Friday, June 30, 2006

Quick Untilt Purely A Let Off Steam Post

Damn it, thought my luck had finally changed, got deep into the £55 201 player 15k (huge value) , kept overraising at around the cash stages and got nice stack uncalled. Then i overraise button raise 7 handed from sb with 99 , guy takes ages then calls with AK and hits of course. Pot was to go 2/21 with a stack i could have used nicely. Got back with a double A7 vs J10std when only 6-7 x bb of 800 but then i got no cards and finally pushed 8k utg 6 handed , blinds were 600,1200. To my amazement a 30k chippie raises (not even in blinds) with K10off to 15k. Christ thought i was in big trouble with that raise then i see K10off the muppet and of course he hits the 10. That would have put me 8/10 as someone exitted next hand on the other table so i still had a fair chance of winning or placing high. Personally i rather lose to KK or AA not a friggen joke of a call K10off, flaming muppet. Just to clarify i finished 11th :((

Will blog later on full day as currently 30/96 in the 337 entrants £27 10k, boy did i need to let some steam off in this post. Oh also lost AK vs 77 to have gone 1st/180 on a huge stack when the blinds were only 50,100 in this 10k which hasnt helped. As i wrote this i lost pot odds call KJ vs 88 to have gone up 5 places or so. 52/78 now oh dear coinflips doing my head in again.

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