Sunday, April 26, 2009

End Of Month

Just been looking at vegas stuff and figure i will change my dates for a shorter May, a long June and a shorter July in terms of keeping my monthly profit records. June will be 27th May - 9th July with the other two months shorter as necessary to enable my whole vegas trip to be categorised as one profit or loss in the records.

That said ive lost a bit back last couple days doing that thing i dont wnna do and playing 25/50 again. Feeling like starting a fresh i will start a new month from 26th April to enable me to kind of reset my mindset somewhat.

Ive also come up with 1 or 2 other tactics to stop me playing too high especially on the sites where its easy to withdraw and deposit i will regularly take out money over a certain amount so the temptation element wont be there as much. Gonna start depositing on a number of sites again to work with this tactic. If i had done this before i know i would have been a regular of a couple of other fishy sites where i eventually played too high a stake and blew the rolls.

April loss final figure = -£11,873 Peaked at +£20,000 and at worst was -£18,000. did recover from that -£18k to +£2k but just gone backwards last couple days to reach that final loss. Glad to draw a line under a similar loss 2 months running. I know what to do and what not to do, its just not that easy to stick to it sometimes :(

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mixed Times

Right aint really feeling this blog at the mo hense lack of updates and prob less of them in near future too. Anyway since last post i had up and down days, peaked at £20,000 up for April then after losing some back i had a horrendous 2 hour session where i managed to lose £33,000.
Was £18,000 in the hole for April and didnt play for 5 or 6 days. Returned a few days ago and have managed to stay away from the bad variance on 25/50 which was hurting. All 10/20 and 5/10 seems to be my level and ive managed to grind it back to almost level so far still with +-£5k days as standard though.

Determined not to have 2 losing months in a row so hoping i can keep running average and grind my way back into an ok finish for April but time will tell. That loss above could be a blessing in disguise if it makes me refocus as ive done so far this week and avoid 25/50 as well i think.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

Fortunately it was for me with the most time ive put in all week. Previous 4 days read +£400,
- £150, - £2,550 and -£2,050 without clocking many hours at all. Knew i was playing well though especially Thursday where i just ran real bad. Today was much different with more key pots being shipped my way. In the end i managed +£6,300 mainly on 10/20 and 5/10 but dabbles elsewhere also. Also tried my first $640 WSOP satellite 1/20 shot but finished 8th/20 on a pot which would have given me 25% chips in play. Was an ok bust as had 15 outs when i pushed the turn with lots of fold equity but missed. Dnnno how many more i will play as most packages have accomodation included in the $ so would just be hassle and lost value if won one.

I have now booked my flights for the WSOP and plan to stay in Las Vegas for over 6 weeks if i dont go mad. Fly out 27th May and scheduled return on July 8th. Also have that condo booked from 12th June to end so just need first 2 weeks accomodation. Hoping i can get Bellagio at a reduced rate and currently awaiting an email back to see bout that.

Still unsure about Manchester GUKPT, here in Scotland until next Friday so not sure i will wnna go back up country the following week. I'll know the weekend i get back i guess so will decide then.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Settle Down

I would luv to lie and say April has started as planned but the first 2 days were pretty swingy and again a bit dodgy with mindset etc. Both times i lost £8000 and £4000 before recovering and finishing errr bout £800 up each day. Havent done any 25/50 this month yet but did venture onto 100/200 hi lo omaha limit short handed which prob is between 10/20 and 25/50 PL for swings you get on it so was a bit naughty really.

Today however was much better. Head was on and i was much more methodical and chilled out in my approach as i need to be. After my usual drop money at start (only £2000 today) it was pretty much as steady a day as possible. All on same site 10/20 max but lots lower too. Afternoon session made me £3,500 and evening session clocked almost the same figure.

So hopefully more of the third day to come but im off to Scotland for 10 days but still hope to get some time online in where possible. In other news im sharing a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in vegas for a month for just $1,240. See link below. May not stay whole month its booked for though (check in 12th June) and prob go out before then and bellagio it anyway.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Worst Month


Dropped another huge figure Sunday, didnt play Monday then got that loss down to £3,600 yesterday before donating it all back on a later session at a feable attempt to break even for the month.

Not concerned with the monetary loss but last 10 days have seen my attitude, enjoyment and respect for the game all drop to its lowest this year. Cant really pin point why but i guess i was always gonna suffer a dip after such a great 2-2.5 months in all of the above. That doesnt make it any easier to change but the plan is to only play when i really want to put 100% effort in. Also to drop to 5/10 and 10/20 with only a dabble in 25/50 when my favourite table fish is available. This may prove difficult but i know its vital for my long term success. Dropping stakes is the toughest thing mentally the higher stakes you play, fact.

My target for April will be £30,000 if i put in the time as normal but anything above £20,000 is job done. Basically replicate games and style from January. This month and first couple of weeks of May are vital money and attitude wise to set me up hopefully for a long successful wsop and i dont want to put that in jeopardy any further.