Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Bang

Month over and promotion over.   Still playing as games are just plain daft tonight.  Running so lucky too despite being drowsy from a hangover.  Another mental last day, will post below when im done and i guess ill post tommorrow final figures once as i expect thats when i will get credit for the promotion.

.......Ok im done, +£1,211 on the day and way above expectation, great finish to a big month.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Final Day Hangover ?

Forced myself out of bed "early" today at 10am to finish in time to go pub all evening.  Just 1 more day of 8 hours ish to play and still the profits have gone up nicely the last 2 days although a tad slower and ev has caught up a little.  Since last post 2 days combined ive gone from £7,857 up to £8,443.   I will get a $1,750 cash promotion bonus at end of month so the £10k mark is in range although im way past it in reality with all the rakeback ive earned to cash in at a later date.  Barring a disaster its going to be my best month since November 2009 :)) 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Shocked And 3 Days To Go

Another crazy day, just couldnt seem to do much wrong.   Both graphs show a near straight line up for the day and it was nearly another 4 figure day.  Was also in profit the whole day for a change.  +£950 on day taking me to  +£7,857 for March.   Mega month, hope i dont destroy it in the next few days.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Day Off - Future Thoughts

Just 4 more days left at $400 rake a day and ive decided to take today off after what was probably my most successful day this year yesterday.  Made just under £1,500 (and was even behind marginally on allin ev!)   Weathers so good and i wanted to avoid complacency after yesterdays stuff and i didnt sleep well last night.   Barring a bad end im looking a brilliant month in terms of profit.  

Ive even started wondering whether i should cash in my points on my main site for $20k (40% rakeback) or be patient and let them build up over the next 18 months ish to cash in for $75k (50% rakeback) which would earn me an extra $15k in the long run and maximise rakeback. 

They say dont change a broken record and since ive focused 90% of my play on 1 site it seems to have beared fruit extremely well.   If i change my mind i could cash in the $20k at any time.  Originally that was kind of going to be my vegas bankroll but if i can cope leaving it in the site (at a small risk i guess as nothings 100% safe) it would be better if i could just roll myself from actual profits and promotions funds. 

Im definitely much more disciplined when ive got a target or promotion to focus on but at the same time i dont expect to play nearly as much over the next few months with vegas/olympics/euros as well as some much needed time off next month. 

A rough model i could follow over the next 14 months (say) would see me rake $2k a week on my main site for 50 out of 61 weeks which would see me reach that bonus cashout level.  I did look at something like this months back but figured i was better just chasing promotions and playing mulitple sites more.   Still not sure but lots to think about.   At end of the day i could do the above over 2 years while still playing other sites but obviously wouldnt have access to all this rakeback for a longer period which could potentially be an issue.   For now lets finish this month well and chill out with no specific promotion to target next month i can it a lot easier, especially if the weather holds !

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Couple of crappy days, really need break.  Gonna get pretty drunk now and deffo taking 2moz off and maybe Mon too.  Dropped to £5,421 , somehow only lost £70 today which is a mini miracle the way ive been playing.   pub--------->me v soon.     Only 6 days left to play this month, thankfully.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Slog

Just not feeling it at mo.  Had a great day in terms of profit and running well but just felt like a long slog and didnt enjoy any of it.  To be expected i guess nearing the end of the month but think i was just in one of them weird moods when i woke up andf it never changed poker or otherwise.  gone to +£6034 for the month which is about +£860 on the day. 

