Friday, February 29, 2008

Drunk And Couldnt Care Less

Luv it, hopefully no hangova and mayb the same 2moz night

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Time Off Required I Guess

Call it lazyiness, complacency or just plain old lack of motivation but i had no interest in playing tonight. Effort level was awful, i tried mixing games and even took a couple hours break mid evening but came back almost the same. I know from the past i often go into this mode after a big win or a good month but im still hoping its just cos ive been playing too much this month. I guess i will know in a few days as im busy tommorrow and Friday so very little or no poker until Saturday for sure.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day Off

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looked Like A Bad Night

All was going wrong in everything early.

$82 19/42 1 head for $20 odd lost on flip vs bckwrds dummy
$33 sat to $270 seat, lost last 5 or 6 20xbb allin pre QQ vs KJstd (for chipl obv)
$109 never got goin but bust on flip to bckwrds dummy shoving 10xbb
£22 never really got going badbeat with aces then carddead and out 30/98 on 3way allin AQ vs AK vs 67std
$55 (see below)
£109 managed to bubble again lovely
$55 sim to £22 above nvr got going 30th/100 ish

So i was left in the one game $55 243 entrants game. Hit many flops hard in this early (would luv to have that luck in a big live event) and got paid off on nearly all of them. Was always top 10 the whole game after my first double. Anyways i aint gonna waffle on, played much better when we got to the last 25 or so. Survived a QQ vs AK (level in chips) with 9 left to go into the lead and changed tactics often when shorthanded against a variety of players. Had a AK vs AQ for my life 4 handed but that put me on a big stack and i took it down after that without any allin preflop hands. A pleasing $3,640 win to add to this run im on lately. Points on leaderboard will prob secure top 10 place even if i didnt play b4 Friday but it hasnt updated yet so put that below in 30mins or so.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Mixed Night

Won a freeroll but bubbled £109 and $109 games. Also made a wad from 10/20 limit for a short period though so prob up slightly on the night but should been a lot more really.

Did better last night after posting i had an urge for NL holdem cash which i aint played for weeks. Got some drunks and got paid nicely but still dont make up for annoying bust just now.

I gotta get used to bubbling cos it happens more and more lately and its only cos im playing so well im gettin to that position more often. Anyway ive calmed down a bit since start of this post and i know ive got plenty of points for the leaderboard (update below when 2am update goes on)

Joke bust on bubble again in another $109, what a night someone hates me tonight. Im def had enough of it.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well not much, too hungover to play too much games. Played the ept final but crashed out 6th after leading when there were 8 left. Lost a bit on omaha although i was on wrong end of a $500+ pot on 1/2 where i had 17outs when the money went in the flop vs top pair but missed :( . Prob b more keen to play tommorrow after day off yesterday and such little play tonight.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cider Yeh Baby

Hammered. Prob be on omaha in mo but posting here in the hope i just crash and go bed, we see.

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Aint played any multis today, just 20 mins cash omaha and limit earlier. Mayb dabble omaha in mo we see.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Right Time To Focus

Top 10 of the mtt leaderboard on Littlewoods is the requirement. Im getting a bit bored and very tired going for this but im high enough now that its just sustaining the position. I should hopefully be clear a few days before the end of the month. Ive already decided im going to have plenty of time off in March to relax more and im really looking forward to that.

Anyway im gonna update my position on here, probably daily just to give myself an idea of what i need to play and also as a bit of summary to the challenge. Good excuse to blog daily too which ive been missing of late. I was bubble boy today in a few and v unlucky not to get 1 or 2 chunky cashes. Lost about £240 on the day which was good for how bad i ran.

8 days left
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1236 points clear (of 11th)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cop The Lot


Just had confirmation that i will get a full EPT package for January's promotion. Over the moon although i always thought i would get it. As i understand the problem was more with crypto than Littlewoods as emails and phone calls go to a network wide centre and they misunderstood the promotion terms. Almost definitely going to use that package on San Remo EPT

Also i am clear in the top 10 this month and am able to win another EPT package if i can retain this position by the end of the month. Im also in the Saturday EPT final again as making the final table last week meant i got another refund for buying into this again.

