Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come Undone

Same stuff as yesterday barring the recovery at end.   Dropped another $2,100 getting coolered and outdrawn again and running $1,000 below ev again.  Think im done with this promotion and the game for a few days at least.

Since 6th December ive raked over $4,300 for approx £450 loss b4 rakeback and promos.  Almost exactly $2,000 below ev.  Looking back at November i was pretty much the reverse ev so its not a moan i just wanted to summarize it on here to clear my head before moving on. 

Theres still a chance ill play later if i dont decide to go out, but assume not unless updated below.  This promotions done my head in the last few days and tested me to the full mentally at a time when it was already a mighty slog.  Anyways its been worth it i guess.  Sitting on +£534 now for December, time to chill out then make better table selection as i wont be just going for max rake.

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