrg so frustrating but at least im raking good volume.

Went back on as couldnt be assed to do anything social and tv was rubbish.
Glad i did, havent calc ev stuff but ran a lot better across all sites.  Even managed to scoop a 200euro pot with a royal flush vs quad queens !!!
Now Sit on -£188 :)

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