Saturday, June 24, 2006

Absolutely Livid

i dont normally post mid evening when i still have to play later but i need to get this shit out of my system.

Just finished 11/37 runners in the WSOP limit $180 qualfier i got into weeks back. There were 7 x $910 final seats up and $300 approx for 8th. Absolutely mad i was in the top 5 the whole way before i raised with decent hands only to run into bigger ones by a big chippie that was determined to play against the big stacks despite already having a stack guaranteed to get through with. Then i got QQ and lost a 2k pot to 45off , that really did it cos this guy had played no hands the whole game and forced into blinding out then spawns that to leave me on 2k and joint 9-11th at the time. Before that my A10std ran into AK and had to stay in cos the flush draw flopped but didnt hit and i finished when my AJstd ran into another AK , was an absolute joke and i told the table that before being warned not to swear or face chat ban. Will be interested to see if i can talk next time i play but shant be playing Stan James for a long time after that bullshit anyway.

Elsewhere i lost to a ridiculous call in the 15k(£55 with 250 players). bb was only 300 and i had 5600 and called on the button 600 (gay single raise by big stack next to me) flop is 652 with 2 spades and i hold KJ of spades , he bets 1800 and i move allin 5k knowing he should only call with pocket pair. He takes till last second then calls most of his stack with A10off, for fuks sake A10off exactly the sort of hand i put him on and thought he couldnt call. Anyway im a 55% favourite on that flop but dont improve and im unable to text in because the gay software dont allow anyone, fuking joke of a call im my opinion but this guy probably thought he made a great call cos it won. Pot was to go 13th/61 players left (pays to 30) so lets say i wasnt too happy about that one , more so because of the dumb single raise and the dumb call allin by this guy than the actual loss. Earlier in the tournament i had JJ 2 hands running and beat AK to double before losing to QQ the next hand and going back to the same stack i had 2 hands before ! I did have my fair share of luck in it surviving AQ vs QQ and AQ vs 1010 to stay in twice but i hate losing to what i see as bad play.

Elsewhere i came 3rd/20 players in a $50 game for $300 , losing a KQ vs 66 to have got over 50% of the chips in play. Again i lost huge pot 4 handed AJ vs AK before recovering to only finish 1 place higher, its cash but again im pissed off it aint 1st if im honest.

I guess its doubtful ill play any more sixpacs tonight as im tired so that lies at played 2.

Sixpac loss : -£55

I think a long break is in order before i play a WSOP $150 qualfier at 12:30am i qualified for 2 nights ago for $25.

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