Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Review

Trying to make this as short as possible for reasons in last post.

This time last years quote

"Next year i will treat poker as a job more than ever.  YIP
Would be an easy cop out but to beat 2010 is 1st target YIP. Ideally above £50,000 is 2nd and main target NOPE.
Expect a vegas trip in June and a return to St Maaten early December  YIP. Would be nice to win a package for something but i struggle more than ever to motivate myself to play satellites and im not sure how to fix that. NOPE "

Final figure for 2011 came in at +£33,952
Best months were definitely when i was chasing rake/race or promotion which enduced me to put in more hours.  Can tire me out but if im on 8-10hours a day at some point usually the games are good (even if they are bad for a long period too!)
Had a terrible vegas and its possible i might not go back this year, with all the sports stuff on in the summer.   I would b surprised if i didnt go for 7-14days though.  As above again:
Next year i will treat poker as a job more than ever.
Would be an easy cop out but to beat 2011 is 1st target. Ideally above £50,000 is 2nd and main target.
Havent been able to experiment fully on games yet cos of personal stuff but got a very good idea of what my plan of attack is for 2012.

Dec Final Figs

Just when i thought i was getting over that cold the damn thing moved into my sinuses and ive had as smacking a headache as ive had for years thats lasted 3 days on and off :(   Basically havent been able to play since Wednesday which has been mega frustrating and ultra boring .    I really hope im over the worse of it now but it seems to come back late in the night every night so guess ill find out later :((

Anyways enough moaning, at least its making me crave playing in a big way when i am better.  Final figures clocked in at a healthy £1,867 for December.   I havent cleared any bonuses this month and obv ran opposite to November so im happy with that figure. Also raked out $5,000 on primary site, unsure about others but nothing big.   Theres plenty of promotions about in January so im hoping to clear my head and really basically just play as much as i can.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tiresome Profitable Play

Frustrating few days away from the tables but ive had such a good time in Oct/Nov and Dec up to 25th that i just see this cold i picked up as bad variance i was due.   

I really wanted to use this last week of the year for experimenting on the poker and trying different stuff but ive only been able to play a few hours (if that) before just wanting to fall asleep or my headache comes back 10fold.  That said ive been in profit nearly every session, nothing big just steady steady and im now sitting on +£1,498.

Havent drank since the 23rd and havent wanted to either but im quite a bit better today so will probably hit the pub tommorrow evening for a session.   Games are good right now but ive stopped for a long break and doubt ill go back on tonight.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Xmas

Had a complete week off exactly from poker before playing last night.   Think its the first xmas eve ive stayed sober since i was in my teens and it paid off for a few hundred quid anyway although i didnt play as much as i could have done.   What i did play seemed very weak so i guess theres a lot of recreational players about so i might try a session or 2 this evening as well.  Was planning an all dayer booze up Mon but have woken with a bit of sore throat and cough so have to see how that develops :(   

Happy Xmas to all readers !

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come Undone

Same stuff as yesterday barring the recovery at end.   Dropped another $2,100 getting coolered and outdrawn again and running $1,000 below ev again.  Think im done with this promotion and the game for a few days at least.

Since 6th December ive raked over $4,300 for approx £450 loss b4 rakeback and promos.  Almost exactly $2,000 below ev.  Looking back at November i was pretty much the reverse ev so its not a moan i just wanted to summarize it on here to clear my head before moving on. 

Theres still a chance ill play later if i dont decide to go out, but assume not unless updated below.  This promotions done my head in the last few days and tested me to the full mentally at a time when it was already a mighty slog.  Anyways its been worth it i guess.  Sitting on +£534 now for December, time to chill out then make better table selection as i wont be just going for max rake.

Was Due A Bad Un

Still playing as ive found a huge fish on 3/6 plo but unless i can stack them quick its gonna be my worst day for months.    Currently im £1,700 down today despite being about £600 up on this table so far.   I was looking at tracker earlier after a bad session and realised i was roughly level on ev for the month so wasnt gonna go about it again.  Today however ive just been destroyed mostly at 2/4 pl hi lo and im actually about $1,800 below ev on the day :(

Well fingers crossed as this guys about as bad as gets and has a $2k stack vs my $1,600 one.  Could get juicy or nasty quite soon.  Update when done, think im sitting back on 5/10hi lo as well now.

...edit  2:20am
Well this is nuts im still playing and have recovered nearly all my days loss.   Only had to survive 1 allin too dodging 4outs from turn vs a reg.  All the rest has come from officially the worst plo player i think ive ever played (worse meaning easiest to win from)    It moved to another 3/6 table then onto 5/10 .  Im wide awake due to the rush and theres no way im going to sleep while this guys still playing !!!

