Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Figures

Turbulent is probably the best word to describe this month.   Fortunately its finished on a reasonable note after an ok last week or so.   Finishing up early tonight as can hardly keep my eyes open so definitely not in the mood.   I played a fair bit earlier anyway so not an issue.  I know i said i would write down figures to work out accurate figures but i cant be bothered to get pen and paper so ill try and do it below.

o/b -£600 (when other laptop broke)    = -600
tfrs/rakeback received                          =   320
boss (781-650)                                    =   131
party (2189-2500)                               =  -311
ipoker (2551-2700)                             =  -149
pokerstars  (4735-1040)/1.6                = 2309

if my brains working that gives +£1,700.  shame about last session which knocked that back 2 or 300 :(

i will take it anyway, pretty much a breakeven month with a bonus accounting for nearly all that.  that said im gonna work out my rough rakeback on the month anyway below to get an idea of volume and true profit, so to speak.  right done that and its difficult with some of the weird schemes around at mo but its definitely over £1,200 anyway.

As for September.   Gonna try and keep with my sngs 18mans which seems to be working so far.  Desktop should hopefully be up and running by end of next week and that will give me options to return to more than 6 tables at once although it remains to be seen whether i should add many more tables, time will tell.  Will combine with some cash games as ive been doing when i think its worth it or when im right in the mood.  Also hope to play more mtts including some of the hi lo ones in WCOOP on pokerstars.  Some big buyins but i may target some satellites or just allow the hit and hope i cash in some !

.....EDIT 13th Sept haved now recovered data from laptop, actual profit was +£1,497 :(


pokershades1 said...

had 1 of your cash tables up last nite when u was playing 8 game , i was lost most of time as i dont really understand some of the games , had to have a giggle when you ranted in the chat when some1 made a comment on 1 of your plays lol . cheers for that transfer , its going well so far .

Robert "Animal" Price said...

lol that was mild u should see some of the stuff i was writing 2-3weeks ago in the chat box. how i aint been banned again ive no idea

Anonymous said...


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