Anything else ? Oh yeah as i mentioned briefly in comments on last post i also had my biggest cash win of £6,400 for 2nd/356 in the £40k on Sunday. Wont go into too much details but survived with big hands against flush draws before the money. Had massive top few stack from 50 players out or so and managed to sustain that without any preflop allins that would seriously damage my stack until the last 3. I did bust 3rd place guy to jump up in cash (as 2nd and 1st huge diffs to 3rd) with A6 vs AQ but i was stacked again at that point having doubled through twice with best hand holding up. Bit disappointed not to take down the HU for a few grand more but much happier 2nd than 3rd or worse for sure.

Also had good steady other results elsewhere. Last nights win was funniest for a while. $82 headhunter 42 entrants and i won it and managed to take a monster 12 heads in total !!!

Almost as good as it gets now for me, what a month, what a turnaround to a bad start to the year, whats next !!!

PS: only a partially bragging post (i dont like them) , more of a relief post !!!

GL people and thx for reading and all support in comments etc !

Monday, February 11, 2008

Littlewoods Are Messing With My Head (Long Post But Please Read And ANY Advice Appreciated)

Littlewoods are backtracking on their promotion. It was unclear exactly what was up for grabs and because i take my poker promotions very businesslike i had sent 2 emails previously to them to confirm what exactly was required to win an EPT Package. I will list the whole situation below as best i can but this is seriously gonna mess my head up for months to come.

As you readers will know i returned from Australia on 22nd Jan 2008 and for me my online year began on the 23rd Jan 2008 having hardly played in Australia. Upon searching promotions i came across littlewoods added value. Link is here currently ( but bear in mind the way this was phrased has changed since back in Jan when i read. I know this because i copied the original phrases into my email to make it 100% clear to support what i was asking.

1st email sent Wed Jan 23rd 6:30am below (the bold bit was copied from website)

I see you have some good new tournament promotions which i am almost certainly going to have a bash at. I am not clear however on the promotion below. Can you clarify what the 2 paragraphs below mean please. 1) Do you have to finish top 10 in the freeroll to get the EPT package ? or 2) Do you have to finish top 10 in the tournament leaderboard to get the EPT package ? Im assuming its 1) but i like to be 100% clear before i target any promotion.

At Littlewoods Poker we like to reward our players so every month we're giving away $25,000 in our monthly leaderboard freeroll. Battle it out to the top of the tables where we'll reward the top 500 MPP earners, top 400 tournament players and the top 100 on the Headhunter Leaderboard with entry into our monthly $25,000 freeroll!

Added value! If you qualify for the freeroll through Littlewoods Poker we'll add a $100 bonus to your account! Plus! Finish in the top 10 with Littlewoods Poker and we'll give you an EPT event package!*

Thanks for your help

Robert Price

Pretty clear and to the point and this is the response i got midday that day (important bit in bold):

Dear Robert,

Account Number: CWXXXXXXXX

Hello and thank you for contacting the Littlewoods Poker support team regarding our promotion.

I have received the confirmation from the relevant department regardingyour query. We appreciate for your patience to wait for our answer.

Please be kindly advised that your understanding of the website is correct. Littlewoods will give EPT event package if you finish in the top 10 in the monthly leaderboard freeroll with Littlewoods Poker.

On behalf of the Littlewoods Poker I wish you a good luck at the pokertables. If we can be of any more assistance, please do not hesitate to contactus. We are here for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. If you'd rather call, a full list of our numbers can be found at

Kind regards,


Customer Service
Littlewoods Poker

This set the trend for my remaining Jan tournament play as i played loads to get into the freeroll and just managed it.

This takes my onto beginning of Feb, i noticed the jargon describing the promotion had been changed and whilst still unclear it seemed to point more at the promotion being top 10 of any of the actual leaderboards not the freerolls. Obviously i wanted to know the deal with this 100% as it would have a serious effect on how i played the freeroll and also what games i target for the whole of February. So on the 5th Feb 3:48pm i sent the following email (very clear but bold some important bits):

Im sorry to be a nuisance again but ive noticed that since i sent this query 2 weeks ago the jargon has changed in the promotions section. I have the monthly leaderboard freeroll on Saturday so i want to be clear i would get an EPT package if finish top 10 in the freeroll ?

