Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back On The Big Screen

Desktops back so im back to my better set up.   Played a 5 hour non stop session as soon as it arrived but was to no joy losing a few hundred in the end.  Amazing pattern this month, every time i get near clearing a £400 bonus i lose £300-£400 in the last 10% of clearing it.  Ive done this every time on maybe 4 or 5 bonuses :(

Annoying thing about today is i was looking forward to chucking everything into pokertracker and seeing how i ran etc but its playing up as i know ive played more than the number of hands its imported.   I did win the biggest pot i was in today of $2,000 but i lost a few $1,200 pots and others so it would have been nice to have seen an overall ev line.  

Biggest cooler ever that pot above calling a raise with KcQxJx10x and flopping AQJxcc .  Got all excited when other guy couldnt get it in fast enough thinking prob vs a set but he turned over AAQ7xcxc but i managed to survive the ridiculous sweat.   Sticking it into an odds calc now , gnna guess im 53% fav for fun.  LOL shows what i know i was a 46% underdog, my 3 blockers obv dnt count as much as i thought !!!

Right ive been able to tally the month now this desktop is back and im pretty much where i was at start of today at +£1,190.   Not sure if will play much 2moz as out in evening , have to see.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thurs - WTF

Well im hope im done cos im exhausted.   Just played as highest stakes across several tables more than ive done for probably 18 months.

Earlier was normal but bad afternoon losing to fish at usual dull stakes.   Didnt even fire the laptop up in the evening until nearly midnight and in hindsight probably should have just stayed off.   Anyway im too knackered to discuss hands but i reckon i went about £2,000 in the hole but this was on high stakes but kind of acceptable as it was hi lo and my fav fish was sitting.  

I guess tilt monster kind of got me although i didnt chuck anything away on the tables i just started searching higher games to find something i could take a shot at with at least 1 big fish in.  I ended up playing 2/4 3/6 5/10 and even 10/20 plo.   The hi lo i lost (2-3stacks) on was 10/20 (800buyin) pl too although i also got coolered for loads on 2/4 which helped induce the craving to chase higher.  

To cut the story short as i wnna go bed (5 hours solid session and 5am now)  i won and lost some huge pots but ended up winning the biggest one of $4,000 vs a reg and then bust the $800 fish a couple of hands later on the 10/20 table.   Great escape, im not sure what the figures are for the day as i cant really remember where i started.  Im definitely level or up a few hundred anyway.

Note the plo stakes are huge compared to the hi lo as i only buyin for 40xbb on hi lo in higher games where as i buy in for 100xbb whatever stakes plo is.

I guess the interesting part is where do i go from here.   I was playing those games properly without being scared and really enjoying the rush in the big pots.  Normally i need to be drunk to achieve this but im craving more now so i might have to set a serious roll aside and take at shot back at the stakes in played regularly in 2009.  Tough decision and i dnt wnna rush it but at the same time i dnt wanna leave my roll too high before i get drunk at the weekend as i dnno if i trust myself after tonight.  Watch this space i guess.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wed - A Bit Tipsy

Only squeezed an hour in during the afternoon losing a little chunk.   Didnt play then until midnight for a few hours.  With maybe 6 pints in me i played some higher games but made sure there was at least 1 fish at the table.  Ended up on 30/60 limit hi lo where i lost about $800 before finishing a $200ish up.   I was chasing the whole session really though as lost 3 buyins of $240 at 3/6 within 10minutes of sitting down (not cos drunk cooler ul type hands).  Fortunately i ran better in the limit and mixed games and finally ended up somewhere around level or mayb $100 or $200up.  Levelish on the day anyway.  

