Thursday, May 31, 2007

May Review / Crazy Last Night

Didnt play much Mon/Tues/Wed although managed $500-$700 for a couple of hours on cash yesterday.

Played 3 multis tonight:

Mansion $100 nvr got going at start of this but got back in to idiot callers when blinds increased and was unlucky to lose an AK vs QJstd for 6000 chips with blinds only 75,150.

Ladbrokes (1) 1000 player freeroll i was eligible to enter from cash games points which had $150k in cash and wsop packages. Im not gonna details many hands but this one was nuts and after the first hour or so i remained in the top 5 for prob 3 further hours. I then lost AK vs JJ (who almost folded preflop) for a huge pot to go a bit clear in 3rd and ended up busting pushing top pair on sb but utg had limped with AA. Again this pot was very big and would have put me back into the top 5 and i had outs so it wasnt the worst way to go i spose. Anyway got $200 for my troubles for 53rd but top 30 got WSOP sub $1400 , top 10 got WSOP package $6k and top 5 got $15000 WSOP package so i let a massive position go in the end. What i should mention to keep me sane is the fact there are no antes on ladbrokes, i cannot play sites regularly without them as it bores me more and just favours the rocks too much.

Ladbrokes (2) $10 rebuy (in for about $50) 1571 entrants. Finished 41st for $115. This had $30,000 in bounties !!! A $1000 one went on my table but i couldnt get in the pot and would have lost anyway. Towards the end the last one was worth $15k WSOP package but he wouldnt move table and i couldnt move to his :((. In the end he busted just before me and i ended up busting ridiculously losing i think 4 out of the last 5 preflop allins. The big ones being AJ vs K4(no stack) vs K10...king on river. AJ (big call was foldable) vs A3std split pot. 88 vs KJoff and J3 vs xx vs A7std two pair losing to straight on river. i won a 93off pot odds vs 87std inbetween those but still sick way to go, there was $9000 cash for winner and standard was very poor in the later stages.

Both ladbrokes games overlapped (also mansion for an hr or so) by an hr and both lasted almost exactly 5hrs each. What with monitoring stacks, bounties, position and no antes in play this required a massive effort from me and i actually think this has been good training for the WSOP as i havent been this knackered from poker for a long time (mansion wsop game included). There was a chance of huge results in either or both so its a shame to crash in both but i know i can take a lot of positives and feel surprisingly relaxed after 20minutes winding down now.

Thanks for the positive comments lately people. May was a strange month and if it wasnt for last Sunday i would be talking of profit in the range of £0-£500 for sure. I know i wasnt interested in playing too seriously the first half or so of the month and chose my games for fun more than for money. It was either that or not play at all so i think it was a good strategy in the end. Anyway thanks to a decent finish im actually £4574 up for the month and have $10,000 buy in paid for into the WSOP main event so strangely May is up there with my best months in poker, weird. Its great to be playing the main event for the 2nd year running as well of course.

I know the main reason i didnt play many WSOP satellites this year was because of the fact most sites give you cash and cant buy u in. I knew unless i was definitely playing for a package i wouldnt buy in and i figured i would have to play when i won with Mansion as its sponsored by as well and this has been confirmed. It remains to see how i do in the main event but im not gonna make any mistakes like St Kitts and hope do get a decent run again if possible. Its just over 4 weeks before i fly out to Vegas and already the anticipation is a great feeling.

As for June, well im planning on more multis than cash, but i will take each day as it comes to begin with and go with what takes my fancy. I havent subbed for this GCSOP on cryptologic network at all but may play the first 1 or 2 events and see if its worth playing more if i manage any results in them. I guess time spent playing will rest on how good the weather is and any other distractions. I also want to get a bit fitter so im more mentally ready for the main event so will continue with whats been a more positive exercise routine lately if i can.

