Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hungover Update

Rough today after 2 days on the booze i wont be touching a drop at the pub tonight.   Put in some really good volume this week Mon-Thurs including 2 x 6 hour sessions Thursday.   Only played an hour Friday and less yesterday and its highly unlikely there will be much today.  Not making massive amounts but not losing and rakeback will be good alongside small steady enough profits.  Still not got my desktop back but im used to the laptop again now anyway so not a major issue.  I guess it should be back 2moz or prob Tuesday assuming there was nothing sinister wrong with it.  Obviously still dont know months profit at mo, will be interesting to see when i get back on my spreadsheet.  Hoping its in the region of +£1,000 but really not sure.  Prob aim to do a similar week coming with good volume Mon-Thurs b4 i knw ive got another session out Friday and will be similar Sunday following. Less than 4 weeks to Carribean , yeyyyy !

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