Im also playin many tournaments again this month to qualify for it again but want to make sure it is finishing top 10 in the freeroll not the leaderboards themselves as the new jargon would seem to indicate.

I appreciate the big promotions but im surprised they arent clearcut considering the size of the prize is so big. Anyway just to see where i got confused, i will copy what i sent 2 weeks ago as shown on the website below and also what it shows now. Also see below for previous emails.

2 weeks ago: Added value! If you qualify for the freeroll through LittlewoodsPokerwe'll add a $100 bonus to your account! Plus! Finish in the top 10 withLittlewoods Poker and we'll give you an EPT event package!*

at present: Added value! Finish in the Top 10 of the MPP, Tournament or Headhunter Leaderboards with Littlewoods Poker and we'll give you an EPT event package!* Plus! If you qualify for the freeroll through Littlewoods Poker we'll add a $100 bonus to your account!

Please make sure this goes to a manager if possible as the clarity of this will have a large effect on which type of games i and others ive told of the promotions play in this and further months.

Many thanks for clearing this up

Robert Price

I got this reply again very clear a few hours later (i will bold some bits):

Dear Robert,

Account Number: CWXXXXXXXX

Hello and thank you for contacting the Players Help support team.

Regarding your question about our promotion on the $25000 monthly freeroll, please be kindly advised that the Terms and Conditions or this promotion has not been changed, our promotional team just update our web site.

Please note that you will get an EPT package if you finish top 10 in the freeroll.

We appreciate your feedback and understanding on this matter.

If we can be of any more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Kind regards,

Customer Service
Players Help

So this was very clear to me and i relaxed and then played the freeroll Sat night, obviously making very tough -ev decisions just to blind out and make the final table rather than play for the win as i normally would. I then sent the following email soon after i finished:

Pokername: animal

Hi i just finished 8th in the JAN leaderboard freeroll (ID6421114) which i understand has won me an EPT package !!!

Please confirm this and let me know how i proceed from here.

I look forward to representing Littlewoods once again in a big live event (4th time i believe)

Many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Price

Only to get this response today (Monday) not long ago:


Thank you for contacting me regarding our Added Value promotions.

Unfortunately, you have not qualified to win an EPT event package for finishing 8th in the Leaderboard Freeroll. This offer applies to players who finish in the top 10 of the actual leaderboards rather than the freeroll tournament. For more details visit:

However, you will have received a $100 bonus for qualifying for the freeroll.


Simon Dexter

I havent replied yet but this is worth over £7,000 which is incredibly serious money. I wanted to list everything here so that i can make sure i dont leave anything out when i plead my case. WATCH THIS SPACE !

Later Update:
I did a reply, may post it later if they dont back down on this. Had such a bad evening so far as this is messing with my head big time. Will await another response tommorrow and ring them if not satisfied. Daft thing is i know i should be playing lots of tournaments and targeting top 10 for the month anyway but just cant face poker tonight for obvious reasons.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crazy Night

Still bit of flu so only playin limited games and freerolls. Lets start with the worst and move up.

Once again failed to make the 20,000mpp final on crypto getting close as usual but was never stacked.

Entered 530euros EPT/WPT final direct (biggest online direct buyin ever) but finished 5th/19 when i busted with AA vs KJ on a Jxx flop allin. If i held up i was 1/5 with 33% chips in play :( . Still made final table so get entry to next weeks for free courtesy of Littlewoods.

Also had the leaderboard freeroll on crypto tonight with a total of 431 entering. To cut a very very long story short i finished 8th/431 for $625 cash and a 10,000 euro EPT package as well courtesy again of Littlewoods for making the final table.

So an excellent night overall but it hasnt really sunk in yet to be honest. Shame i didnt win 2 EPT packages and make it one of my best days/wkends of poker to date. Also would have got GUKPT package as well if won that 2nd final table as again added value on Littlewoods !