Gl All 4 June..........but not against me ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two Different Animals

Animalgambler likes to take risks and loves the rush when the risks pay off. If left to play a whole tournament Animalgambler would either bust early or go on the biggest rollercoaster of stack changes possible but have a decent chance to win. Animalgambler takes credit for many big Animal wins as its the fancy moves that get remembered. Animalgambler wants to play in big games as often as possible and would love to use previous poker winnings to fund big buyins for lots of big tournaments. Animalgambler really really wants to play in the WSOP this summer.

Animalheadon likes to make a steady income from poker whilst trying to limit the risks of any losses or downswings. If left to play a whole tournament Animalheadon would be a big rock but would have a better chance of cashing more often than Animalgambler. Animalheadon likes lots of small pots and hates preflop allins. Animalheadon likes to sub qualify for any big games and struggles to justify buying in directly. Animalheadon likes to put previous poker winnings into savings to earn interest and one day buy a house outright. Animalheadon is not bothered about playing in the WSOP this summer and definitely would take the £5000 cash rather than buy in if the option was there.

Of course the true Animal is somewhere in the middle but regularly changes from one extreme to another in any poker game. Anyway which Animal type got its way with regards to the WSOP. Totally out of Animal's hands its up to Mansion and

Animal has today learned via email that the package buy in of $10,000 is not cash and Animal will be bought into and playing the WSOP main event for the 2nd year running. So Animalgambler wins but im sure Animalheadon will have a big say in most decisions playing the main event. Animalheadon does get some consolation in the fact the $2500 cash will be received in cash and of course the flights/hotel are already sorted.

On another note the comedown after the wins has arrived and Animal does not feel like playing much more poker this month which is fine.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Just finished mansion in the top 8 for a $12,500 WSOP package. I have no idea at this time whether i will get cash to buy in or whether i will be forced to take the seat but dont care either way. What a night after 3rd in betfair too but the Mansion performance was almost certainly my best online tournament game this year. I dont think i played any bad pots at all really and made one massive call which normally in a satellite would be classed as a bad play but i knew if i was right i could almost guarantee my seat with that hand and it turned out that way so i 100% stand by the call.

Leading up to this hand i had the chipleaders table open the whole game as i was well clear in 2nd with a decent stack. I watched his play all the time in case we hit the same table and an hour or so later playing about 85k he was to my left. I had raised from mid 2/3 of the previous hands to 7200 to steal to 2400 big blind + and got through when i got dealt QQ utg. I made the same raise to 7200 and he moved allin on me. Now i cant remember exactly how many players there were left at this time but i think it was in the region of 80 or so. Obviously you dont want to face off against the big chippie when you might get a package without this so a fold could easily be the normal option, here is my reasoning behind the call anyway.

He was a nutcase and been aggessing way too much and getting lucky way too often. His range was way beyond AK KK or AA. My stack whilst big, was not enough to guarantee a seat and the nature of Mansion games means its not always easy to steal. Also if i fold here he was well open to the same move again, as well as the fact he luved taking flops against me in raised pots. When i made the call i was so pleased to see him turn over 22 but the board came:

8c4s2s 3s As I had the queen of spades and was saved all be it with a bit of a nervy board lets say :) From that moment on i knew i was huge favourite for a seat and i basically made it without facing off with anyone or letting my stack get into danger. Finally with 9 players left (pays 8 x packages) 1 of the 2 short stacks moved in with A6off (Steve Cloak) and was called pot odds by the 2nd biggest stack with Q5std (John Shaw) A queen on the flop and no improvement left the sweet taste of victory. Just for the record there were 556 entrants tonight.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday In Running

Played a few decent multis tonight.
Betfair $320 $50k 139 entrants
Pokerstars $215 $350k 2200 entrants approx
Blue Sq $215 $100k about 460 entrants
Interpoker cpc 2000mpp not as big so no detail coming
and Mansion $100 just started

Still only in Betfair (and Mansion obviously)
Bugger just lost pot as typed J10 vs short stacks AQ to have gone 5th/40 in but doubled in mansion to an idiot bluffing when i had the nuts flop to river. Still in Betfair 14th/40 and just for the record 1/554 in mansion (556 entered).
Bugger just lost pot odds in betfair again :(( 89 vs A2 , down to 18th now.
Bugger and another 9,10std runs into short stacked QQ and again lose, jesus i only just moved to this table ffs. Anyway 24th/40 for now. See below:

Pokerstars was the biggest and i got a decent start in it from the 10k stack right up to 30k with the blinds relatively low. Rolllercoaster up and down but first real key pot was A9 vs K10std which lost to have gone about 100th/600 with 60k and bb of only 1200. I then chased a river flush draw for a debatable price but had implied odds to have got to 60k again a few hands later, it missed and i was crippled. Generally i think i played really well, i got lucky to get back to 30k sucking out after but i tried a move in the sb with A8 and the cutoff had KK and i was out about 400th (pays to 360). Note to self, play again for sure was interesting and fun with a decent structure except was 1 blinds jump. Able to make some moves i wouldnt dare elsewhere as people tend to be a bit tighter and respect bets a bit.

Blue square similar to pokerstars but on a smaller scale, got up early to top 15 and sat on my stack as its looser but then took a nasty 6k beat from a 77 backwards dummy shortish stack.
Busted shortly after when 99 ran into AA playing 10xbb stack. Again if patience this multi is a must as awful standard.

Stack moved after pushing 12th/30ish now but QQ at mo and action: Slow played KK which helped big time prior to that also. Up to 11th uncalled, 8th AJ steal nxt hand,6th but AJ vs AQ loss so back down again a little in 8th. Time to post this and focus bit more i guess, update later.........

PS: 1 Further note to self, looks like betfair plays havok with my computer using space or something as pokerstars went wonky a bit in and the fan bas been going non stop. Probably best to have betfair on different computer if using several sites on 1 computer.

Well i wasnt gonna update so quick (its only 5 mins or less lol)

77 in a 3 way pot (1 allin) and another cant fold AQ on a 6,2,3 board !!! Anyway that took me back up to 15k but nxt hand i got AK and reraised a raiser. The AQ guy went allin 7k and the original raiser. AK vs QQ vs JJ and i didnt look at the board. Anyway it was king high and iv e gone to 3rd/121 on a 30k stack at 300,600 blinds. Wow this is unreal as i was typing that bit this hand occurred on my bb:

A Guy limps early 30k stack also. flop 7,4,4 i have 43off and lead 1800 which he makes 4800. i flat call putting him on a likely overpair or even a bluff. Turn is a 3rd diamond but also the magical 3. I check he bets 6000 and i put him all in. He called and shows Ad4d !!!! I now have a 60k stack and am 2nd/114 !!!! Whilst its a massive chance now i know its not as big as it may seem as mansion is quite loose so its difficult to bully like some other tournaments. Laters......................

Key hand in betfair was a limp with AA soon after the last bit above and an AJ sb doubled me up on a KJx flop after he raised preflop and i just flat called. After that i managed to steal and more than maintain my stack. I hit the final table in about 3rd but lost a couple of prefloppers early AQ vs A9 and A9 vs K10. A few others knocked each other out and i managed a couple of pots with pot odds including QJ vs A10 when there was only 5 of us left. 4th busted shortly after and i was left with a decent stack. The other 2 faced off A6 vs A3 but the 3 came for the short stack and i was then weak stack. Anyway next button i raised with 77 and the bb took a flop. We both checked a Jd10dxx board and the turn was a 7d. He bet 35k into a 50k pot and i moved allin for 150k or so. He had 89off and i failed to improve and was out 3rd for just under $6000. Was a bit gutted as 1st/2nd was $15k/$10k but it was still a good result and i guess it spurred me on in mansion and certainly made me fearless which can be very useful sometimes.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hard Work Undone

