Friday, June 30, 2006

Ok Enough Of That Lousy Month

27th in the 10k .....for gods sake 1010 vs 99 and a lovely 9 high flop , had a fair stack too , would have been top 5 if that pot held.

Highlights before that have to be the button raiser (playing a 15k stack) going 600 to 1800 and i went 11k allin with 85off when there was 32 players left. Showed the bluff after he put he folded 88 lol. 2nd time he raised on button when it folded to button so had to send a message out and did lol. He also mentioned he was qualified for WSOP so i felt able to make a move on such a player that had been bigging it up for a while. Mind you any half decent player would call there , just need some balls lol.

Earlier i did get lucky when i had QJ (no spades) on a J76 board (all spades) in a £12 50k sub qualifier. Got called allin on flop by AA (with ace of spades) and 77 , looked this one up and its about 1.7% for me to win lol. Turn = 6 , River = jack and amazingly i actually did qualify and make use of the luck for a change which i think has been lacking this last month. Luck without a doubt is even as always for the month , its just which spots you get the luck in that decide your real fate.

Sixpacs (played 13) profit +£71

June was destined for no big payouts in any multis and a very poor standard based on profit alone. Profit after everything is a poor £293 , better than a loss anyway :)) .
Ok after very little play in Scotland i thought i might do better but ive just not got deep into enough multis and in the few that i have , i just havent had my name on any big cash at the end of the day. Also wasnt a mile off more package wins , again luck in the right place required.

The sixpac experiment was going well until the bad run a week ago, i think i played too many thunders in the end which do rely on too much luck. Roughly for the month i only made £250 from 107 sixpacs ranging from £11 to £109 but mainly £22 or £33 ones.

Right lets move to July and see whats in store. I have entry to the 50k on Sunday and also have paid for entry to the $50k added tournament also on Sunday. With England playing tommorow will be poker free and lagers a plenty. Sunday i will play those games above as freerolls and see how bad the hangover is as to whether i play much else.

Flights are booked for 27 July to Vegas , just need to print e-ticket thingy, sort out how im getting to/from London, get some insurance and decide how much cash to take which is a bit of a mindboggler. Basically the further i get in the WSOP the less i will spend out there so without knowing that in advance its a grey area. Maybe £600 and just withdraw with charges if i need any more.

Think i will continue to play a fair few sixpacs next month but i think i maybe should vary a bit more and play a few more 10 player ones and probably a bit of cash when im totally against stts. I believe the WSOP is 9 or 10 handed so thats another argument for playing more of that type of game leading up to it as well.

Quick Untilt Purely A Let Off Steam Post

Damn it, thought my luck had finally changed, got deep into the £55 201 player 15k (huge value) , kept overraising at around the cash stages and got nice stack uncalled. Then i overraise button raise 7 handed from sb with 99 , guy takes ages then calls with AK and hits of course. Pot was to go 2/21 with a stack i could have used nicely. Got back with a double A7 vs J10std when only 6-7 x bb of 800 but then i got no cards and finally pushed 8k utg 6 handed , blinds were 600,1200. To my amazement a 30k chippie raises (not even in blinds) with K10off to 15k. Christ thought i was in big trouble with that raise then i see K10off the muppet and of course he hits the 10. That would have put me 8/10 as someone exitted next hand on the other table so i still had a fair chance of winning or placing high. Personally i rather lose to KK or AA not a friggen joke of a call K10off, flaming muppet. Just to clarify i finished 11th :((

Will blog later on full day as currently 30/96 in the 337 entrants £27 10k, boy did i need to let some steam off in this post. Oh also lost AK vs 77 to have gone 1st/180 on a huge stack when the blinds were only 50,100 in this 10k which hasnt helped. As i wrote this i lost pot odds call KJ vs 88 to have gone up 5 places or so. 52/78 now oh dear coinflips doing my head in again.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still No Joy

Yesterday, sixpac loss -£30
Actually played 12 and cashed in 6 but unfortunately 5 of them were seconds for tiny returns

Today, sixpac profit (yes profit believe it) + £125 , 6 games played
Unfortunately i lost that profit playing 3 multis, 109euros, £55 and £27. Exits as follows:

£55 in bb raise 100 to 300 (playing a unimproved 2k stack) with KK and get 2 callers, flop 865 2 clubs , 1 caller has 97clubs , not nice.