Day 12/20

Slog today, games were infrequent and never lasted any length.  Prob my latest finish this month at 2am so gonna hit sack immediately and try and get back to the clock i was on before.   Up and down a lot both ways but finally lost about £100 overall and ran below ev for first time in ages.  Obv cant complain as been ridiculous lately. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Bad Day

2 days off sun/mon , would like to say i came back today raring to go but wasnt really in proper mode.   Still games were ok and im done earlish at 11pm having already had a couple of long breaks.   Been level or down most of day but got bit back last session.  Untracked limit games were good and they are the only reason im slightly in profit on day which i will definitely take.  +£35 on the day :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Heater

Still on this sick run and today was much the same.  Taken me to new peak of £5,243.  Since my last bad day (a week ago) ive just run like god basically.   Just chucked that into tracker and ive run $2,800 above ev on allins in that period.  Must enjoy it while it lasts cos i know how tough it felt when i had the reverse for a period towards the end of last month.    Day off begins right now :) :) :) :))

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nearly Another Day Off

Almost same as day before.  In profit nearly all day and climbed to nearly £500 up at the end, running well still so expecting a bad session or day sometime soon.   Profits to new peak of £4,797.  Sunday definitely day off, plenty of housework followed by plenty of booze :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easy Day

Above ev, loads of heads up games and higher stuff so quicker rake.  Took 2 x 1hr+ breaks and still finished by 10pm.   Also i nice £956 profit to take me to a peak of £4,304 for March.  Try and fight off complacency 2moz and Sat before taking Sunday off.

Day 7/20

Good day, up steady all day and marginally ahead of ev all day.  Finished on a low reversing the ev bit though in some ridiculous pots but not staying on to chase despite the games being good.  I know its better to chill and get a decent nights sleep with another 13 days of this left.

On the day: +£278
On Month:  +£3,348

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Challenging Day

Started awful and spent the whole day recovering it.  Action wasnt great today so took longer but i had a few longer breaks too so overall it wasnt too bad.  Eg started before 11am but only finished just after midnight.   Anyways after losing £400ish i finished  +£136.  Would have been a small loss but got paid fully on 1/2plo for a straight flush vs 2nd nut house on my very last hand of my very last table as i was shutting them.   Another rake target done and 6/20 now.  As usual knackered so hit the sack straight away.  Month +£3,070.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 5/20

Almost took 2 days off as hungover fair today but pushed on and it was worth it.  Just finishing last $3 rake now at 10:15pm so not too bad a time and was back to a more steadier day without the ridiculous swings of the prev huge win/huge loss days.  I can spread 4 more days off before the end of March so overall this promo shouldnt be as mentally tough as last months was.

Nice to post another winning day anyway and gonna tally it up now:  Just under £500 up to go to +£2,934 :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Undone Mare

Enjoyed that last post while it lasted which wasnt long.  Today was completely the reverse in every way possible so its back to where i was a couple of days ago.  Still on a good month and having a day off tommorrow.   +£2,445 ...return Monday would like to say refreshed but prob hungover.

Friday, March 09, 2012

God Session

Crazy was steady and in profit all day then in the space of 10minutes i won stacks accross 4 or 5 tables.  Went from £250ish up to £850ish up but didnt stop there and won even more 30mins or so later.   Finished now just before 10pm +£1,303 up on day to take me to £3,561 for the month.    Mental day, only played 3/6 a tiny bit and my 2/4 exploits werent huge.  Most of profit came from 1/2 or lower !!!
Ev tracker says +$1,000 but i was roughly +$2,000 oooops :)

Not Such A Slog

2nd $400 rake day went better in terms of being smoother.   Games were good and managed to finish at 11:30pm despite having a cple of hours off for dinner and an hour in the afternoon to exercise.   Made about £250.  Not playing as high as last month yet although did get some 2/4pl hi lo in towards the end of the night.  Plo hasnt been going as well since the downswing so im keeping that lower until i fancy it or see a megafish a bit higher.  Not 100% sure what im doing this weekend yet but im thinking i might take Sunday off to recharge.  March ---> £2,258.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March Targets

Already cleared my first one which was raking in the region of $700 to get a $500 bonus (and about $200 in rakeback to come) which was running out on the 10th.  Was swingy on that site but ended up in profit a little so all good.   Also done well with couple of short drunk table attacks on separate days on main site.