After a few hrs play at 2,4$ earlier i had made i nice few hundred $. Ive just pissed it away though on 2,4$NL HU, the guy was tricky and i prob should have left but he did get a few lucky rivers on me. Anyway in the end i stuck the whole stack in with a straight flush draw on the flop and it failed to improve against his top pair (50/50) and i lost a $800 pot. Prior to this i was unsure whether to go out tonight or not but now thats made my decision as i cant face poker any more. Just opened a can of lager and its into town in 30 minutes, hopefully i will have calmed down a bit or be too knackered to play when i return drunk later. Bring on a fresh new month i think 1st June cant come quick enough for me pokerwise to clear my head and refocus again.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Careful Now Mr Animal

After Mansion failure and a good round of golf earlier i thought i might be right in the mood for poker but i guess not given my choice of games tonight so far. What i really was in the mood for was a good hard gamble for a change. After 10 minutes of 2,4$ i was bored and fancied something higher so moved to heads up 2,4$. After 40 minutes and $230 down (was over $400 down) the other guy left so i stopped also. I then even more in the mood for a gamble spotted a $1000 stack on 10,20$NL so decided to sit with $2000 and see what happened. Just for the record i was taking these games very seriously and not messing about at any time. Anyway after 45 minutes and a downswing of $1000 at one point i eventually cashed out $700 up. Whether i will play more at these stakes ? We will see i should push up higher really but maybe 10,20 was a bit too high but i did manage to forget the money aspect and just play poker which is always the important thing if u think u r out of your normal stakes.

Vegas Booked

Flights and hotel booked. Im flying Virgin direct from Gatwick Sunday 1st July and returning Sunday 15th July for £560. Im staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations on Las Vegas Strip for the 14 nights at a total cost of £1190. So thats £1750 and throw in petrol and hotel/parking at gatwick and that makes it £1900. Just over 5 weeks to go and im already looking forward to it now ive booked it all. I will treat it as a holiday totally (assuming no wsop package won b4 that)but still treat any poker as normal and keep records.

As for poker yesterday i noticed the jckpot sit and go didnt actually go and is now back at $210,000. As tempting as it is to hammer them again im in a kinda different mindset now and that showed when i only placed in 1/4 yesterday. As for cash that went ok and made back some of the sit and go costs. Mansion was fun with a changing stack which would have been very strong (10th/250) if my trips had rivered a full house against a flush but in the end i went out on a flip in about 150th.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Poker & Decisions

Played a couple of hours today in the afternoon. Didnt get very far in mansion but felt like i played well inducing a bluff on the river from a failed draw guy and getting away on the turn with top 2 pair QJ on a Q,9,6,J to be showed K,10. Didnt get beyond the starting stack though but was happy enough. Played 2,4$ NL cash alongside and a bit after and won just over the buy in back anyway.

I have decided not to go to Newmarket in the end.
I was going to book my Vegas trip a few minutes ago after finally deciding on dates and length but the price of the virgin flight search came up at £500 but then told me it was unavailable and £750 is the next price up now ! I tried searching again , diff dates etc, but despite displaying many flights in the £500-£530 range none were available when i tried to book ! I then tried a bit more and it gave me an error with the search and to contact reservations which are not open this late at night ! OK i will look tommorrow and see whats there !

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Poker Day

Well i managed to win the 1/3 freeroll to get a vip package to Newmarket on friday but i cant decide whether to go or not. Its only for 1 person which put me off big time but having been on a similar package last year ive now found out today that its structured better with a poker evening the same night as the races and all day drinks and food on tap. Whatever i do i think i need to decide in the next 24 hours. :)

Having spent a few hours at the weekend looking at vegas trips ive now seen a decent enough deal and decided some possible dates but i still want to be 100% happy so havent booked as of yet. It would be 14 nights from 1st to 15th July in the hotel i linked a few posts ago flying direct with bmi from manchester for £1600. Again another decision to be made sooner as prices will change. :)

No poker at all today as ive been on a 8.25 mile walk on the coastal path from the Devon border to Bude. It doesnt sound long but its tough with 2800ft ascending up and obviously the same descending down over the whole route. Took 5 of us 5hrs 15 minutes with necessary stops etc. Its good to get out and about around the local area, i (as many others do) take the environment i live in for granted far too often. Its great to be able to live in what is one of the most scenic areas of the country (yes i am biased but who cares). I found a link of the walk which someone has done b4, we did the stretch from Welcome Mouth (which is 0.25miles past Marsland Mouth) to Crooklets Beach.