£27 latish raise 30 to 111 (playing a weak 900 stack) with KK and get 3 callers, flop 10,9,7 with 2 clubs, bb bets 200ish i go allin get called by AJclubs and original better J10off. Got my chips in first ahead, what else can i say.

109euro bb 100 with 33 (playing a 1375 stack) , guy late on with a 5k stack flat calls with KJ suited , sb tops up, i go allin assuming that im ahead to take 300 there and then. Of course the KJ suited has spare chips and is quite prepared to gamble calling instantly "backwards dummy" style and hitting flop straight away. These are the ones that piss me off when they have no idea how to play a large stack by raising initially to put pressure on my 33 but are quite happy to call 13xbb preflop anyway.

Dont like to think about how bad my profit for the month is, was ok till this bad mini run that ive had for the last 4 days or so, may even have wiped out my profit completely, anyway it will probably be my worst or 1 of worst months since i started records depending on the next 24 hours.

Only positive i can think about at the moment is starting a fresh month with the WSOP to look forward to at the end of it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things Can Only Get Worse

Well thats what i believe at the minute , i seem to making some of the best reads of my life online and playing really well only to get outdrawn time after time or stitched up by juiced up tables.

Sixpacs loss (3 played) -£32

Played a few multis and again i can confirm im damn annoyed, pissed off and about ready to smash something.

Think it was AJ vs A10 in a blind battle in a £20 muti when the blinds are smallish , i go allin over the sb raise, never a call but the A10 calls immediately and flops top pair and a flush draw , that sums up the day best probably.

$100 game ,20 minute blinds im incredibly active , pull off 1 or 2 good semi bluffs only to lose A7 vs 33 , 33 vs AK , 1010 vs KK (5 handed when very active and couldnt fold to the overaise despite the other guy making it obvious he had better). The only hand i won preflop all game was a AJ vs A3 , bring on WSOP with a deep stack and the opportunity to play some proper poker.

Lets see what else do we have oh this is a good one. 15k £55 buy in. I have 1700ish and blinds are 15,30. 88 utg flat call , 1 other caller and sb makes it 150 to go. I consider fold as dont like 5xbb raises but decide to call as can afford the knock if miss and he may only have overcards, other guy calls. Flop K84 chk chk chk. turn = 9 chk i decide to bet as want big pot or someone to pay for gutshot (no flush draws possible) or whatever and bet 210 into the 480 , next guys folds , sb raises single element to 420. I way up situation and decide he has KK or AK (mayb 99 but unlikely) , decide to flat call and decide on river as AK might not pay me if i go back over top here. River is a 3 and this guy bets 450, now for me the only option is to call or raise allin online , i put the guy on KK but call anyway to see and im correct that the suspicious betting indicates. Im left with 700ish chips and thank the guy for not busting me. In reality i was congratulating myself for somehow not pumping the pot and busting. I know for a fact thats the first time ive only called someone down on a rainbow board with no possible straights out there with trips. board was K8493 , 3rd nuts trips as well LOL. I think that is without doubt my best escape online (although of course u never get to see what the other has if u normally make a big fold). Anyway left with 700 chips i get to 800 before this hand really does me. 9,10off towards button i call 50 after utg caller and just blinds in flop is KJ7 giving me double gutshot. utg bets 50 i call and happy to only lose 50 if miss , turn is Q to give me straight although there are 3 diamonds out there. utg bets 200 , makes me suspicious with increased bet but im too weak to fold so go 700 allin, he calls instantly with A2off including ace of diamonds and the river is the lovely diamond to prevent me getting right back into a tournament i should have bust on already.

Cant remember my exit on a £12 sub for the 50k but know it was a outdraw as well.
And the £27 10k i raised a 150 blind to 600 with 88 (when only holding a 1200 stack) commiting to hand no matter what only to be overraised by KJstd. Yes that hand must have looked pretty to fool with spare chips , absolutely no way he would have been ahead of any hand i was holding there as i know my exact position stackwise and wasnt gonna be pushing or raising with worse. Anyway flop is , u could guess , KJ and a rag , what a surprise.

Im actually amazed at the last 2 days of poker , i know everyone has bad runs but the draws and fools getting lucky by playing hands awful are really doing me in. Due to the shorthanded nature of most of my games there arent as many preflop allins so im very surprised at this run.

