Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two Different Animals

Animalgambler likes to take risks and loves the rush when the risks pay off. If left to play a whole tournament Animalgambler would either bust early or go on the biggest rollercoaster of stack changes possible but have a decent chance to win. Animalgambler takes credit for many big Animal wins as its the fancy moves that get remembered. Animalgambler wants to play in big games as often as possible and would love to use previous poker winnings to fund big buyins for lots of big tournaments. Animalgambler really really wants to play in the WSOP this summer.

Animalheadon likes to make a steady income from poker whilst trying to limit the risks of any losses or downswings. If left to play a whole tournament Animalheadon would be a big rock but would have a better chance of cashing more often than Animalgambler. Animalheadon likes lots of small pots and hates preflop allins. Animalheadon likes to sub qualify for any big games and struggles to justify buying in directly. Animalheadon likes to put previous poker winnings into savings to earn interest and one day buy a house outright. Animalheadon is not bothered about playing in the WSOP this summer and definitely would take the £5000 cash rather than buy in if the option was there.

Of course the true Animal is somewhere in the middle but regularly changes from one extreme to another in any poker game. Anyway which Animal type got its way with regards to the WSOP. Totally out of Animal's hands its up to Mansion and Pokernews.com.

Animal has today learned via email that the package buy in of $10,000 is not cash and Animal will be bought into and playing the WSOP main event for the 2nd year running. So Animalgambler wins but im sure Animalheadon will have a big say in most decisions playing the main event. Animalheadon does get some consolation in the fact the $2500 cash will be received in cash and of course the flights/hotel are already sorted.

On another note the comedown after the wins has arrived and Animal does not feel like playing much more poker this month which is fine.


Anonymous said...

Absolute classic post young man!

Even if you had got the cash from Mansion, as your official life coach I would still have recommended you bought into the main event. Afterall, with the $2500 exs plus the $6000 Betfair you are £4K up from where you were 2 days ago. As you know, the WSOP is one of lifes great experience and who knows what it might bring you after your success last year.

Go for it.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

Oi Hurry up and book that hotel/flights !!! Or Else.....

Pinky said...

Gl Animals!

Amatay said...

Nice post