One last change of subject, as all who read this blog are probably aware it seems 88% blogger bluescouse is back on them big tables. I do wonder if i had discovered poker 10 years earlier whether i would have got into a similar position with what seems no control. I guess im maybe luckier to have only started poker at the age of 27 when my gambling was somewhat much more controlled and social compared to my teenage years. I also have worked for poor wages so can appreciate the more money now available to me whilst never wanting to go bust or even see it as an option. Who knows where his rollercoaster ride will take him but im glad im a somewhat more "boring" pro with a desire for a regular secure (as possible) income whilst still enabling myself enough shots at the big money now and then. GL to him (i dont intend to comment on his blog again as he doesnt listen) but i know i have a similar "roll" to his £90k but never intend to put any of it in jeopardy unless i really really lose my head big time, it provides me with £x in interest a year and fingers crossed soon enough will enable that jump into buying a house outright in the local area to secure my long term financial future in both life and poker.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Damn Close But Not To Be


Just crashed out of the mansion game 20th (pays 8 x 12.5$k wsop packages, almost 500 entrants)
Got lucky in bits in it KK vs AA, Q9hh vs AA on a 10h,8x,5h board, AK vs JJ, AJ vs QQ but was also card dead for long periods. Key pots at the end were:

1600,3200 blinds i push allin about 40k with 99 and called by AK , if that held i would have been 6th/24 with a bit of room to spare but the king flopped and i didnt improve.

Left on 10k i push K9off which is called pot odds by the bb with 83off, 9 flops and im back to 24k again with a huge chance.

I then get 10s and what always seems to happen is the guy that had the AK (vs my 99) has KK and i fail to improve. Would have been 9th/20 if that outdraw came but 20th for $0 it was.


Knackered but will return in 4 hours for punishment, oh btw running awful on cash tables today totally the opposite of yesterday and done about $700 so far but unavoidable, happy enough with my play.

Sit & Go Stats

As said before the jackpot went so im done with them. Good variety from the normal stuff but it has left me a bit of an action junkie.

Played .............. 111 @ $59
Total Cost .............. $6549
Total Returns .......... $7110
Profit .................... $561

1st 26
2nd 21
3rd 22
4th 21
5th 12
6th 9

ROI = 8.6% or $5.05 per stt

$999 in rake !!!
$444 more profit (ie $444 paid towards jackpot) based on normal 10% rake and ROI of 16.5% ($55 not $59)

Closest Chains To Jackpot Or Top 2 Jackpot:


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Stuff

Thought i would fancy some multis tonight but again i was wrong. Played cash earlier and alongside the 1 multi tonight. $50k freeroll and i ended up 33rd/750 for $180 after losing consectutive pots: 33 vs 75std and Q10 vs 96 . Shame as decent payouts at top but blinds very fast and luck a big factor so not to be. Anyway cash was a different story, lost a chunk on ladbrokes only on 1,2$ but made about $900 on the day all from ipoker network on 2,4$. Running well but also making some good decisions and bets to cash in. Not sure what if any i will play post 9pm but need a break so mansion is a no. Earlier i also missed the $250k on ipoker which had a huge overlay of about 33% but it was $430 to enter so maybe it was a blessing given how bored i got in the freeroll one. I will update later if i do play any other games.

Went back for some more and made $250 or so within a couple of hours but fell short of the 10th place or better required in the $500k sub finishing 46th/450 when AQ ran into KK.