Writing this before i start today.  Looking like im gonna play 3-4hours ish now then return 8 or 9pm later for 3-7hrs more.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tues - Mixed

Weird day.  Wasnt feelin it in afternoon even though i was winning.   In evening i got into it more but went quite a chunk down before an ok recovery.   Cleared another bonus and was playing higher stakes than usual as the games were going and good.  Somehow ive managed to carry on until after 4:30am despite feeling sluggish earlier.  Highlight of day playing 10/20 pl hi lo for a few rounds b4 shitting my pants allin pre for a $2,000 pot with AAQJ which split vs AKJ4 and leaving on next bb ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mon - Good

Title would be excellent but ive no idea how much i won but it probably near best this month.  Bit disappointed to be feeling shattered at only 2am but ive still put in between 7 and 8 hours total today so i guess its fine !   Also my desktop got damaged in transit but they have agreed to build me a completely new one because of this and i shouldnt lose any saved work as the hard drive was fine.  Obviously gonna be a delay in getting that , maybe another week i guess but if todays anything to go by its not a problem.  I barely went above 4 tables at any one time today.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hungover Update

Rough today after 2 days on the booze i wont be touching a drop at the pub tonight.   Put in some really good volume this week Mon-Thurs including 2 x 6 hour sessions Thursday.   Only played an hour Friday and less yesterday and its highly unlikely there will be much today.  Not making massive amounts but not losing and rakeback will be good alongside small steady enough profits.  Still not got my desktop back but im used to the laptop again now anyway so not a major issue.  I guess it should be back 2moz or prob Tuesday assuming there was nothing sinister wrong with it.  Obviously still dont know months profit at mo, will be interesting to see when i get back on my spreadsheet.  Hoping its in the region of +£1,000 but really not sure.  Prob aim to do a similar week coming with good volume Mon-Thurs b4 i knw ive got another session out Friday and will be similar Sunday following. Less than 4 weeks to Carribean , yeyyyy !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breaking Down

Strange last 5 days or so.  Dishwashers playing up.  Handles falling off doors.   Then to cap it all off my 7 week old desktop decided to pack in Saturday night.   Appears to be the psu but i dont know if this will take days or weeks to fix in terms of it being picked up and shipped to where ever it was built up north before being delivered back.  

Poker pretty nothing, seem to break even at best although i guess i did put in a lot of volume up until the desktop failing.   Ive no idea on figures as i dnt have my spreadsheet on this laptop but ive just been destroyed today after not playing Sunday at all.   A couple of standard coolers with top2 vs top set along with lots of other run bad .  Remember top set losing to a draw after i had top pair and flush draw miss against top and btm a few hands earlier.  Maybe its a good thing i cant tally up, probably talking losses in the region of $700 which is pretty sick for a couple of short sessions on .5/1 max.   Not enjoying playing on laptop even before i started but this is just compounded now by such a shit day at the tables.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nout Appening

Sorry for lack of posts.  Excuse first few days since last post was lack of volume although when i did play i got bashed up really bad.   Saturday i think i only played 1 hour and done £600 as an example.  My losses went as far back down as -£1,200 since that then they seem to yoyo between -£500 and -£1100 since.   Put quite a bit of play in the last 3 days and considering how bad the tables are im disappointed not to have run better and at least got back into a profit.  Ive cleared £750odd in bonuses too so when factor that in its not good at all.  

Anyway just ran a lot better at plo on last session of day just now.   Gonna tally up now.  Was at peak for today of +£150 before i started so ne nice to have wiped most of that out  (was down £400odd earlier !!!) .  Lets see....... LOL yeh it was a good one ive made it back into profit for the first time since the last post a week ago and sit at +£23.

Time to push upwards not fall backwards yet again please.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Oct Starts Late

Todays the first proper day of poker (9hrs) ive put in with no more than 2hrs played any other day.  Havent been in the mood at all with a few bits here and there and a shockingly bad drunk session             (-£800) Sunday recorded.  Wasnt the end as i lost after that too and at worst was -£1,200.   Seem to have had a great day today though and along with clearing a £375 bonus i was around £700 up on the tables to put me into profit for the first time this month at just over £100 ! 

Would luv to say im gonna do more of what i did today but with options to go out 2moz and Saturday and definitely out Sunday it could be another low volume poker weekend swapped for a high volume beer weekend, we'll see.