Not sure how to approach the game now as i thought today playing more multis would make me feel bit better but the outdraws have been worse. May well go lower in entry stakes if i can handle it for a bit to try and guarantee winnings or more importantly confidence.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hangover Poker

I know the two dont mix, the trouble is when your luck is useless in the right places and you combine that with a hangover you usually end up with one of your worst days of poker for losses and enjoyment. The other problem is when i have one of my hangovers i never seem to motivate myself to do anything physical so often end up playing anyway knowing i wont enjoy it, but through serial boredom.

Sixpac Loss (played 12) : -£244

Multis were a joke lost $109 and £27 ones with beats and no luck when you really need it for the massive pots or ones that guarantee money, cards were pretty bad in both and when i did get a hand it was usually beaten. Played the $100 very agressive especially at the final table and it was paying off until suddenly there seemed to be a premium hand or 2 out there every hand , very juiced up in my experience and impossible to steal with big stack as constantly being overraised by a table of rocks. my A10 beat AK to stay in with 10 left but as you expect when you have been running bad all day i lose every preflop allin after that 77 vs AA vs QQ, J9 vs AQ, KQ vs A10 to name a few.

I know there is swings both ways but its damn annoying when you run into huge hands and lose 3 preflops or more on the trot as seemed the case too often today, whether it be sixpac or multi.

Had my only losing omaha cash day for weeks too , only $60 but that was in such a short period of maybe 10 minutes and was to such a bad player calling my $40 bet with a straight draw on the turn (when i only have $40 left) with no implied odds then when he rivers me he doesnt bet and i check out and take the mickey then leave.

Finish early and try to start a complete fresh tommorrow after that rubbish.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

End of the night

Damn was close to getting to the $1050 WSOP satellite final. ended up 18/60 (8 go through to next level) . JJ vs QQ my exit hand , had been so card dead for an hour or so so bit annoyed to get that stitch up the first time i push allin for ages.

2 consolations, played omaha .5,1$ at the same time and made $300+ and cleared more raked hands. 2nd is the fact i can watch the england game without worrying about having to be home by 6pm for the WSOP $1050 final.

My first attempt at qualifying for the CPC (Carribean Poker Classic) failed when a muppet called my allin 1500 AK when the blinds were only 25,50 with A3off and spiked a river 3 in the $32 satellite.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Absolutely Livid

i dont normally post mid evening when i still have to play later but i need to get this shit out of my system.

Just finished 11/37 runners in the WSOP limit $180 qualfier i got into weeks back. There were 7 x $910 final seats up and $300 approx for 8th. Absolutely mad i was in the top 5 the whole way before i raised with decent hands only to run into bigger ones by a big chippie that was determined to play against the big stacks despite already having a stack guaranteed to get through with. Then i got QQ and lost a 2k pot to 45off , that really did it cos this guy had played no hands the whole game and forced into blinding out then spawns that to leave me on 2k and joint 9-11th at the time. Before that my A10std ran into AK and had to stay in cos the flush draw flopped but didnt hit and i finished when my AJstd ran into another AK , was an absolute joke and i told the table that before being warned not to swear or face chat ban. Will be interested to see if i can talk next time i play but shant be playing Stan James for a long time after that bullshit anyway.

Elsewhere i lost to a ridiculous call in the 15k(£55 with 250 players). bb was only 300 and i had 5600 and called on the button 600 (gay single raise by big stack next to me) flop is 652 with 2 spades and i hold KJ of spades , he bets 1800 and i move allin 5k knowing he should only call with pocket pair. He takes till last second then calls most of his stack with A10off, for fuks sake A10off exactly the sort of hand i put him on and thought he couldnt call. Anyway im a 55% favourite on that flop but dont improve and im unable to text in because the gay software dont allow anyone, fuking joke of a call im my opinion but this guy probably thought he made a great call cos it won. Pot was to go 13th/61 players left (pays to 30) so lets say i wasnt too happy about that one , more so because of the dumb single raise and the dumb call allin by this guy than the actual loss. Earlier in the tournament i had JJ 2 hands running and beat AK to double before losing to QQ the next hand and going back to the same stack i had 2 hands before ! I did have my fair share of luck in it surviving AQ vs QQ and AQ vs 1010 to stay in twice but i hate losing to what i see as bad play.

Elsewhere i came 3rd/20 players in a $50 game for $300 , losing a KQ vs 66 to have got over 50% of the chips in play. Again i lost huge pot 4 handed AJ vs AK before recovering to only finish 1 place higher, its cash but again im pissed off it aint 1st if im honest.

I guess its doubtful ill play any more sixpacs tonight as im tired so that lies at played 2.