...edit 2:40am
Think hes gone , end result +$100 on the day , still $1,600 below ev but dont care.  Cant believe my luck in finding such a player and hes never even played as high as 5/10 plo before tonight too !!!

...edit 5am details
Failed to get to sleep, checked poker again and fish there again !!! This time though ran bad.  Done well not to stack off with AK76 on a KK22Q board vs a reg that played their hand weird pricing me in with a raise and bet on flop/turn and checking the river behind.  Other Sig pot was getting it allin with AKQ10ddxx on a KJ65xxdd board with the mega fish only for a 6 to river and give his 6,7,8,10 the $600 pot.  Lost about £400 back, fine though.  +£1,920 starting tired today at 11:40am.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting Bored And Escaped

Shocker of a day, if it wasnt for a ridiculous AAxx holding up 4way on 5/10 plo for $2,800 i would be around $2,000 down probably.   Havent enjoyed it at all , just too much of a slog and in need of a day off.  Sunday cant come quick enough, only 2 more days then i can play as little poker as i want b4 new year.    Great escape figure for Dec sitting currently on +£2,280.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still Kind Of Going Strong

Struggled a bit today but fortunately not with winning, was just battling a headache most of the day.  Full volume today and intend to do same next few days as planned.  Didnt manage a full day yesterday but did ok and hit another $750 in the promotion just to ensure im completely hooked until it finishes.  Looking like it will finish late Fri or during Saturday so a bit earlier than i thought.

I did try some different stuff today , namely stacking.  Ive never really tried this before and having up to 16 pl hi lo games going at once was maybe pushing it a bit.  Done a few sessions though and seems i can cope with 13 or 14 without too much hassle , all be it at v v low stakes while i trial it out.   Wanna try same on Stars before the end of the month.  I tried plo yesterday and it was trickier as im more used to playing the player and not so much my cards.

Right im waffling and i wnna get to bed to recharge for more 10hour volume 2moz :(   Just gonna have a look at tracker since last post and mention that below, im currently now on +£2,194 for Dec profits.

+$1,000 , about 600 above ev !   (still about 900 below ev for dec though so profit feels even better)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Quick post as im drained from a full 10 hours day.   Not much to report , only raked 25% of max yesterday making like £50.   Today started well winning a few hundred pound but despite it being a Sat night with lots of good tables about i just couldnt push on this evening and donated some back.  Still happy enough and sitting on +£936 now.  Expecting a full day off tommorrow but hangover dependent i then want to hammer it flat out 10 hours a day until nxt Sunday if possible.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Dec Starts Here .....

Struggled big time Tues/Wed for both motivation and run good, prob not playing best either and started the day today -£1250 after £700 and £550 losses respectively.

Today , well tonight, however is a completely different story.  After a non afternoon break even frustrating time ive just ran as hot as possible tonight and seemed to scoop in on nearly every table i played.  That loss has turned into a +£713 profit somehow although that does include a $750 lucky promotion hit i got as well.  Its the first day ive done $500 rake since ive been back too and im absolutely shattered but so glad i pushed on through.   Prob out tommorrow night and most of Sunday so volumes gonna suffer a bit but barring any bad hangovers i really wnna play flat out the rest of the time until next weekend or so.  Im amazed im still actually below ev for the month by $500 odd so today has really been exceptional given i didnt play higher than 2/4.

After nxt wkend ill play when i fancy it and experiment a bit on diff games and sites just to check im happy as i am and look for other options when my games are dry like they were this afternoon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nov Figures

Nov finished officially on 2nd Dec due to holiday overlapping a bit.  Not much to report there, lost a little on cash games but cashed in my first 2 mtts out of 3 played to cover that.  Cashes were small for sommat like 6th/52 and 8th/100  but the blinds were huge so double up on either of the busts could have put me in with a great shot at $5,000-$8,000 for first or 2nd in them :(     Online connection wasnt reliable and i knew i needed time out anyway so barely played.  Was raring to get back into it when i left a few days ago but im knackered still from the travelling and a minor bug i seem to have picked up on the last day.  Today will be my first attempt at getting back to the online 10hrs a day grind while the same promo is on as when i left.   Basically plan is to hammer it until thats over in 10-14days then take lots of time out and experiment a little bit before the new year.

Nov final profit was £8,104 which is my 2nd best of the year.  It also puts me £2k above 2010 total profit so hoping i can stay above that at the least for Dec   :)