Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nov Figures

Nov finished officially on 2nd Dec due to holiday overlapping a bit.  Not much to report there, lost a little on cash games but cashed in my first 2 mtts out of 3 played to cover that.  Cashes were small for sommat like 6th/52 and 8th/100  but the blinds were huge so double up on either of the busts could have put me in with a great shot at $5,000-$8,000 for first or 2nd in them :(     Online connection wasnt reliable and i knew i needed time out anyway so barely played.  Was raring to get back into it when i left a few days ago but im knackered still from the travelling and a minor bug i seem to have picked up on the last day.  Today will be my first attempt at getting back to the online 10hrs a day grind while the same promo is on as when i left.   Basically plan is to hammer it until thats over in 10-14days then take lots of time out and experiment a little bit before the new year.

Nov final profit was £8,104 which is my 2nd best of the year.  It also puts me £2k above 2010 total profit so hoping i can stay above that at the least for Dec   :)

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