On another subject ive seen on Amatays blog (see link added) there are details of how to watch late night poker ace from July 2005 which he was also in. Anyone wanting to watch me getting busted by the eventual winner (a complete beginnner calling station btw) go to:

Click on "Watch PartyPoker TV Now!"
Click on "Archive"
Click on "Late Night Poker Ace"
Click on "Episode 6" and im in seat 4

Enjoy and laugh all you like, this was huge for me at the time but it funny to look back now and know it was the beginning of much larger things :)

Saturday Hangover Games

Not as bad a hangover as often but still enough to put me off playing too much. Ive finished with jackpot sit and gos now as the jackpot has gone, i will post up the stats of those i played in the month when i access my desktop next time. I played mainly cash tonight with a couple of HU sit and gos mixed in. Made an ok steady profit but again didnt feel like playing multis at all, too much of an action junkie at the moment :) . Almost cleared a cash games promotion on ladbrokes to get in a $150k freeroll at the end of the month. Also got a couple of other ok freerolls lined up. I have one on Monday to try to get a VIP package to Newmarket this Friday coming although im not sure if i want to go away at the moment.

I spent a few hours surfing the net earlier for vegas hotels and flights to get an idea of how much i need to budget if i decide to go. £750 flights and £1500 hotel seems likely, i think i will go out when the wsop is on as many mates are going. I think ive discovered a great hotel which is also encouraging me to make the trip, decisions to be made soon. Link below and around wsop time its $139/night wkdays and $170/night wkends which also includes internet access and gym. Taxis would be a necessary but the luxury/location/freebies more than outweigh that hassle and cost i think.;jsessionid=9B6C6967A88F2C0313E5FC31B8324DC9.etc22?ctyhocn=LASVSGV&brand_id=HI&brand_directory=/en/hi/&xch=26208068,QO1CNLQ21OLGECSGBJBMVCQKIYFCXUUC

Saturday, May 19, 2007

OK So Here Is

The next drunken post. Ive played 1 $50 HU sit and go and fluked it and thats all since i got in an hour or so ago. The last few days have mainly been the same, sit and go games with cash to clear a promotion. I havent been running well generally and my stats aint great for sit and gos now but not a problem and im still not quite ready for an attack on the old moneymaker multis for now. Im hoping my desire for multis will return shortly as i have a few good ones lined up. No more drunken poker 2nite anyway and btw my keyboard on my desktop is ****** , hense why ive probably not updated more this week. GG WP VUL.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wrong Games

I dunno what it is at the moment but i just cant play multis properly. I get bored and impatient an hour or 2 in and undo any patient stack ive built up previously. I enter them thinking im in the mood to play them but every time i find myself thinking why did i enter this. The answer being i know its my biggest source of income but i also know its a waste of time playing the wrong type of poker games. Enjoyment factor is much more important than the money for sustaining an enjoyable poker career and with this in mind im going to really limit my multis and just play stts and cash with plenty of breaks which at the moment suits me best.

Saying that ive still had some huge stacks lately. In mansion (700 players) yesterday i was 3rd/200 before not cashing and today (600ish entrants) i lost a 80%+ preflop to have gone 18th/160 and again not cashing. I also was 1st/18 in a small multi (pays to 10) before losing AA vs 55 and a couple of other ridiculous pots and busting 14th earlier today. I always struggle with the bad beats when my poker brain is not in the mood and the last 2 days reminded me of this again.

Im only about level for the month so far which is no issue, im just more concerned about other things which is obviously affecting the time/play/games i have and will play this month.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Games

Nothing too exciting to report but i will still list my play and winnings so i can look back and see how much ive played at the end of the month and beyond.

Fort Knox 2 x $59 for a 4th and a 1st (+$32)
Level on a very short cash session
6 heads up sit and go games ranging from $20 to $100. Only lost one game and made a total of $273 in these.
Points tourney sub busted 1st hand with AA (no cost) when rivered allin on turn.

Seems very easy at the moment to make a steady income without putting in too much time with plenty of breaks. Obviously there is less chance of bigger wins like last month if i dont start playing a few more multis at some point. Doesnt really concern me though, there is plenty of time to play lots of games in the winter and im enjoying my current level and game choice which is the most important thing for me.