Sixpac loss : -£55

I think a long break is in order before i play a WSOP $150 qualfier at 12:30am i qualified for 2 nights ago for $25.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sixpacs Only

Played 7 sixpacs during the day today as im out this evening so wont play later unless im itching to when im drunk.

Profit : +£67

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well guess its been fairly eventful day for me.
Didnt play at all yesterday so was up for playing more than i have for a while today. Managed to not place in 8 sixpacs in a row before finally recovering a bit of the loss. Outdraws were very frequent as i wasnt playing bad at all , happens. Played 15 in the end.

Sixpac Loss : -£197

Played a £1,£2 NL cash table 10 handed for a bit alongside a sixpac and fortunately won £200 when a guy couldnt lay down QQ preflop despite me making it obvious i had AA.

Then had break and left it to evening for couple of multis. No good in the $109 one , certainly the cards didnt help as i went into card dead mode just when i needed to be stealing pots to sustain my stack. The 109euro game i played was different, got off to a good steady start before playing 2 hands on which i could easily have bust on.

1) had limped early with 96std flop 997 pot = 200 approx. bb leads with 150 i decide to flat call and not pump the pot as i often would. turn = 5 he checks and i check assuming i will get a ok pay off on the river and not too many danger cards. river is a 3 and he bets 500, i call and he has 93 for full house , phew i survive a hand i would be moaning about if i raised the flop or turn.

2) This one is a classic. KK on the button no one else in the pot. i was to 150 (50=bb) , bb calls. flop JJ7 , i decide to slow play and slow the betting down in case he has a jack as i dont wanna difficult laydown if possible. chk chk turn is a jack, i bet 100 convinced im miles ahead trying to look weak hoping he will just call or even make a move on me which i know i wouldnt believe. He calls river is an ace, he checks and i check feeling there is no payoff there unless im behind, he shows J10std for 4 jacks and i text in "thank you for not busting me by raising the turn" which got no response despite him commenting on the hand before which he had tripled up on LOL. So im weak now and think im doomed as i havent cashed in this for a few months , i used to cash 30-40% of the time probably so my record of late is appalling.

Anyway after some steady play, agressive pushing and 1 or 2 beats as well (against me that is!) i manage to make the last 10 for 276euro before busting on 9,10std vs AK for a pot to go 3rd or 4th out of 10. Unfortunately the slow play and the short stacks kept doubling before the final table so the blinds were too big to wait for any premium hands so i was happy to commit to try and steal with my 9,10std at that point and was only a 41.5% dog to double through anyway.

I thought i would be happy to cash for once but im actually just as pissed off as if i had finished 11th , i know i wanted top 3 for a decent pay day but hopefully i can feel a bit more confident about reaching that far when i play next week.

If i put my preflop luck into context in that tournament i think i won the following:

AA vs 22
99 vs A10
KK vs QQ

and lost:

Q9 vs K10
A7std vs AKstd
9,10std vs AK
J6 vs Q8std (and another hand as was 3 way pot checked through)

I think i can feel a bit hard done by not to have got a bit further especially avoiding the 2 hands i could have bust on.

Overall for the day im about £75 up i guess , think i went down £270 at worst before recovering so could be worse.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No luck in the 3 tournaments i played tonight, £27 my kk ran into aa 2nd hand !, AK vs Q3 and AK vs JJ lost in the LOQ $15 and i never really got going in the $109 i played A7std running into 10s in the end. Been playing bit of cash yesterday and today to try to clear 500 mpps on littlewoods so i can enter the 50$k added tournament a week sunday , about level so far but earning rakeback and clearing the points reasonably quick so not a problem.

Sixpacs profit for day (played 3)

- $58 + £80

Monday, June 19, 2006

Not too much to report as i just wasnt that interested in playing tonight , still bit too knackered from the trip back.

Played 2 x £33 sixpacs and won 1:

Sixpac Profit : £69

Only other game i played was a 28 player $15 LOQ qualfier, unfortunately i lost heads up for the $750 satellite for winner only. Played fairly well heads up and was a bit annoyed when i went out on a stone cold bluff but the blinds had gone up and i had split a 40/40 with 20% split to have won a few hands before that so i did have a good fight of it.
Well the biggie turned into a big joke in the end. I had 2 pots early as shown below.

