Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mixed Times

Right aint really feeling this blog at the mo hense lack of updates and prob less of them in near future too. Anyway since last post i had up and down days, peaked at £20,000 up for April then after losing some back i had a horrendous 2 hour session where i managed to lose £33,000.
Was £18,000 in the hole for April and didnt play for 5 or 6 days. Returned a few days ago and have managed to stay away from the bad variance on 25/50 which was hurting. All 10/20 and 5/10 seems to be my level and ive managed to grind it back to almost level so far still with +-£5k days as standard though.

Determined not to have 2 losing months in a row so hoping i can keep running average and grind my way back into an ok finish for April but time will tell. That loss above could be a blessing in disguise if it makes me refocus as ive done so far this week and avoid 25/50 as well i think.


David Lawrence said...

Drop stakes for a month mate so you can get back to winning ways. then when settled have another crack. Seems to me since u moved to 25/50 ur swings are unbelievable and u cant cope with them. Takes a better poker player to drop down and re-evaluate, that jus see what happens. Good luck anyway mate. You very good player so keep at it and try and stay positive. Raiser

Anonymous said...

missed your blog mate :)

What dates you going over to Vegas again?

Im going to go in the summer, just looking at dates now

Kev B

Robert "Animal" Price said...

ty David pretty much everything i tell myself on a daily basis but easier said than done often :)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Kev 27th May - 8th July unbelievable aint it !