Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still No Joy

Yesterday, sixpac loss -£30
Actually played 12 and cashed in 6 but unfortunately 5 of them were seconds for tiny returns

Today, sixpac profit (yes profit believe it) + £125 , 6 games played
Unfortunately i lost that profit playing 3 multis, 109euros, £55 and £27. Exits as follows:

£55 in bb raise 100 to 300 (playing a unimproved 2k stack) with KK and get 2 callers, flop 865 2 clubs , 1 caller has 97clubs , not nice.

£27 latish raise 30 to 111 (playing a weak 900 stack) with KK and get 3 callers, flop 10,9,7 with 2 clubs, bb bets 200ish i go allin get called by AJclubs and original better J10off. Got my chips in first ahead, what else can i say.

109euro bb 100 with 33 (playing a 1375 stack) , guy late on with a 5k stack flat calls with KJ suited , sb tops up, i go allin assuming that im ahead to take 300 there and then. Of course the KJ suited has spare chips and is quite prepared to gamble calling instantly "backwards dummy" style and hitting flop straight away. These are the ones that piss me off when they have no idea how to play a large stack by raising initially to put pressure on my 33 but are quite happy to call 13xbb preflop anyway.

Dont like to think about how bad my profit for the month is, was ok till this bad mini run that ive had for the last 4 days or so, may even have wiped out my profit completely, anyway it will probably be my worst or 1 of worst months since i started records depending on the next 24 hours.

Only positive i can think about at the moment is starting a fresh month with the WSOP to look forward to at the end of it.

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