1) utg calls 20 i go to 60 on button with Qh9h , bb and utg call. flop is 533 with 2 hearts. i bet 140 and get called by utg, turn is a blank 8 i check and river is a blank ace. I bet 250 into a 480 pot and get called by KQ. Ok found out the hard way there is a calling station at the table.

2) against the same calling station i limp 10,6std for 20, 4 players in the pot. flop 10,6,3 (2clubs not my suit) , i bet 60 and only called by calling station , turn is a king and he starts betting big into me , i decide to slow up and just call as early and dont wanna throw away chips against a higher 2 pair or trips. he bet 200 into the 200 btw. river = 8 no flush or realistic flush possibilites he bets 600 into 600 , i call and the fool shows K8off for 2 pair. Unreal he had no draw or part of the flop but he stays in and catches runner runner , sickest pot of the day by a mile.

Anyway after those 2 pots i refocused and played all sorts of rags managing to hit some flops and get back to my starting stack. Now it isnt very often i complain about the cards im being dealt but this tournament was my worst for cards ive been in since playing poker full time. Bearing in mind its a sixpac so many many hands are dealt as action is reasonably fast. Anyway i had no unpaired cards above A10 and only had A10 twice. I never had anything above a K10 (when holding a king) and again only had K10 2 or 3 times. As for suited connectors they were very rare as well , mayb 2 in the game and only a few close ones like 97std as well. Pocket Pairs were almost extinct , i had 55 and 88 and no others !!!

Despite the cards i sustained a stack which dipped as low as 2500 , finally the blinds were 150,300 and i was only playing a 3500 stack (5k starting stack) , i raised with A6std and a jack high flop with 2 of my suit meant i was never laying down and the other guys KJ held up. Bit gutted but was so tired i wasnt angry at all.

2 bad beats sealed my fate in 2 other games i played and in the bloggers freeroll i committed to a 53 on a 543 flop only to find 54 against me, turn was a 3 but river was a 4 so i went out on a huge pot early which is always a good way to go in a freeroll.

Only 12 days left of June and i have a lot of things on other than poker so unless i get a nice win my monthly profit will be low as expected which isnt a problem when i havent put the time in. My semi-break from poker has probably done me good and it will be interesting to see if the enjoyment factor is a bit higher when i do play the rest of the month.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

ok im back and i am forced to play a few games tonight at little or no cost.

I did play Thursday and got nowhere in £55 and 109 euro multis. I also played a 400 player win only freeroll and lost AKstd vs JJ to have gone 1/37 then lost 99 vs 77 a couple of hands later to go 18/36. That was for a $7k package to vegas , keep getting close so only a matter of time till i win another package somewhere methinks.

Tonight is a 107 player tournament that i qualified for at the start of the week. On paper its the biggest online game ive played as the prizepool is 2 x $150k seats in a sixpac in vegas. As im very tired from a 12 hour journey i certainly wont feel the nerves and the blind structure is kind so who knows. Also i have a $37k freeroll with 2000 players in for the bloggers tournament on pokerstars, i will use this game to test the software and see if i wish to play anything on it as ive not done up to now. Finally a 3 x $7k packages freeroll which i will also play alongside the others.

I dont think i will pay to enter anything tonight as im far too tired so wont mind busting out of any of the above early as much as normal.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bollox it wasnt meant to be. Key pot for me was a Q10off in bb of 50 utg had raised to 150 and got called so i called for value, flop was J9rag rainbow and i check raised the raiser as he only had 2k and i had 3600 (3k starting stack) at the time so could afford a knock if i was against a high pocket pair. he had aces and despite a queen on the turn improving my outs from 8 to 13 i missed and was left on 1600. Just to put it in context if that pot had hit i would have been chipleader out of 14 left (there were 2 packages and $3600 for 3rd from the 16 entrants) .I got right back in limping with queens for 50 and doubling on a jack ragrag flop against j9 but actually was very unlucky exiting for another pot worth 4500 10s vs kk when i reraised a button raiser from the small blind and the big blind had KK ! I had played 2 sets of trips early on fast on the flop and got a call then a fold on the turn on both, shame as i played them the same as the Q10 hoping the raiser had a big pocket pair and was sucked in. It wasnt an easy game as all my raises were either called or reraised ! , oh for more genuine cards ! 12th was my finish in the end i think, all blogged out of my system so time for more drinks and put that one down to experience.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ok ive made it to scotland after a 12 hour car journey (far too hot) which included watching the england victory on a mini tv screen whilst listening to radio 5 commentary.

