Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec Final Figs

Just when i thought i was getting over that cold the damn thing moved into my sinuses and ive had as smacking a headache as ive had for years thats lasted 3 days on and off :(   Basically havent been able to play since Wednesday which has been mega frustrating and ultra boring .    I really hope im over the worse of it now but it seems to come back late in the night every night so guess ill find out later :((

Anyways enough moaning, at least its making me crave playing in a big way when i am better.  Final figures clocked in at a healthy £1,867 for December.   I havent cleared any bonuses this month and obv ran opposite to November so im happy with that figure. Also raked out $5,000 on primary site, unsure about others but nothing big.   Theres plenty of promotions about in January so im hoping to clear my head and really basically just play as much as i can.

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