To summarise, play on Littlewoods people. If you dont have an account sign up today through the raketherake banner above for added rakeback and potential other bonuses.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Easing Down

Got bit moody Wednesday after not much happening except a couple of huge pots bust on stitch up flops in a coulpe mtts. Finished early and hardly played today either. Seem to have picked up a bug of sorts so not sure yet whether the much needed booze up tommorrow will happen.

If anyone has spare time on their hands this games pretty good but i warn you, very addictive !

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Evening Strategy Working

Trying to avoid playing during the day at the moment and then doing 4-7 hours in the evening. Seems to be working based on enjoyment, results and lack of boredom while playing. So important for me to monitor this stuff with my often luv/hate relationship with the game.

Good steady results again tonight cashing in a few mtts including mansion 45th/810 losing when 44 ran into QQ for an ok sized pot. The site remains as it was last time i played though, boring and way way too much allin or fold in the multi. Was ok though alongside 4 or other games on other sites and this tactic of playing 4-6mtts constantly is also working for sure. Will continue with this sort of schedule for 5-6 nights a week for Feb unless i find myself struggling again. It will be interesting to see how the land lies at the end of Feb.

Monday, February 04, 2008

2nd Bus

That bus syndrome really where 2 come along at the same time. Another 2nd tonight for $1,380 but thankfully in the higher buy in of the load i entered. $50 omaha rebuy (in for $150)

36 entrants gambled early and it paid off. Had 1 or 2 allin covered before i got the chiplead. key pot to stop me winning was pot to go 45% chips in play A986 vs Ak5x on a A75 flop. only about 53% favourite but still gutting. Anyway 2nd was a great result after losing that pot and becoming crippled.

Same in other games, bad beats or flips for huge huge pots. All is suddenly well with my play and as long as luck comes in 1 of the many games i cant really go wrong if i keep my head.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sick 2nd But A Chunk

2nd/229 £27 game for £1,480 (1st was £2,303)

Had my luck which u need for this type result but also feel apart from 1 bad call i played as solid as ive been doing lately. Saying that i was very unlucky against a nutcase heads up, i knew he would play aggressive but his crazy overbetting the first 3 hands made me know there wasnt gonna be many flops. We only lasted the 11 hands below:

Started 228k vs 345k at only 6k bb.

1) allin 66 vs A2std holds up
2) i top up 89 he allin i fold
3) i fold J9 to his allin
4) i top up J9 and pay a minimal amount on 95587 board , he has 95
5) he allin (160k now) i fold J2
6) i top up J9 and he bluffs small into me on a QJ310A board with 75
7) he allin 155k with K8std, i snap call AQstd but king comes on river :(
8) he allin, i let K7std go reluctantly
9) he top up and i move in K7std this time
10) i fold 52off
11) he raises to 30k, i move allin 258k with A9off and he instant calls with Q4std. Queen comes i still have outs on the turn of any ace or club (to leave him on 55k) but the river is a blank.

Im left with i dunno what emotions. Im so mixed up not to have won against that but i do consider anything above a £1000 to be a significant win which i desperately needed. Also i think i would happily have took 2nd with 10 left. I was lying in 2nd/10 and it was so deepstacked so its not the worst result by any means.

Just 2 more games tonight so i aint burnt out, ok stack in 40k which i subbed to earlier and smallish mpp freeroll on interpoker. Did play couple other cheap/free win only games earlier too. first one for $1500 package and lost with nuts to go 3/40ish half way in. other one i lost AK vs 55, split AQ vs AJ, lost QQ vs 88 and finally lost 88 vs KJ. I was a monster chipleader before all that and all of those were decent pots so was a bit annoyed not to at least freeroll into the final table with chance of $3000 package up for grabs.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Calm Down And Avoid The Tilt Monster

So mad just now, reached a new level for sure. Was in 6 games and 2 of them wouldnt load proper or kept distorting. Took me 10-15minutes of blinding out,timing out while trying to sort. Absolutely lost it and dont think ive broke anything but a fan went travelling across the room and i know i havent hit my fist so hard on my desk before. Just wanna shut down and smash more stuff right now, was hoping this post would calm me down but i just feel more stressed and bored beyond belief. YTF i didnt go out 2nite ive got no idea, so dumb sometimes.