Friday i won a small buy in event with 63 players which earned me £100 and $100 for every goal scored in the England-Paraguay match, oh well it could have been 0-0 i suppose so $100 is better than nothing. (same game night before would have net $600 because of the 6 goal opener). I also played cash to try a league using player points but too many players and no success will probably mean ill ignore the rest after 1 event.

Ive played no sixpacs since last post and dont intend to at all for the near future, just multis i feel are good value not to miss.

This included the $160 1 in 6 qualify 6 handed multi tonight which im pleased to say i got through. I am now in a $900 final tommorrow (6 handed) where 1 in 6 will win a $2500 buy in to WSOP event and remainer in expenses. More importantly if i play well and am lucky enough to get through i would have to spend from 11 or 12 July through to similar date in August in vegas as there would be no point returning home inbetween. 1 Month in vegas, oooooh that would make or break me LOL. There is a minimum 13 players in the final so at least 2 packages up for grabs. I take nothing for granted and just hope my lucks in so i can get some good high stakes poker in vegas before the main event which could be very valuable experience.

Fingers a crossed :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another good day but just missed out on bigger money.

Played $109 multi 24 players and finished 3rd had many ups and downs towards the end but AQ vs 55 to go heads up with 3/4 of chips in play turned out to be key hand. Did lose A8off vs 10s after that to go 50/50 in chips heads up as well so guess it just wasnt to be on the night. Exit hand after that was Q2off vs J9off to get back to almost 25% of chips in play. Got just over $525 return but extra 945$ for 1st so bit disappointing. Like i say many swings in that as lost AK vs AQ to be a big chipleader with 10 left then found myself 9th/9 after that so i suppose i would have took $525 at a few points in the game.

Also played the 10k £27 entry again and this time trully bubbled finishing 41st/345 (pays to 40 lol) Let myself almost blind out (which i never normally do) and wont do again after watching short stacks double 3 times on coinflips and a 20% dog hit as well.

An excellent few sixpacs today boosts my profit also. Played 5 they read (won 2 and 2nd in 1) :

Day 7 : +£126 - $23

Sixpacs seems to be running well generally and have probably paid for my entrys to tournaments for the week which is pleasing.

Weekly they read: Played 27 (ranging from $23 to £109mainly £22 or £33 though)

+ £324 -$44 so basically £300 profit

If that was a set of 2 for every half hour then thats only 13.5 hours play . Combine that with the fact maybe 1/3 of those are thunder sixpacs where the blinds go up faster its actually less time than that as well. As long as im happy playing sixpacs i will definitely continue playing them when i return from Scotland anyway.

I know based on these figures i could easily play more sixpacs and less multis for a consistent regular profit but i know a good mix is what keeps me interested in games of poker and im generally happy with just using them to keep my monthly profit from going negative by effectively freerolling into tournaments like the $109 tonight.

On another note pokerstars have confirmed that bloggers freeroll despite my blog not being 2 months old the rule only there really to stop people setting up a new blog to enter. They also
have said if i was to win another WSOP package they would keep me happy and offer something similar which i was very surprised to hear. I havent even played pokerstars yet so i guess the happy to encourage my business.

I received my lowest rakeback for several months from last months play. I only got about £110 back in total which in previous months has been £300-£400. This confirms how little poker i played in May whilst still maintaining an ample income, given the weather and my holiday i wont expect too much more from this month either although i am playing most of these sixpacs with rakeback so that will boost it a bit maybe.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hmmm another steady day but just lost 46th/377 in the 10k £27 game (pays to 40) .
QQ vs AA for a pot to go 15th/46. Very very rare i would lay QQ down preflop, even rarer towards the end of a multi, just accept the stitch up and move on. Shame as was looking good to cash 2 nights running but not to be.

3 Sixpacs played read:

Day 6: +£110 +$1

Monday, June 05, 2006

Blimey nights dont get much more frustrating than tonight.

Busted out of the 15k £55 game when the blinds were only 25,50 for a 4k stack preflop allin QQ vs KQstd dumb ass call.

