Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Change

At least im not losing much more i guess.  I havent updated cos theres not really much to update about.  I keep thinking its all about to change and some ridiculous play or cooler or otherwise just comes back again and again.   Im actually playing a few low stakes sngs for a change and if anything at least im a little bit calmer doing this.   Still cant face any mtts and since last post ive dropped about £100 so im sitting on -£700.   Theres still a £1,600odd bonus i may clear b4 the end of the month but depends which site i play and volume etc.    In really must try some mtts though, im hoping to want to play over £1,000 worth in the nxt stars series as there is a handful of hi lo type games available.  Also still waiting on delayed desktop so stuck on laptop for at least another week or 2 :( 

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