Later Update:

Yeh great left in 1 game which i really couldnt give a **** about even though im 10th/50 ($109). Just had my pot of the night in my last bust. $109 492 entrants. 200/400 no ante 10 handed.

matey playin 12k utg+1 1200 folds to me in bb, ive limp overaised with AK hand b4 to a fold. I make it 5200, guy takes foreva then sticks lot in with KQstd. He deserved to flop the straight really and i didnt deserve to have gone 1st/116 cos im such a ****.

Looks like i hav to enter v few stuff tommorrow, i too dumb to take day or night off tonight and that my own fault but the ******* beats and ******** bad play aint. God i hate this game sometimes.

Later Update:

Yip same again at this moment in time i wanna smash this laptop so hard against a wall. Can safely say ive never felt this mad and aggressive after a days poker and i seriously need some time off from this *******.

Basically played nicely aggressive floating 5th-10th for ages. Then i went 2-4th for ages with 13 left i make a gamble call cos i know im ahead, i play to win and theres mass pot odds, and ive still got chips anyway with 55. Matey has shoved 14xbb with 9,10off and of course hits a 10 on the turn. Pot to go 2/12 on 80k+ with bb only 2400. Next hand i lose to go back to joint 5th/13 Q5 vs A8 and im out in 13th. Cheers for that lovely stuff. Thats a 50% and 36% i lost both massive key pots obviously.

Oh Man Tests

Tests tests tests on my sanity and patience. Another standard night of solid play, so so so so many outdraws in ridiculous pots. WHEN i do come through this and go into a lucky streak this game should be so easy. Again all my luck is in the wrong places too early in multis or in the lower buyin ones.

Done about $1000 on omaha earlier before i even entered mtts but managed to recover that to $500 down playin a good table alongside the final table of the 319 player $55.

Yeh final table sounds great huh, well no. Had my luck before the cash and was massive chipleader for a chunky period. Just went wrong then, didnt even run into monsters i think i lost fair few allins in a row and suddenly was a middle stack.

I was chipleader massive b4 a AQ vs AK and i was amazed how quick i went backwards. Anyway i tightened up as the blinds were still small to the stacks but catching up and then end up losing a AK vs AQ pot on the final table = next time gamble even more maybe !!!

$215 on bf bout 90 entrants and i bust AJstd vs 75std, this guy shoving every hand as he had to leave !!! Pot to go 8/23 (pays 10 and chunkyish payouts too)

Crypto $20k i had increased to 50% extra when i got lucky vs a half stack AA vs J10 on a J10x board. Yeh right then totally went joke bckwards, i know i took 3 beats to bust. JJ vs 77 on a 862 board i think it was. AA vs 10,6off to bust. Er other hmmmm i know there was 3 but cant remember prob a lower ace vs my big ace or sommat.

£109 game was a joke managed to get whole stack in a unraised 962 flop with A9 cos i knew the other guys play and i put him on flush draw at best. He had J9off and spiked a jack on the turn. Still i was left with 50% of my stack as i had already increased it somewhat but never really got going and i cant remember if the bust was a beat or not.

Anyway luvly night to summarize full of complete undiluted bullshit really

£230 down on crypto mtt , $500 lost omaha and $215 down on other site mtt. GG WP maybe i will punish myself with more 2moz or mayb i will just get pissed up , who knows. One day i may get this quarter into profit but until then expect more of the same posts on here.

Later Update:

Oops that was it for the night except i just went into addict mode and hammered the omaha again for 3 hours, made $400 back so guess it worth it but im truly shattered now.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Form Continues

Plodding along ok as before without any huge wins. Had good session on limit tonight and also had fun omaha cash game earlier where i dropped $800 before recovering to level. Still negative on the quarter but a lot closer to zero once rakeback comes through. More importantly i enjoyed the game a lot more the last couple of days and ive definitely been playing better as well. Even though im not doing monthly records i think it will still feel like a fresh start tommorrow. After all im reasonably pleased with my game since returning from abroad and the £1600 loss is a distant memory and im hoping to keep it that way.