Sixpacs results 6 played

Day 5: -£19 - $57

Played a omaha hi/lo stt for £30 and was going really well when got disconnected for 10 hands or so. Wouldnt be so bad but big chip was betting into my full house when i got chucked out. When i did get back in we got down to 4 players with a 600 stack sitting out from the start when i get this hand. 200bb im in sb with KK** flop is K9d7d i type in i have kkk and bet pot 600, bb calls. turn = qh i type in non-believer and bet the pot 1800 knowing hes on a flush draw (not the possible straight). he goes 2400 allin with QQ and 2 diamonds . Of course the river is a 5d to give him the whole pot and leave me crippled on tiny stack. I bust out 5 hands or so later after going all in and splitting loads when having better hand preflop. So the guy that sat out from the start gets £60 , what a joke when this other dummy has got involved for no reason but to risk his 3rd place. Boy did i abuse this guy , christ i had even told him what i had as i bet as didnt want any risky action. Anyway ill try for a refund as cant do any harm considering my connection was fine on rest of computer just rubbish to littlewoods that are having these problems lately. Seen a fair few cryptologic complaints of this nature on the betfair forum.

Meanwhile as this was going on i was running well in the 10k 389 entrant £27 game for a change. Managed to calm down after the omaha but then the nasty beat came that started a nutty 30 minutes. had a 20k stack and called utg 800 with aa, 1 other caller and both blinds in. flop Q6s7s , i bet 3k into 4k other caller goes allin 8k with Q10off and hits a 10 on the turn to win the 20k pot and leave me on 10k. after this i split 22 vs 77 on a 78910j board for small split pot to stay in, lose a 15k pot with 22 vs KK , win a 15k pot A7off vs 77 to stay in , split aa vs aa !!! lost a 12k pot 56off vs Q10std pot odds in big blind call. Finally i exit 85std hoping for no call and lose to KQstd for another 15k pot. Basically i had the aa vs Q10off and the 22 vs KK to get to a 30k stack so my rubbish preflop luck made me an extra £65 maybe as i finally crashed out 18th for a gay £100. Blimey an hour ago i was just happy to cash as my record in this and the 15k the last month or 2 has been shocking by my standards but its damn annoying to lose some big pots.
Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 3785804

I am hoping for entry into the above , given i update this blog very often and have a lot of history posted in the beginning , hopefully they will not be too forceful on the rule of the blog being 2 months old as this blog is over 1.5months old once their tournament starts.
4 sixpacs played, 3 x 33 and 1 x 55

day 4 : +£116

close to a big package of $7000 to las vegas as well on the night. 250 players win only (obviously 10-20% sitting out as freeroll)

went out 99 vs 10s to finish 9th on a biggish pot. damage had been done on several pots earlier in the game, AQ vs A10 to go 1st/100 with 1.5 times 2nd places chips. Q7 vs As2s on a Q5s4s flop for 15k pot lost which would have put me into 2nd or 3rd with only about 16 left. Racking my brains i thought there was at least one more but cant remember it at the moment. Was also unlucky when big chippie that had gone to bed and left huge stack got moved from next to me to the other table. At that point our table was tight so i was getting at least 1/2 of his small blinds and it was even easy to call or raise utg to take his big blind as well a fair few times.

Not to be , nowhere near as bad as the ladbrokes 2nd last month. Easier to take the positives from this game as i upped the gears and probably got involved and agressed the optimum amount. I did miss 1 opportunity when with the blinds only 300,600 i folded AK after a raise to 1800 and an allin 27k before me. utg raiser called and it was 77 vs the 27k stacks 9,10off would you believe. The AK would have hit and i would have had 60k or 70k (joint chip lead) if the 77 came in but think he would have folded if i called as i had 30k at the time and was in 2nd place. Shortly after i realised the 9,10 off had to go (hense to loose play) but he hadnt done anything like that move before that hand so i had no infomation to the contrary and wanted a better spot. I know technically it was a correct fold , but maybe in a win only freeroll i should have just gone with it, is very very debatable.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hot weather and hangovers = very little poker !

Ive played 1 sixpac today so:

Day 3 : +£12

The only multi of any cost that i played was a $50 which i doubled early AA vs QQ only to be outtripped for a huge pot to go chipleader when i think about half of the 40ish entrants were left.
Sixpacs seem to be the thing im enjoying playing at the moment. Saying that as the weathers been so good ive only played 8 in the 2 days of June so far ranging from £22 to £109 buyins. Im trying to write down figures on a daily basis of just the sixpacs to monitor how much i can make from them. They read:

Day 1 : +£9+$36
Day 2 : +£80

I may get bored of this but i will continue to write results here until i do.
A few uneventful multis pretty much cancel out that profit above so far anyway.

Weather is good and an England friendly so not much chance of any play until this evening anyway.