Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breaking Down

Strange last 5 days or so.  Dishwashers playing up.  Handles falling off doors.   Then to cap it all off my 7 week old desktop decided to pack in Saturday night.   Appears to be the psu but i dont know if this will take days or weeks to fix in terms of it being picked up and shipped to where ever it was built up north before being delivered back.  

Poker pretty nothing, seem to break even at best although i guess i did put in a lot of volume up until the desktop failing.   Ive no idea on figures as i dnt have my spreadsheet on this laptop but ive just been destroyed today after not playing Sunday at all.   A couple of standard coolers with top2 vs top set along with lots of other run bad .  Remember top set losing to a draw after i had top pair and flush draw miss against top and btm a few hands earlier.  Maybe its a good thing i cant tally up, probably talking losses in the region of $700 which is pretty sick for a couple of short sessions on .5/1 max.   Not enjoying playing on laptop even before i started but this is just compounded now by such a shit day at the tables.


ROSSI said...

same thing happened to me.

rather than wait ages to send it off you can replace it yourself.
I had no knowledge to going inside a desktop prior to my psu blowing up.

However fustration at been without a computer got the better of me.

i went to PC World and bought a new psu and a computer fixing tool kit (small screwdrivers etc). Then took the side of the computer off and tbh it looks complicated but if you spend a while looking at it you will notice it is a bit like lego i.e everything just slots in.

Everything in your desktop is connected to the psu, all you have to do is unplug all these connections, unscrew your old psu, replace it with the new one, replug all the connections and there you are.

if i can do it, anyone can!!!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

yeh thx for advice ,im useless and wouldnt even attempt this. my bro could fix it easily but being that its so near new i'd rather not risk anything so its going back tommorrow. hopefully get it back start of nxt week if not b4.