Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another good day but just missed out on bigger money.

Played $109 multi 24 players and finished 3rd had many ups and downs towards the end but AQ vs 55 to go heads up with 3/4 of chips in play turned out to be key hand. Did lose A8off vs 10s after that to go 50/50 in chips heads up as well so guess it just wasnt to be on the night. Exit hand after that was Q2off vs J9off to get back to almost 25% of chips in play. Got just over $525 return but extra 945$ for 1st so bit disappointing. Like i say many swings in that as lost AK vs AQ to be a big chipleader with 10 left then found myself 9th/9 after that so i suppose i would have took $525 at a few points in the game.

Also played the 10k £27 entry again and this time trully bubbled finishing 41st/345 (pays to 40 lol) Let myself almost blind out (which i never normally do) and wont do again after watching short stacks double 3 times on coinflips and a 20% dog hit as well.

An excellent few sixpacs today boosts my profit also. Played 5 they read (won 2 and 2nd in 1) :

Day 7 : +£126 - $23

Sixpacs seems to be running well generally and have probably paid for my entrys to tournaments for the week which is pleasing.

Weekly they read: Played 27 (ranging from $23 to £109mainly £22 or £33 though)

+ £324 -$44 so basically £300 profit

If that was a set of 2 for every half hour then thats only 13.5 hours play . Combine that with the fact maybe 1/3 of those are thunder sixpacs where the blinds go up faster its actually less time than that as well. As long as im happy playing sixpacs i will definitely continue playing them when i return from Scotland anyway.

I know based on these figures i could easily play more sixpacs and less multis for a consistent regular profit but i know a good mix is what keeps me interested in games of poker and im generally happy with just using them to keep my monthly profit from going negative by effectively freerolling into tournaments like the $109 tonight.

On another note pokerstars have confirmed that bloggers freeroll despite my blog not being 2 months old the rule only there really to stop people setting up a new blog to enter. They also
have said if i was to win another WSOP package they would keep me happy and offer something similar which i was very surprised to hear. I havent even played pokerstars yet so i guess the happy to encourage my business.

I received my lowest rakeback for several months from last months play. I only got about £110 back in total which in previous months has been £300-£400. This confirms how little poker i played in May whilst still maintaining an ample income, given the weather and my holiday i wont expect too much more from this month either although i am playing most of these sixpacs with rakeback so that will boost it a bit maybe.

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