Back To Work

Over 4 full days away from the poker tables and a much needed break without even logging onto a computer i returned tonight. I wasnt sure what or whether i wanted to play so did quite a mixture after starting on jackpot sit and gos ($59).

After 8 games and an unimpressive run of 43232463 i played 6 heads up sit and gos ranging from $50 to $200 and came away with a powerful $25 profit winning 3/6 ! Whilst these were going on i sat on a $2,4 cash table and ended up $400 up after 90 minutes play and broke even on another one for 30 mins play or so.

So a comfortable profit but with the wind blowing up and the lights flickering im quite happy to stop for the night.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Before A Few Days Off

Not played much Friday/Saturday, jackpot sit and gos only. Results for both days were 361 / 41521134 so still a small steady profit ($161). Considering my options now for the rest of May. Will probably just play 4-6 games later as im a bit hungover after the 9.5 pints last night. Then its 3 or 4 days off away. Ive been looking at promos across sites and mayb think i might benefit from some sort of one which encourages me to play more but there are so many promotions about at the moment on so many diff sites its very difficult to choose. Whatever i choose i think i will definitely play a lot more in the last 2/3 of May as im starting to crave more poker currently so a few days away will only increase that. I will update later on this post below what ive played Sunday evening.

Well that was truly awful, missed just about everything and couldnt do a thing right. Fairly tired so didnt enter too many games, but basically got nowhere.

£120 40k lost half my stack AK vs AA when the blinds had just gone up enough to make it unavoidable. Took plenty of flops and missed everything and one bluff failed. Ended up losing AQ vs AJ to have got back to starting stack as well

$220 $100k on ipoker, started really really well in this, standard is a joke in it. Unfortunately card dead, missing all combination and i just stayed around the same stack before busting 9,2off vs AK when 6xbb stack as the blinds caught up.

$100 mansion , again unavoidable i think when my 99 hit top trips but ran into a nuts straight. Ive considered how i bet it and there was a possible laydown but i was never going to do it as people push with 2 pair or worse the same way.

I think thats it apart from a $10 rebuy which im in for $30 which is win only for a $12500 pokerface package to vegas. Excellent value x 10 but at win only and 12 mins blinds i know i need it to be my day to win. Still im 11th/29 at the moment so theres a chance. Damn just lost to a ridiculous 15k pot with flush draw and overcard losing to AQ high. Would have been 3rd/28 but crippled now. And busted J,10 vs K6std vs KQstd which would have put me 7th/28. Shame as standard was obviously as bad as gets but not to be and its an early night now for sure.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fort Knox

Sit & Go games only again today , blocks of 4 (sometimes 5 when an early bust) of the sixpacs. Take break between any block which seems to suit me better at the moment rather than being stuck on a good cash table or in a deep multi.

Results for 22 $59 games were:


So following the $9 loss last night it was a $1830 - $1298 = $532 profit. Still $180,000 if anyone can fluke 6 in a row but the $750 for 6 1sts or 2nds in a row is much more achievable as long as i still fancy playing them.

Attempts At Variety

Still not really up for too much of the normal poker, didnt play monday or tuesday at all.

After a crapshoot win only GUKPT playoff failure earlier tonight i switched off. However i decided to come back on and have a bash at the jackpot sit & gos on ipoker as the $59 jackpot is at $180,000 for 6 wins in a row currently. Its more like bingo than poker really, especially multitabling 4 at once but was something different to try anyway. In the end i played 13 in total for a total cost of $759 and managed total returns of $750. If i was taking poker seriously i know my time is better spent on multis and cash tables now but im not at the moment so what the hell, i might try some more of these tommorrow. Historically before i had any wins over £3000 a couple of years back i managed 5 in a row on the $23 ones but bust the 6th which was for $25,000. Ive never come anywhere near as close again but hardly play them as they tend to become very boring very quickly (hense why im trying 4 at once technique for now).

Im away from Monday - Thursday next week so my average lack of play will continue until at least mid May anyway.