Before today i was sitting about £1,500 up and now i've begun my promotion for the rest of this month.  Its similar to last month but instead of $375 rake a day its $400.   Only need to play 20days out the the remaining 25 though so can spread some days off in there which will hopefullly help my sanity.    If i break even i would get (rakeback +promo) of approx. $5,000 so i'll keep thinking of that to push me through the headaches ive already started getting.  Lack of breaks today silly but was in addict mode and had 1 or 2 good tables shorthanded i knew would break if i stopped so pushed on through regardless.  At least ive finished before 9pm.

Was in profit nearly all day today but only took off really well at end and made about £500 to put me +£2,003 for March.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Feb Review

Graphs of tracked games in Feb for that promotion i did on my main site.     Think the 2nd one is especially interesting as i seem to get more wound up when i get stacked irrelevent of stakes in the short term.

Still the promotion added an extra 25.11% to my rakeback and i grossed $10,500 rake doing that.  Actual written down figure for month is £3,986 but true figure would include rakeback from rake and from extra promotion points which wont be cashed in for a few months yet.  This would add roughly £4,000 to it. 

Trying to take a full day off from poker today, soooooooo much stuff to do.  Gottta tank other site if its viable to get a $500 bonus before 10th march.  Then im planning 20days at $400 rake for this months promotion to get about 20% extra rakeback through that and also getting to the highest vip level by the end of the month.  This will enable me to cash in points at 40% rather than 30% in the next quarter sometime.

GSOP PL HI LO (ongame) Results

Still playing the $50rebuy, onto that in a mo 4/7 but card dead of late.
Played $5 rebuy at same time and led that for a while, ended up busting 29th/844.

$50 rebuy i led for long periods, at one point over an hour a few hours in.   Just gone backwards a bit since final 2 tables, 358 entered and chunky $9,500winner +$5k seat.  Need some luck to get that result though as blinds are catching up and actions pretty wild at the final table.  Break in 1 minute, time for more caffiene eyes are going big time.  Hopefullly a few updates below b4 i bust.  Guaranteed $1,500 so far.

Arrrgh had 5outs freeroll to double fully immed after break from flop.   missed that then nxt hand lost A4910 vs A366 vs a shortie to leave me hanging on 10xbb.  Win that pot and would basically been joint top with 4others a 1 shortie.  Win one before and would been clear chip leader.   fingers crossed fully :(

Doubled AKJ3 1 suit vs AK35 2suits , hit a  straight.   LOL as i wrote that got biggest starting hand whole game AA23 1 suit in SB but only stole bb with it !!!

bb is 20k now and im 320k   ..chips flying in.  1 has bust and theres 1 massive chippy now so im 3/6.

1:07am...... just bust.  was utter crapshoot carnage after that last post.  blinds 20k bb.  ill put hands here but not really matter, game turned to luck almost fully

was 12.5xbb 3/5 after big chip bust another.  
AKK6 vs A,10,2,6 lost to a shorter stack to leave me 5.5xbb
AK75 vs would u believe it the same guy the next hand with A,10,2,6   , hit full house to double

AQ102 raise pot cutoff.   button instant minreraise looked like a misclick.  BB big chip reraise pot.  I chuck em in and get value as 6xbb from button folded.   Hit nut low but only split vs AK45.  3/5 again.

only hit part of a flop when i minraised A388dbl std.  AK10.  felt it was give up or cont bet and turn hand into bluff to test where i was.  Unfortunately big chip who only flat called in sb puts me in and i have to fold putting me back to 9xbb.   Dnt regret this play as would rather stab than give up not knowing where am or get committed to a suck me in turn.  If anything i was surprised big chip didnt reraise pre but he didnt seem to realise he could bully to *** with his stack.

5/5 rest goes in KK48 vs big chip again AA108..   flop AKJ goodnight no quads a coming :(

5th/358 had plenty of luck and its a decent result for $2,557.

Unfortunately i still need to play stars for an hour or 2 as i had to shut them tables when this got serious :(      Prob post final month figures 2moz.